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Sogyal Rinpoche was born in Tibet, and trained by several revered masters of traditional Tibetan Buddhism. Beginning in 1971 he studied Comparative Religion at Cambridge University in England. Since 1974 he has devoted himself to bringing the blessings of Tibetan Buddhism to...

Customer Reviews for Living Well, Dying Well

By Sharon Messmer
Date Added: Friday 1 June 2012
Getting old sucks, let's face it. But once an ally like Ram Dass describes the situation with honesty, humor and wisdom, one is finally able to see the clear path through. I listen to this at night when I'm trying to sleep. I wake up feeling pretty good!
By Sharon Messmer
Date Added: Friday 1 June 2012
Sogyal Rinpoche's work has presented itself in my life at different times, times when I really needed to "hear" him, and LIVING WELL, DYING WELL is no exception. His way of teaching is accessible without being dumbed-down or preachy.
By Joyce "Jo" Kilmer
Date Added: Wednesday 4 April 2012
His teachings are so profound in such a light hearted, simple fashion, that I find myself remembering pieces from years ago.
By jane cameron
Date Added: Wednesday 6 October 2010
fantastic! very helpful.
By kath g
Date Added: Thursday 23 August 2012
I love the CD. Sogyal's wisdom mixed with his humor on the topic of death is well done and his voice is easy listening. However, I would have liked the jacket that the CD came in to have a description of content, not just "Sounds True" printed on it.
By Jean-Michel Desire
Date Added: Wednesday 20 June 2012
Great mix of humor to the delivered message. The only drawback is that live audiences tend to distract the speaker from his message.

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