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Cynthia Hutchison

Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN, is a holistic nurse who has studied natural medicine, spirituality and energy therapies since the 1980s. She is the director of the Healing Touch Programâ„¢ and teaches Healing Touch nationally and internationally. Cynthia has a long-running private...

Customer Reviews for Healing Touch Meditations

By Julie
Date Added: Monday 22 September 2014
Cynthia"s graceful presentation of her expansive knowledge is inspiring and healing. Very good intro and wonderful meditations.
By Marcia M
Date Added: Wednesday 17 September 2014
extremely informative with excellent meditations
By Ramona M
Date Added: Friday 27 June 2014
Love the level of quality of your products, your website, and service.
By C.K. B
Date Added: Tuesday 10 December 2013
This a very good but short program. It is effective in calming your body and mind. Gives insight into the body. There is need to work on this few more times. Definitely a worthwhile program once to really latch on. That in any case a commitment we have to give. Simple to follow and essential program
By Anna Maria M
Date Added: Monday 30 September 2013
Excellent introduction to the possibilities of energetic healing - in practice and as guiding principle in daily life - Thanks so much
By Joanne L
Date Added: Saturday 28 September 2013
Cynthia's teaching and her comforting voice were a delight to discover. I am a student of Healing Touch and enjoy learning by listening. I play this when I want to just close my eyes to rest and be reminded of who I am and I use the meditations in a similar way, just to savor all aspects of my being.
Date Added: Wednesday 25 September 2013
This is a wonderful set that really helped me to go a bit higher and deeper in my personal work. Not everything is for everyone, but if you have been wanting more guidance and guided mediations for grounding and opening your energy centers, I would recommend this set.
By Atma-Anna C
Date Added: Saturday 21 September 2013
excellent introduction to energy healing.
She has really rich experience going in depth and is very generous
By Simei
Date Added: Sunday 18 August 2013
I really love this one. So easy to understand and follow the practice. Best of the bests.

Thank you.
By Gita
Date Added: Monday 30 April 2012
Thank you!
By Rosann Geiser
Date Added: Wednesday 18 April 2012
What a gift Cynthia's Healing Touch Meditations are! Her teachings on energy healing are so easy to understand and helpful to the novice or experienced energy healer. Then she gently guides the listener in awakening their own healing energies. A deeply relaxing and healing experience!
By Nancy Brennan
Date Added: Monday 2 April 2012
I wish Cynthia's CD's were available when I was a HT student; they are invaluable as an aid to develop in responsible healership. I have been a certified HT practitioner for five years. I love Cynthia, and I love her meditations and works.
By Anu Behari
Date Added: Sunday 11 March 2012
I really really enjoyed listening to Cynthia Hutchison. The form as well as substance of the sessions is very good. In fact listening to Cynthia is in itself a healing experience- an exercise in meditation if I may call it that. I find myself resonating with what she has to say about healing touch even though I am totally new to this. I am a surgeon and though I am quite passionate about surgery, for a long time have been feeling the need for a different way of connecting with my patients. There are many times when a “cure” is not possible and most physicians trained in the Western system of medicine find it very difficult to handle such situations at many levels. Cynthia has inspired me to learn more about Healing Touch
By Keela Marshall
Date Added: Wednesday 15 February 2012
Beautifully guided, well grounded meditations,
By Kim
Date Added: Friday 13 January 2012
Cynthia's Healing Touch Meditations are truly a gift! She offers simple, practical guidance to assist anyone at any level of energetic, spiritual and/or healing practice. Her thoughts are down to earth, while taking people to a place of deep contemplation and consideration of our essence, origin and healing potential. Her voice is soothing, and the meditations, with their holistic approach, are a wonderful way to help one to navigate the challenges of our times with peace and grace. I highly recommend this CD.
By Rumi
Date Added: Saturday 17 December 2011
In this 2-disc CD set, you will meet your personal mentor, a gifted storyteller, Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN.

She will gently and confidently guide you on the path of discovering Healing Touch and how to use it to enhance your health. Her caring voice filled with wisdom and Love will create a safe and sacred space for you to experience Healing Touch meditations. 
(Rumi Hashimoto, MSN, RN, HTCP/I - Certified Healing Touch Instructor; Founder, Hashiba Institute for Self-Sustainable Health, Long Beach, CA)
By Cyndi Dale
Date Added: Sunday 6 November 2011
Cynthia's calm and peaceful voice awakened hope within me. She reassures us that we are the light we've believed ourselves to be; the practices she shares not only reignite this light within, but show us how to do so for others. Wonderful.
By Tim
Date Added: Sunday 30 October 2011
These are great meditations, Nice to have a variety of meditation choices to help calm & balance myself. I use them in my classes too.
By Beth
Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2011
I love Cynthia s voice and message. Her voice and the timing of her guided meditation is perfect. Easy to listen to.
By Crystal C
Date Added: Saturday 5 July 2014
I am already a healing touch user. I ordered it to treat myself. It is a very good review.
By Crystal C
Date Added: Saturday 5 July 2014
I am already a healing touch I ordered it to trat myslfuser. It is a very good review.
By Mandy W
Date Added: Wednesday 5 March 2014
As a Reiki Master I am fascinated by the unseen power available to each of us to heal, grow and light up the world around us. Cynthia offers a beautiful method of visualizing and connecting to your deepest pure heart.
By Mandy W
Date Added: Wednesday 5 March 2014
As a Reiki Master I am fascinated by the unseen power available to each of us to heal, grow and light up the world around us. Cynthia offers a beautiful method of visualizing and connecting to your deepest pure heart.
By Lillian D
Date Added: Saturday 19 October 2013
I brought this CD to have has part of my collection. This will be used to introduce friends and collegues to self care techniques. I use Reiki, this sounds a lot like it.
Date Added: Sunday 17 February 2013
Great meditation,however, very disappointed I purchased as a download and learning that it downloads as a book and doesn't have breaks so you can choose a starting point in the "book," i.e., if you just want to follow the Hara Alignment meditation it is very difficult to find the starting point.

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