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A lifelong interest in the nature of consciousness and the mechanics of personal choice has inspired David Ison to create dozens of musical meditation offerings. His critically acclaimed albums The Musical Body Program, The Harmonizer, and Balance,...

Customer Reviews for Chakra Illumination

By Don F
Date Added: Monday 17 March 2014
I find this excellent music for meditation. Rich textures and multi-layered soundscapes.
By Scott J
Date Added: Sunday 2 February 2014
By Stephen R
Date Added: Monday 6 January 2014
I am very pleased with David Ison's approach and his soothing music. Being a hypnotherapist and a musician myself, I am very impressed! Great job David, thank you!
By Sheila M
Date Added: Saturday 14 December 2013
David's voice is probably the most soothing I've ever heard and his story is amazing. His music is beautiful and almost immediately puts me in a calmer, more peaceful place that lasts throughout my day. So helpful when I'm stressed.
By catherine b
Date Added: Monday 3 September 2012
I was playing it as your email came through. I love it. It brings instant calm and peace. I need this after a frantic family holiday in the Bordeaux vineyards and long travel home day yesterday.
By Dean H
Date Added: Sunday 26 August 2012
Purchased the Chakra Illumination as a download and have been quite pleased from the very first playing. Not only can it be a valuable tool for breathing and listening coordination but it also allows practice to happen naturally.
David Ison's guides you through an information piece with a voice that could melt butter. He has a resonance that allows you to feel his words and the two musical pieces are perfect for practice @ 30 min. each.
By Brian Phillips
Date Added: Saturday 4 August 2012
Great for meditating. After having bought this, I'll be looking into more of David Ison's music. Although this recording isn't intended for it, it would make excellent background music for massage work.
By Linda Tew
Date Added: Friday 20 July 2012
O.K., I will admit I was skeptical about the real results this program could produce but after the very first listen while meditating I felt very relaxed and for an hour or so afterward I felt incredibly good. Never before has this happened while meditating on my own. I look forward to seeing continued results as I make it a regular part of my practice.
By Marjorie Trachtman
Date Added: Monday 25 June 2012
love the record puts me such a relaxed state and makes me feel better listening to the healing music part 2.
By Robert Zabal
Date Added: Friday 15 June 2012
This is a very nice powerful, healing & interactive (synchronized with breathing) set - Seven Stars!
By Jon Michael Maxwell
Date Added: Saturday 14 April 2012
By JoAnn J
Date Added: Wednesday 11 June 2014
This was amazing....without realizing it you feel calm and happy after listening to the CD.
By Diana W
Date Added: Sunday 8 December 2013
I enjoy listening to the accompanying music in the background while working.
By Jane M
Date Added: Friday 29 November 2013
I like listening to the music on the second disc before I go to sleep. I sleep better, and feel better. The Shaman I am working with is able to see now as it is helping to clear away the fog.
By Lucilla H
Date Added: Wednesday 5 September 2012
Love this CD! The first time I listened to it was amazing. I felt the music go through all my chakra & each made me react differently.
I have been listening to it for about a month now. Love to listen to first track when in bed & its too hard to get out, it helps wake me up. Use the second one often also in bed to help relax for sleep.
I think this cd is really very beneficial. Definitely worth a try.

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