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Customer Reviews for Mahamudra for the Modern World

By David F
Date Added: Tuesday 8 April 2014
This was one of or the most powerful series on meditation and insight that I have experienced. Reginald Ray took us through detailed meditations on Shamata and Insight that were hands on and immediately transformative. His pointing out method is wonderful. He also gives an amazing account of the journey of Trogon Trungpa Rinpoche and shares his own experiences humbly. Thanks so much!
By Kane M
Date Added: Monday 20 January 2014
Okay, so I haven't listened to the whole program and experimented with all the various practices yet, but, the few practices I have integrated into my existing mindfulness meditation routine have been so helpful in deepening my practice and clarifying in an experiential and direct way, understandings of 'emptiness' and 'the ground of being' that I felt the need to share how much I'm appreciating and enjoying this program, albeit perhaps a little prematurely. So, for all mindfulness meditation practitioners and yogis out there, I highly recommend you check this out and give a shot to the Mahamudra entry protocol (which is one of the first practices covered) as it does what the author says it will - helps one access deeper states of groundedness and spaciousness quicker, and sets the stage beautifully for further practice. If you like this practice and find it helpful like I have, well, it makes sense to keep on listening, learning, and experimenting.

Also, the talks by the author on Tibetan culture and the history of the Mahamudra tradition are very interesting, the Dharma teachings are shared in a way which is very accessible, warm and inviting but the practices that I have done so far form the program are worth the price of the program alone. Happy meditating :)
By Richard G
Date Added: Saturday 14 December 2013
These teachings and meditations have changed my practice and broadened my vision of the path. I am slowly making my way through the series, absorbing the teachings and experiencing the practices, lingering on certain practices or teachings when needed. It has also helped me to look at the many teachings I received in the past with a new understanding, revisiting them and pulling things together. I am sure recorded audio transmission is controversial – but my personal experience with this series so far is that it is an effective means. I do identify with the author and trust him, which is a prerequisite to being open to any teacher, teaching and medium. Along side the audio series, I have been reading a introductory book on Mahamudra practice by a Tibetan Kagyu lineage holder, one who also holds the view that Mahamudra can be taught on its own and that Mahamudra can be of great benefit to contemporary Westerners. Complements the audio material well. All works for me.
By C.K. B
Date Added: Tuesday 10 December 2013
I bought Reggie's earlier audios without having heard of him and found them very valuable. On this confidence I ventured into Mahamudra. Though I haven't gone beyond 6th hour of 30 hour work, I could say that it is worth engaging with this most important work in meditation. I should say that Reggie is genuine inspiring and warm teacher, a fact that comes through in the transmission of the teachings while practicing. Be trusting and Patient things will reveal by themselves, as you repeat. There are some areas of repetition from earlier works but this is unavoidable in a definitive work. Any one with sustained interest in "meditation" in broader sense this is a diamond.
By John M
Date Added: Sunday 8 December 2013
This program is filled with insight and awareness. And as the author indicates you may get more but you will get as much out of it as you put into it. The instructions go from very basic to quite deep.
By David D
Date Added: Friday 6 December 2013
Another fantastic gift from a true master. The first time I found Reggie's teachings the Dharma immediately became very real to me. The experiential aspect of his teaching takes Dharma far beyond concept to something we can live and breath. Thank you kind teacher.
By David G
Date Added: Wednesday 4 December 2013
Excellent. Rarely available teachings. I am glad that Reginald Ray decided to put this excellent practice teaching together. A genuine mind body practice handed down by generations of masters.
By Svetlana E
Date Added: Thursday 28 November 2013
These teachings and practices added something very real to my life and my well-being. This teaching have gave me back my energy, physical, emotional and mental. Reggie Ray is one of the best teachers I've heard. His insightful teaching style is inspiring and very practical. I enjoyed these program. And Thank you very much!
By James S
Date Added: Tuesday 12 November 2013
Seldom have I come upon a teacher like Reginald Ray.
He is utterly without guile or use of any cluttered explanation as he proceeds to present this ancient and ultra relevant teachings. I wish I could spend a month with him and his staff. I think the average american spends 48 hours a week watching television. I can imagine what benefit 198 hours of one month with Reggie would do. I am so grateful I bought the course.
I am so grateful to this great saint.
By Jim H
Date Added: Thursday 9 May 2013
By Jim H
Date Added: Friday 1 March 2013
This program is excellent. I would suggest Mahamudra for the Modern World to anyone interested in uncovering the authentic self. I have added some of these techniques to my daily practice and have experienced a new level of awareness. Peace
By Linda T
Date Added: Tuesday 5 February 2013
I am not quite finished with the entire course and I feel sadness at approaching the end. This is a profound teaching. I was skeptical that I would be able to fit the additional meditation practices into my busy life but after listening for awhile the practices became my priority. I am a veteran of audio courses and materials but this is the first that has touched my soul and fundamentally changed me.
By Maire P
Date Added: Monday 31 December 2012
I have always enjoyed how Reginald A. Ray is able to teach deeply meaningful, but also challenging material, in a friendly, compassionate and personal way. Mahamudra for the Modern World is even better than I expected, so much so that I have been benefitting from Reggie's guidance as if I would have been on a long retreat with a master. I did receive this year an empowerment from the Dalai Lama and listening to Reggie have been exactly what I needed. Thank you for taking me into the New Year of 2013 with joy and confidence. Bless you, Maire.
By Allen S
Date Added: Tuesday 18 December 2012
Excellent, well organized, well explained, comprehensive guide through Mahamudra.
By Julie F
Date Added: Friday 16 November 2012
These generous teachings and practices are changing my life. Reggie Ray is an outstanding teacher, and I'm so happy he's now here with me in my home. His patient, insightful teaching style is accessible, inspiring and very practical. I treasure these CDs and
plan to spend many more hours with them.
Date Added: Friday 5 October 2012
While I've finished only 11 of the 30 sessions (I'm repeating each practice and discussion several times). I'm finding that the Mahamudra teachings are unlike anything I've ever experienced. Instead of being a mostly passive participant, one has to exert a lot of energy during the meditation. Mahamudra makes other practices pale by comparison -- this is the big league! Reggie Ray is extremely intelligent and well spoken and his sincerity comes across on these recordings. It is an honor to be going through this process. I hope to meet Reggie sometime.

