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Customer Reviews for Eckhart Tolle’s Music for Inner Stillness

By Jacqueline C
Date Added: Wednesday 25 September 2013
Both of Eckhart Tolle's musical compilations (Music to Quiet the Mind & Music for Inner Stillness) are
wonderfully relaxing, calming while driving in traffic, also inspiring my creativity in the art studio. I often have either album on as background music
at home. My animals seem to love it, too.
By Kathryn F
Date Added: Sunday 24 February 2013
thank you for your prompt and very kind service. It was outstanding.
By Anita P
Date Added: Thursday 21 February 2013
This is a lovely soundtrack for deeper meditation. So often soundtracks marketed for meditation have the occasional very jarring disharmonies or staccato notes, or sudden bursts of volume or vocalisation, which instantly pluck you up out of the deeper states. Or then the music is so consciously listenable that one concentrates on it, rather than releasing attachment and sinking further. This one just really works and allows you to float away. Thank you!
By Maureen S
Date Added: Thursday 21 February 2013
This is beautiful music. I use it as background music when I teach yoga 3 times a week and I just can't get enough of the melodies. I don't get tired of them and they blend perfectly into the class choreography.
By Franka Rampersad
Date Added: Monday 21 January 2013
Excellent choice of music. I really enjoyed Epiphany and Inspiration Part 2.
By Donald O
Date Added: Saturday 22 December 2012
My understanding, my comprehension of The Stillness is somewhat different than Eckhardt Tolle, based on this CD, but that's OK.

Am thinking of making my own CD from the Stillness and was extremely interested in hearing this CD and how Eckhart Tolle understood the Stillness based on the music he chose for the CD.

Donald O
Wethersfield, CT
December 22, 2012, 2:10 pm EST

By Martha H
Date Added: Saturday 13 October 2012
Everything I expected from Eckhart Tolle. Makes my top favorite CD pick every time.
By Susan F
Date Added: Sunday 19 August 2012
I love this CD. It is very relaxing and I play it while I work on my computer.
By Deyan Lambov
Date Added: Friday 3 August 2012
The first song is very beautiful :-)
By tina bonfiglio
Date Added: Monday 30 July 2012
Very satisfied, thank you always for all your offers and suggestions to reach a better life.
By Tammy Henderson
Date Added: Tuesday 10 July 2012
very nice cd - thank you
By Dee Morris
Date Added: Friday 8 June 2012
I would not want to be without this music. I also notice its effect on others.
By Francoise Devaud
Date Added: Monday 9 April 2012
sorry, got that all wrong ....

I sure love the music and I use it very often ! :-)

* * * * *
By Francoise Devaud
Date Added: Monday 9 April 2012
thanks very for your inquire. I have been listening to the "program" and have enjoyed it. Some insights in them. As no native English speaker, I'll listen to it again to profit of it to the maximum.
With best regards.
Love, Light and Blessings
By Fran Bassas
Date Added: Wednesday 21 March 2012
Toda la música escogida es perfecta, excepto quizás el tema de Patrick Bernard. Demasiado edulcorado para mi gusto.
Me ha hecho descubrir la incomparable Marjorie de Wuynck, también Riley Lee.
gracias por la selección.
By Jean Long
Date Added: Sunday 18 March 2012
This is my new go-to music for expanding. My meditation class loves this! It really does support a deepening experience in meditation.
By martin muntz
Date Added: Saturday 17 March 2012
all the music was very good
Date Added: Wednesday 14 March 2012
From this CD, I found some new artists. thanks
By Ejfi, Czech Republic
Date Added: Saturday 10 March 2012
splendor :-)
By Erik
Date Added: Monday 5 March 2012
Stillness and Silence always are...before, during, and after these beautiful songs. Sounds true!
By Dennis
Date Added: Saturday 3 March 2012
Enjoyed the prview, will purchase a copy.....namaste.
By D'Imbeault
Date Added: Saturday 3 March 2012
I cried like a children as soon as I heard the first song. I felt the hot vapor of my tea and the very soft tears on my cheeks. I felt my cold feets and the temperature around me as thousands of images came from behind my eyelids.

I am overwhelmed, Thank you.
By tanya collop
Date Added: Friday 2 March 2012
just as your music connects to a part of me that is sacred, no words can discribe the feeling that it invokes. truly sacred. namaste
By Chris Widera
Date Added: Friday 2 March 2012
Nice, but... it's not really stillness, is it ? IT'S SOUND. Stillness is, when the sound is GONE, that's what i learned from Eckhart. Sincerely, Chris.
By Birgit
Date Added: Friday 2 March 2012
By Elizabeth Johnston
Date Added: Thursday 1 March 2012
Sounds beautiful!!!
By t.k.
Date Added: Tuesday 14 February 2012
Great compilation! Beautiful music to dive into a state of peace and inner stillness.
Thank you Eckhart Tolle and Sounds True.
By Ian D
Date Added: Thursday 3 April 2014
Nice music, I usually go for Jonathan Goldman, but felt like branching out this time. I would recommend it. i have given 4 rather than 5 only because I am not mad keen on The Song of the Universal Light - Part 2, which is unfortunate as it's in the middle of the album...the rest is lovely and just the ticket! XX
By Wifag Hadra
Date Added: Friday 2 March 2012
Such calming music that creates the right kind of background of sounds.....Many thanks for this great compilation! Also useful to play when meditating.
Date Added: Thursday 1 March 2012
Tolle's Books and Music really brings me into NOW.
By Brian Wilson
Date Added: Thursday 23 February 2012
Very nice and relaxing compilation of tunes. I use this to calm me down while driving and I have also used it during my meditations.
By Matt
Date Added: Wednesday 13 March 2013
Hi Curt, We're sorry that this program didn't work for you. Did you know that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for products bought on soundstrue.com? Please contact customerservice@soundstrue.com they will be able to help you out.
By Jay P
Date Added: Monday 20 August 2012
Contrarily to the first album, this one sounds more like a "marketing" album, as if they are pushing artists from "Sounds True"... Remove a few songs and it's fine!
Date Added: Sunday 8 July 2012
Just average.
By phil smith
Date Added: Wednesday 11 April 2012
the music was awesome but thr download quality was poor
By the truth.
Date Added: Thursday 1 March 2012
I am a little confused as how this any different than any other mediocre spa soundtrack.
By Curt M
Date Added: Wednesday 20 February 2013
The music that was sent to me was less than I expected. Each piece was cut off. None finished as the original music players originally recorded it.
There were no credits for any of the pieces of music, so I could not find who made the music. Therefore, I could never find nor buy the original piece.
It was very disappointing. If I were to rate the product, I would give it a 2 out of 10.
By Tony Lee
Date Added: Friday 2 March 2012
Without listening - isnt that a bit of an oxymoron !!!

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