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Gangaji is an American-born spiritual teacher dedicated to sharing the path of freedom through simple and direct self-inquiry, as taught by the legendary sage Sri Ramana Maharshi of India. In 1990, Gangaji (then Antoinette Roberson Varner) entered this lineage through Sri...

Customer Reviews for Spiritual Awakening

By mark fleckenstein
Date Added: Wednesday 21 September 2011
I'd do that again!
By Petra Lackey
Date Added: Wednesday 24 August 2011
I really resonate with what you teach. It sounds true to me. I'm not always very good at focussing and staying with the emotion/energy in the moment, I can tell I am getting much better. I am much more aware. Thank you for your beautiful presence, Gangaji.
By James Whiting
Date Added: Tuesday 6 September 2011
Have tried a number of times to download session 2 but the link leads to a repeat of session 1.
When can I download session 2 please?

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