One issue I'm having is that these recordings regularly cause my iPod to freeze up. This is no doubt due to huge memory this program requires. Makes me wish I'd ordered the CDs instead. Any suggestions?
By Rosemary R
Date Added: Tuesday 11 September 2012
This is without a doubt the best program I have ever heard. I have meditated for years with varying degrees of insight but knew something was missing. For me, these practices were the missing piece. The instructional portion of the recording is very informative, clear and helpful. The guided meditations are excellent in their instruction and pace. I believe that at this time of global change, embodying the foundational essence of the earth is key to the transformation of all beings for the next phase of evolution. This program is a blessing to all.
By Maurice E
Date Added: Wednesday 5 September 2012
Everything that I expected.
By barbara f
Date Added: Tuesday 7 August 2012
Wow! Eleven CDs in and loving this program. Been waiting for this for 25 years!!!
By Florence Hamilton
Date Added: Friday 3 August 2012
How amazing to have this opportunity in the UK - live essential dharma that I connect with. As a long-time practitioner & student in the Kagyu tradition often struggling with Tibetan texts and pujas that somehow didn't work for me, I have always loved Trungpa's teachings for their radical freedom and rigorous simplicity. Now through Reggie's immediate, direct, friendly and intimate teaching style my experience is that transmission through voice recognition of karmic link & quantum potential works. Working as a Buddhist-oriented psychotherapist I am inspired and resourced by working my way through the sessions. Thank you!
By Patricia Pucher
Date Added: Wednesday 1 August 2012
A treasure way beyond expression. A deep gassho to Reggie Rae, his teacher and his teacher's teachers.
By Philip Doriot
Date Added: Monday 30 July 2012
Great program - Reggie provides insight, teaching and examples that make it very easy.
By Dr. Anne Boland
Date Added: Sunday 29 July 2012
Excellent and erudite presentation.
By Dr. Anne Boland
Date Added: Sunday 29 July 2012
Excellent course by Reggie Ray.
By Linda Reneau
Date Added: Thursday 19 July 2012
What can I say!!! Am enjoying the course immensely. I practice 3 to 4 hrs. a day, do heavy physical activities about 3 hrs. a day. I've been meditating since 1969 (zen, also with Quakers) and am familiar with certain spaces and experiences so it is basically easy and fun---I love the breathing exercises. I did his breathing body volumes and so wanted to do this... What is new and very fun is the deep connection to earth I'm getting. I love that fire at the infinite point and letting it come up and out through the open gates of the heart centers. Am really enjoying his talks, his presentation. As for the "spiritual marketplace"---it is logical that this would be the time of the birth of new lineages and changes in old lineages; everything born in time, dies in time, or reincarnates into a new form. Also, it is logical today with so much information sharing that few people stick 100% to one path when a method, say, of doing something in one lineage can assist one in a different lineage. This is digging a well in one place but just having more tools for different types of strata. But back to the course: I am following it very seriously and with great respect and wish to send tons of appreciation and gratitude to Reggie Ray. I'm so happy I'm 64, semi-retired, and able fully focus on my path and share love with the world.
By Fabrizio from Italy
Date Added: Friday 22 June 2012
I do believe that the vision of making this traning accessable to a global audience is revolutionary.
I have been chasing trannings travelling in various centers in Europe and USA spending time and efforts and now I can get the full transmission right now, from one of best teachers available today. I bow to Chogyam Trunga Rinpoche, to Reggy and Simon to have contributed to make my life more complete. Lets translate this in multiple languages !!
By mary embry
Date Added: Thursday 7 June 2012
Absolutely wonderful. So valuable.
By Jon Michael Maxwell
Date Added: Sunday 22 July 2012
Incredible learning experience that I only thought possible by direct contact with teacher; one suggestion to improve the training would be if the the teaching could by some method be supplemented by interaction with the teacher- questions do arise otherwise very satisfied
By Susan B
Date Added: Sunday 1 December 2013
I'm awaiting refund on this item. I misunderstood that it was a download item. Your staff has been helpful in this process, but I still have not noted the refund.

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