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Ani Pema Chödrön was born Deirdre Blomfield-Brown in 1936, in New York City. She attended Miss Porter's School in Connecticut and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. She taught as an elementary school teacher for many years in both New Mexico and...

Customer Reviews for Awakening Love

By Eva Irene S
Date Added: Wednesday 23 April 2014
Pema is wonderful. She isn't one of these "high above everyone else" gurus. She goes through the same issues we all go through and presents material in a sweet, loving, yet sometimes funny way.

I listened to this set while on my way to and from my best friend's house. My best friend was dying in another state. Pema's CDs helped to calm my Spirit, help me accept my feelings about the situation and lean into them. Listening to these eased my suffering from seeing my friend die. They are truly a gift.
Date Added: Wednesday 16 April 2014
Pema Chodron continues to reshape my thinking in these wondrous teachings filled with humour and true life insight
By Bobbie G
Date Added: Wednesday 16 April 2014
I love anything Pema Chodron does. I think I have everything she has written CDs books etc
By Kathleen B
Date Added: Wednesday 9 April 2014
As always: real, connected, direct and spot on teachings on seeing clearly in practice. Ani Pema is a gifted teacher who opens the door to the 4 brahma-viharas as we acknowledge and release the roots of suffering.
By Marian C
Date Added: Thursday 29 November 2012
As always, Pema's words bring me closer to understanding what mindfulness is all about, and how constantly returning to the present moment leads to authenticity. I appreciate her ability to speak deep truths in simple ways, without sugar-coating the difficulties, but not making them seem overwhelming, either.
By Nancy Gunzberg
Date Added: Wednesday 27 June 2012
Everything went smoothly. I love your company and the material you make available, many for free.
Thanks so much!

By Edith Andersen
Date Added: Sunday 17 June 2012
I don't know if Pema's work is for everyone. But it SURE is for me. She never fails to reach me, ground me, and make me laugh. Tall order. Always fulfilled.
By Trish Wild, RN PHD
Date Added: Tuesday 29 May 2012
Oh Pema how I love thee. How you manage to come along with exactly the right thing at the right time in my life. I have a lot to learn, and so thankful to have you as one of my most powerful teachers.
By Bill Purchase
Date Added: Monday 28 May 2012
This was terrific...a great teaching...I love her work, and this is sure what I needed right now. I will be forever grateful There are a few books mentioned to help with the teachings too..
Date Added: Friday 4 May 2012
I have enjoyed so much, Pema is the teacher for me, I work in therapy and it has really help me in my work, so always grateful for your existence,
By martin muntz
Date Added: Saturday 17 March 2012
it shows how dificult it is to pratice compassion for some one like me. it takes a lot of courage to stay with this life long practice and not give up
By Ann King
Date Added: Thursday 15 March 2012
I am halfway through the 8-CD set. Already its wisdom is penetrating my mind's resistance to new ways of perceiving the challenges of living and dying. This is after listening to Pema CDs for years. You would think that I'd be enlightened by now, huh.
By Maureen Ross MA
Date Added: Sunday 4 March 2012
Wonderfully refreshing. I enjoy Pema's Heart Inspirations. This is the first time hearing her voice, soothing.
I feel very much the same way living and learning with dogs. They live in the present moment, reflecting our behavior back to us ... gratefully,
Maureen, Daily Doga Inspirations
By Marie Pedneault
Date Added: Tuesday 29 May 2012
The content of the CDs are good, as always with Pema Chodron. However the quality of the sound is not so good. The sound seems to come out of a tin can and even though i played with the different modalities of my computer to correct it, my efforts did not work. This echo is unpleasant and disturbs my listening. So I am planning to reload Awakening Love, in the hope that the problem happened in the process and is not a problem with the product itself.
By Fred Christall
Date Added: Sunday 6 May 2012
As always Prema is excellent in her presentation of information.

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