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Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD, is an internationally recognized scholar, award-winning poet, diplomate senior Jungian psychoanalyst, and cantadora (keeper of the old stories in the Latina tradition). In addition to her international bestseller Women Who Run With the...

Customer Reviews for The Late Bloomer

Date Added: Tuesday 29 July 2014
Superb as usual.. I adore Dr Estes and this series really gives you hope, especially if you are late blooming..she helps you feel that all your sitting around and moping in the dark for years hasn't just been a waste of a life but it has some purpose and how you can put it to good use..

Of course you will have to listen to a few times to really soak in it..
By sandra s
Date Added: Sunday 6 July 2014
Clarissa is just so magical to listen to. This archetype is so misunderstood and she explains it wonderfully well and told through her unique way of sharing, a true inspirational storyteller. A very informative listen.
By Gloria K
Date Added: Sunday 6 July 2014
Estes, as always, is charming and relateable as are her stories and archetypal discussions. Such a wondrous scholar of storytelling in general, a great storyteller herself, and yet like sitting down with your sister to have a chat. Beautiful no matter when or how you are blooming!
By Jill R
Date Added: Monday 30 June 2014
I always enjoy listening to Clarissa Pinkola Estes, she is a wonderful storyteller. This particular program is filled with moving out of a stuck position even if it is late in life.
By Marylyn R
Date Added: Thursday 26 June 2014
Clarissa has a wonderful voice that lovingly pulls you in to the story she might be telling, or the insights about the story theme that might apply to you. I feel stronger and more empowered after listening to this series. Hope she does more.
By nancy w
Date Added: Thursday 26 June 2014
haven't listened yet,but from past experience I expect it to be excellent
By Judith S
Date Added: Saturday 1 February 2014
I love Clarissa brilliant
By Dianne P
Date Added: Friday 22 November 2013
Have been enjoying the wisdom in all of Clarissa Pinkola Estes CD's. I continue to share then with our daughter who also enjoys them.
By Ann OFlanagan
Date Added: Monday 3 December 2012
I love Sounds True programs. I have been a follower of Clarissa Pinkola Estes for many years and her latest series is her best ever. Her words give me insight into my life as well as the universe. It takes letting go of my judgmental mind to really hear her. She is one of my favorite and I have been listening to sounds true for more than a decade.
By Joyce R
Date Added: Sunday 16 September 2012
Dr. Estes always hits the mark. I find inspiration and true guidance every time I use her materials. Thanks.
By Corrine M
Date Added: Monday 27 August 2012
Excellant as always! Really enjoy Dr. Estes works!
By cynthia c
Date Added: Monday 27 August 2012
I listened to one cd a day for six days during my vacation as my daily meditation. I always enjoy spending time with her, be it book or CD and would recommend it for insight and inspiration.
By Geraldine P
Date Added: Tuesday 21 August 2012
I have been enjoying this audio. The sound of her voice just adds to my enjoyment.
By Carol H
Date Added: Friday 17 August 2012
Bravo, Dr. CPE!!!!

When the rest of the world is trying to sell us face lifts, plastic and God knows what else because 'we're old, over the hill and have little left in life' . . . you come along and guide us in harvesting the pearls of our lives . . . our wisdom, our intuition, our experiences and our passions. You affirm the wisdom and wonder of 'age.'

Bravo, Wonderful Lady. Bravo and Thank You!!!!
By Barbara P
Date Added: Friday 17 August 2012
Great program! Dr. Estes is my hero.
By Petronella S
Date Added: Thursday 16 August 2012
As usual Clarissa Pinkola Estes delivers a wonderful sharing. You cannot go wrong ordering any of her CDs
By Irika Meadows
Date Added: Saturday 21 July 2012
Inspiring! x
By Jude T
Date Added: Tuesday 8 July 2014
I always enjoy her and the fact that I could actually afford them because of your sale made it even better! Thank you Sounds True.
By Shirley O
Date Added: Saturday 7 December 2013
The content of this program is wonderful, as always. I am enjoying the entire series and find myself sharing insights with other folks along the way, recommending the entire "Dangerous Old Woman" series to them as well.
One challenge is the format. I purchased a download of this program and when it loads into iTunes, it comes as one entity. You cannot choose chapters or sections easily. I tried to access it as a regular music file, and that is better because it has chapters, but still, the chapters are not titled.
Sounds True does provide a handy PDF of the chapter headings, which helps, but I think next time I will order the CD version, which is far more versatile. When I load the CD's into my iTunes library, they show up with headings and are a lot easier to navigate.
By Sounds True
Date Added: Wednesday 20 August 2014
Cristina G- We are sorry this product did not meet your expectations.

It may still be possible for you to receive a refund - if the product was purchased on our website, you have a full year from the time of purchase to request a refund, for any reason.

Please contact our customer service so that they can help you with your refund request - You may call customer service at 1.800.333.9185 or send an email to support@soundstrue.zendesk.com.
By Cristina G
Date Added: Wednesday 9 July 2014
I'm really disappointed with this CD. I was going to ask for my money back and would love if a refund were still possible as it really did not meet my expectations. Having read and loved Pinkola Estes book, Women who Run with the Wolves, I'd been very much looking forward to hearing her speak on CD. The first CD alone spanning two hours could have been summed up in the phrase--it's never too late. Instead, the author rambled and waffled on and on and it appeared she was simply intent on filling time rather than providing substance to her topic. I would not recommend this CD to anybody having found it an outrageous waste of time and money. It appears there is no option here to give a no-star rating, so therefore I'm being forced to give it 1.

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