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Jai Uttal is a Grammy®-nominated pioneer in the world music community. His eclectic East-meets-West sound has put his music at the forefront of the world fusion movement. Jai's musical roots embrace a rich variety of cultures and traditions that span the globe and the...

Customer Reviews for Kirtan Kids

By Michelle L
Date Added: Wednesday 15 January 2014
We really like the CD. Our 7 year old listened to it on the way back to Vermont from Christmas at Grampa, s in Maine. Great stories and songs!
By Annette Q
Date Added: Monday 6 January 2014
Love it!!!
By Adrienne F
Date Added: Sunday 5 January 2014
I gave this to my niece and her husband to share with their kids who are 5 & 7 years old. i have not yet heard back from them how they liked it.

However, I appreciate that Jai made this CD for children and their parents.
By Sylvia L
Date Added: Thursday 2 January 2014
Wonderful CD. Music was catchy and information inspiring. A great way to introduce kids as well as adults to the background of some cultural traditions and folklore. Recommend it
By Rachel M
Date Added: Wednesday 18 December 2013
Both my kids and I love this album - it really brings the joy out in us singing and dancing to this! We'd love more Kirtan Kids albums if anymore are available. Thank you for a wonderful, uplifting product!
By Alan Totten
Date Added: Friday 18 January 2013
This is a wonderful musical gift which any family can enjoy together. A real blessing. The kids demand it in the car and sing at the top of their voices. When I am alone, I am doing the same. Just wonderful. Will be buying many more copies as gifts.
By Joyce "Jo" Kilmer
Date Added: Monday 25 June 2012
I have bought this as a gift, so have not listened to the CD. However, I LOVE Sounds True. They have never disappointed and if there was even the slightest problem, which has always turned out to be my malfunction, it is immediately taken care of. Thank you!
By Keli Lalita Mantralogy
Date Added: Monday 9 January 2012
This is a great record. Not just for kids. It's uplifting and beautiful. You want to play it again and again. Jai is also a FANTASTIC story teller!
By Clay Daulton
Date Added: Sunday 1 January 2012
Totally a hit. I bought 3 copies for 3 families all with small children, and they all love the music!

Go for it!
By Tara
Date Added: Tuesday 27 December 2011
Thank you for gracing us with this heart-opening, fun, beautiful music! It has already become part of our days, even after listening, and my 4 year old loves it.
By Gaura Das
Date Added: Thursday 1 December 2011
I did not find this recording to be "masculine divine centered" at all. Jai refers to the mother of Gopala and the wife of Siva, Parvati, and sings the name of Sita before singing Rama,as well. Our true identity as atma, spirit soul, is neither male or female, as the soul has no gender. It is due to our material conditioning that we have issues about this, or project it upon the Divine. The Absolute Truth has both "male and female" Purusa and Prakriti features , Radha and Krishna, Sita Rama , Laxmi Narayana, and the female aspect is always put first. Keep it up "Poppa Jai". It is very rare to find a kirtan recording dedicated just for children. We should all be greatful to him. I wish this recording was out , or that I would have had the inspiration to make one for my kids when they were that young.
By Gaura Das
Date Added: Thursday 1 December 2011
"Poppa Jai" is benedicting countless children the world over on "Kirtan Kids" by acting as a transcendental pied piper, making the sacred teachings of yoga fun and accessible for everyone. He is doing the greatest service for our little ones and we should be as greatful for his recordings as he is to be able to make them.
By Ulrich Hoffmann
Date Added: Thursday 24 November 2011
wonderful album, i love it more than the kids, but everybody hummed with the music from the first play on!
By aiyana
Date Added: Friday 4 November 2011
One of the best of Jai.It is so sweet & heart warming,i am truly enjoying it.I have started selling it in the store & getting good feedback.
By Manuel
Date Added: Wednesday 2 November 2011
My burly girlfriend and I love these songs! Can't wait to share them with the little ones in our life +]
By Ken
Date Added: Sunday 30 October 2011
My 18 month old really likes this Kirtan music!
By Cynthia
Date Added: Sunday 30 October 2011
Really fun CD ... makes me want to dance around the room & release the little kid within!

Thanks Jai!
By Brudge Hopkins
Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2011
dog love's these
By Matty M
Date Added: Wednesday 1 January 2014
Great way to entertain the kids, but I enjoyed it a great deal, while exposing children to other cultural ideas. Fast delivery, great price.
By maureen m
Date Added: Saturday 25 August 2012
I am glad to see a product of this sort geared towards children. I was wanting one for my grandchildren as I don't want them to become rigid, christian fundamentalists as I was brought up - nor does my daughter want that for her children. Her son will attend a catholic school shortly and I wanted him to be exposed to other teachings in a manner suitable for his age (5 years). I would like another kirtan kids cd made with easier words and fewer words so they are easy for pre school kids to sing.
great efforts by jai uttal - keep up the good work.
maureen mm. - alberta, canada
By Dawn Van Patten
Date Added: Monday 2 July 2012
We are enjoying this very much!
By Stephanie
Date Added: Friday 6 January 2012
As I write this review I am playing the CD, yet again. I understand it was aimed at kids but it really is for all ages. I had no idea what Kirtan was although I do practice yoga. My son, pictured above, is three years old. By the 4th track he was singing along as if he'd heard it all his life. We played it the first time while making dinner and I looked over and saw my husband tapping his foot. It's so happy and upbeat! The CD is based on call and response which means there is a lot of repetition. However, Jai Uttal is like some kind of musical genius because it never feels repetitious! I found myself humming 'Dance Shiva Dance' all over the house.

I am a musician myself and a music teacher for children so my bar is pretty high. Vocally, there are lovely harmonies, especially in "Shri Ram Stars" with jazz, blues, and world rhythms and instruments. The musical tone of the singers is more of a straight tone, almost slight Broadway style, but it fits well with the powerful percussive backgrounds.

There are a few short stories that sorta lost me as I have no idea what Kirtan is and the inner Cd booklet doesn't explain it much so sometimes I skipped the stories and my 3 year old lost interest in those as well.

Back to the music which is the vast majority of this diverse world music collection. The music has a beautiful energy that draws me into it. The production quality is stellar. It seems to me some real professionals have worked on this CD as the balances and quality of the sound is very layered and thought through. Jai does some very cool things with rhythms in the chant for "Gung Gung Gung Ganesha Om." I had to listen a few times to get what he was doing. There are elephant sounds in it my son loved! This guy seems to have a real gift for fusing sounds from all over the world and keeping the quality very high. The children don't distract and I don't feel the music has been dumbed down at all. In fact, some of these tracks such as 'Bolo Ram Ram Ram' will easily be on my yoga practice playlist and "Dance Shiva Dance" in my good morning playlist!

Order or listen to tracks here
If you are not a Kritan devotee or on the opposite of the yoga tradition, I would suggest purchasing a few of the individual tunes that call to you. Check out "Dance Shiva Dance, Bolo Ram Ram Ram", and "Gung Gung Gung Ganesha Om" I think it's wonderful for children to hear world beats, other languages, and complex rhythms. It is a joyous, uplifting, spiritual CD even though I have no idea what the blue monkey does. :-)
I was sent this CD by www.soundstrue.com for my honest review.
By Sonja Boynton
Date Added: Monday 21 November 2011
I find the voice of Jai Utal to be lovely. I was quite sad that i could not give this CD as a gift to my niece and nephew as it was completely masculine-divine-centered, even referring to the children constantly as 'guys'. One of the things i love about the Western influences on Hinduism and Buddhism is that they exhume the divine feminine aspects of sprit so critical to our current situations!

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