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Peter A. Levine

Peter A. Levine, PhD, has spent 45 years studying and treating stress and trauma. He holds a doctorate degree in medical biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley and in psychology from International University. He is the developer of Somatic Experiencing®, a...

Maggie Phillips

Maggie Phillips, PhD, is a psychologist specializing in pain and the author of Healing the Divided Self, Finding the Energy to Heal and Reversing Chronic Pain.

Author photo © Anita Schriver

Customer Reviews for Freedom from Pain

By JoAnn K
Date Added: Thursday 3 January 2013
Peter Levine and Maggie Phillips bring together the most amazing work for pain relief. He is truly a healer of our times. I highly recommend this book and all work by Peter Levine.
By Patricia Kay Youngson
Date Added: Thursday 12 July 2012
Great book. So helpful for people with PTSD preceeding chronic pain. (Very common.)
By Vivian U
Date Added: Saturday 29 December 2012
I've only been working with this program for 5 days and I already feel a noticeable difference in my tension and pain levels. It's amazing. The exercises are so simple you wouldn't expect them to make much of difference, but they do!

My biggest criticism is that the audio part is not as well done as it could be. The instructions are not always given slowly enough for following along. Also, the exercises that should be in audio format sometimes aren't, and vice versa. Lovingkindness really should be an audio, because of all the steps and affirmations you need to remember, and it's not. Yet instructions in journaling are unnecessarily given in audio. Minor quibbles, though. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

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