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Marie Manuchehri

Marie Manuchehri, RN, is a nationally known energy intuitive and Reiki master who first discovered her gifts for energetic healing while working as a registered oncology nurse. In addition to her private practice in Seattle, Washington, she leads popular workshops and hosts the...

Customer Reviews for Intuitive Self-Healing

By Carol Y
Date Added: Sunday 3 November 2013
Great book and quick shipment.
By Lia
Date Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013
I absolutely loved this book! I love the way it is written and I love her writing style. It made it a VERY quick read for me. I learned a lot and stayed very interested throughout the whole book.
I would definitely recommend this book!
By Tracey
Date Added: Friday 2 November 2012
This book is helping me so much and I just started reading it and am half way through. I am not overwhelmed by it like I often get with self help books. I am enjoying the chakra exercises so much.
By Breda Flannery
Date Added: Tuesday 31 July 2012
Really enjoyed this book. very informative and helpful. would highly recommend it.
By Jodie Clark
Date Added: Tuesday 29 May 2012
The strength of the book is the extent to which the author draws upon her own experiences as an energy healer and the experiences of her clients to explain the connection between energy and well being. An excellent resource, highly recommended. Fantastic illustrations as well.
By Jeanne Cullen
Date Added: Monday 21 May 2012
Absolutely love the book! It is full of insights... so simple, yet very profound. I read it cover to cover when I first got it, couldn't put it down. I have reread it since, and have discovered even more treasures. The information is presented in a way that is really accessible and useful. I have given it to several friends as gifts, and they are loving it too.
By Laura Young
Date Added: Monday 23 April 2012
I very seldom read a book twice, however I have already read this book cover to cover 3 times! This is a very comprehensive overview of the human energy system yet leads you through step by step in an easy to grasp format. Exercises at the end of each chapter make this a very personal workbook too, helping guide you through understanding your own body. I have, and will continue to, highly recommend this to my clients as well!
By Jay Dancing Bear
Date Added: Sunday 1 April 2012
I am having a very interesting experience with this book. When it arrived in the mail, i immediately started reading it fast. I liked it, but didn't seem like much new to me, and then, at the 5th chakra chapter, something caught my attention and stopped me in my tracks.
Went back to the beginning, with yellow highlighter in hand, and found that this is a real gem of a book, with a lot of material not usually found in other books i've seen on chakras, etc.
I think the clear, understated style, which makes it so easy to read, also made it easy to miss some of the depth, which is on me, not the writing style, which i like.
One small suggestion; i like books with a short outline summary of the main points at the end of each chapter, it makes it easier for me to study.
Aside from that small cavil, nice job.
By Jennifer Steward
Date Added: Monday 26 March 2012
This book has given me so much insight to my chakra system. I find it truly amazing.
By Cheryl deLuca
Date Added: Sunday 25 March 2012
I am very happy with both the book and the CD's. Thank you for a wonderful web site.
By Kadian Grant
Date Added: Monday 19 March 2012
We're all looking for ways to transform ourselves and our lives. This book by Marie Manuchehri will do just that. Her simplistic and fun but powerful approach is life changing. How do I know? I've been working with Marie for over 2 years now and incorporating her techniques and exercises in my daily life since then. For the first time in over 20 years, I am living the life I have been yearning for. Marie's techniques have improved my health and are helping me live a fulfilled life. When our knowledge is increased and more choices are presented to us, we can better participate in our own empowerment. Thank you Marie for writing this book and sharing your gifts so others will have an opportunity to change and empower their lives.
By kristin nasman
Date Added: Monday 19 March 2012
I couldn't put this book down. It answered so many of my questions and gave me so many great activities to do. I will keep coming back to it for many years to come.
By Sara Gorham
Date Added: Wednesday 14 March 2012
This has to be one of the most approachable books on healing I have ever read. Not only is much of the book conversational in style and therefore accessible in that regard, but there is such love and positive regard in all that Marie Manuchehri has to say about the true nature of all of us as embodied spiritual beings that the pages practically sing. Regardless of Marie's considerable gifts in seeing and perceiving energy in ways most of us don't, much of the substance that she shares in this book is available to all of us in absolutely accessible ways. I kept finding little pearls of insight scattered throughout the book that I knew I would incorporate into my own healing practice and into my daily life. This is a jewel of a book and should be in the library of anyone interested in health, harmony and healing, whether for themselves or in service to others.
By Robyn B
Date Added: Saturday 16 August 2014
Marie is like the lady next door - her way of presenting is very easy to listen to. The depth of her experience resonates. While engaging in the guided visualisations offered, I've had some unique experiences which have been truly profound.
By ogden kruger
Date Added: Thursday 12 April 2012
I am very happy with my purchase. It is concise, well organized, gets right to the point! A beautiful presentation of the chakras and how they relate physiologically, emotionally and at a root level.
By Jocelyn Kahn
Date Added: Wednesday 11 April 2012
Nice basic manual on the chakras!

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