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Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD, is an internationally recognized scholar, award-winning poet, diplomate senior Jungian psychoanalyst, and cantadora (keeper of the old stories in the Latina tradition). In addition to her international bestseller Women Who Run With the...

Customer Reviews for The Late Bloomer

By Foszia T
Date Added: Monday 4 November 2013
I am always enriched by anything Clarissa has to offer
By Mary M
Date Added: Sunday 27 October 2013
Dr. E. continues to amaze me. I listen to this audio book over and over only to hear wisdom unheard before. I highly recommend this to anyone who is
on the journey to grow and flower.
By Mary M
Date Added: Wednesday 29 August 2012
Oh once again Ms. Estes makes a huge impact on my life. My being a late bloomer, I felt as though suddenly I was okay to be where I am suppose to be in my life. I highly recommend this audio book.
She is by far the best story teller and and a woman
with a lot of insight and tenderness. Don't let this one
slip by.
By Violet Coburn
Date Added: Wednesday 18 April 2012
I love listening to CPE's voice. She is warm and loving and wise.
I get together with friends to listen to the lectures from The Late Bloomer. We stop the recording to talk together about the wisdom we are hearing. Really potent stuff. Thanks, again, Sounds True.
By Chris Koelker
Date Added: Sunday 19 February 2012
Dear Sounds True and Sweet CPE:
I listened to this amazing program as I attended my dying father. My mother had just passed away two months before. It was a life-changer! It continues to be a source of light and inspiration. Dr. Estes is a luminary. Thank you for providing this brilliant life raft.
Gratefully yours,
Chris Koelker
By Susan Garren
Date Added: Monday 28 November 2011
In my "crysalis" phase: reinvention in my mid forties can be a bit daunting. Everyone needs a bit of encouragement on that journey and CPE provided the perfect amount of encouragement, storytelling and compassion.
Listening to her voice and her stories feels like being swept away to a safe, warm, inviting setting where one can rest a bit and regroup.
Love this series! Thank you, CPE.
By Adriana Brenes
Date Added: Friday 28 October 2011
I loved the class and hearing her voice in person and live. I was sent the invitation to participate through Eckhart Tolle TV. My only regret was my own fault at not posting a question. But I loved hearing the answers to the many questions posted and I was glad to be connected to this great community of souls. Thank you Sounds True, Tami and Doctor Estés. Looking forward to the Spring session on Becoming an Elder. Saludos , Adriana Costa Rica.
By Linda Chamorro
Date Added: Tuesday 25 October 2011
Fantastic seminar in every sense! An Utterly transformative personal experience - I look forward to upcoming seminars by Dr Estes as well as catching up on past productions!
By Jamie Sloan
Date Added: Monday 24 October 2011
I love the program and C.P. Estes in particular. I WILL eventually purchase the entire series; however, presently I am unable to afford the extra expense. One day soon I'll be able, so keep doing what you do and THANK YOU for your service, I shall return :) JS
By Cat Charissage
Date Added: Wednesday 19 October 2011
I love it! Every time I hear CPE, I'm reaffirmed in my own truth and in my desire to become closer to the Holy, with a mentor from the Holy Woman herself. (Or that's how it feels!)
By Brenda Pauls
Date Added: Monday 17 October 2011
Dr. CPE is luminous, gracious, funny and insightful. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person, many years ago when she was a keynote speaker at a conference I attended. I just had to hear her again, so thank you for making that possible. While the encounter is interesting and insightful as always, I found the late time slot difficult and the two hour time frame a bit too much as a listener on line. I have found from other on-line programs that one hour is plenty. So, while Dr. CPE was wonderful, I was already pretty tired by the time her program began and sometimes had to beg off and go to bed. I am in the central time zone. Thankfully, you have provided the opportunity to listen on my own time. Hearing her live is special though, so I really enjoyed being able to hear her in real time. I will certainly enroll in other programs with Sounds True but will be looking for a different time as this was a real stumbling block for me.
By b hop
Date Added: Wednesday 12 October 2011
i love being a late bloomer
By Patricia Baker
Date Added: Thursday 18 August 2011
I was given her book "Women Who Run with the Wolves." Such wisdom I had never had explained so crystal clearly! Life changing or more appropriately, life re-aligning. It was there all the time. Cannot thank her enough!
By Dr. Timothy C. Hoffman
Date Added: Wednesday 17 August 2011
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes is without a doubt the best story teller in the world. I mean "both" worlds. The world of the mind and the world of the spirit! I have all of my patients listen to her work to help them on the journey. Thank God for Tami Simon's Sound True who brings us the very best in CD, DVD, MP3 and now books!
By Diamond
Date Added: Tuesday 16 August 2011
I totally agree. Dr. Pinkola-Estes gets to the heart of what matters elevating our thinking, but moreover, sweetening the soul of our essence. I love YOUR work Dr. Pinkola-Estes
By Joanne Hockey
Date Added: Monday 15 August 2011
This is what we as women should b told about at a young age.. i love her work. Everyone should open their minds an take some time to hear the messages being told.
By Reanna Carruthers
Date Added: Thursday 19 April 2012
A subtlety profound experience, clarissa lovingly takes you on many a journeys within this work, all the while pointing you to your own direction of 'home'.

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