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Tara Brach has been practicing and teaching meditation since 1975, as well as leading Buddhist meditation retreats at centers throughout North America. She is a clinical psychologist,...

Customer Reviews for Mindfulness Meditation

By Bruce N
Date Added: Saturday 11 October 2014
The download was simply and the program is very helpful and engaging.
By Natalie M
Date Added: Wednesday 8 October 2014
This program is wonderful. Once again, Tara Brach is so warm, personal and helpful, combining buddhist practices with a therapeutic approach.
By Rachel H
Date Added: Wednesday 8 October 2014
I love these meditations by Tara Brach. I've become a big fan of late and would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in exploring meditation.
By Kathryn B
Date Added: Tuesday 7 October 2014
I found this program very helpful. Tara's teachings are inspirational and her voice is soothing. I have quoted her to friends and clients. Her teachings are also practical in dealing with things like fear and forgiveness.
By gene w
Date Added: Tuesday 26 August 2014
Wonderful CD, lovely energy
By Phyllis H
Date Added: Monday 12 May 2014
Content is very good. There is a good variety of meditations with a variety of lengths.
I was disappointed that I wasn't able to download the files to my iPad. Maybe I'm not doing something technically correct.
By Catherine R
Date Added: Friday 4 April 2014
I love my download of Tara Brach's guided meditations. They help me to practice at home.
By Ted H
Date Added: Thursday 3 April 2014
This is a wonderful collection of guided meditations. I have integrated them into my daily practice.
By Donald F
Date Added: Monday 6 January 2014
Very helpful message. She delivers with a pleasing, sympathetic voice. I'd like to think I'll soon be putting the ideas into practice.
By Sallie G
Date Added: Tuesday 10 December 2013
Excellent teaching. Tara Brach is encouraging and helpful.
Thank you,
By Lily B
Date Added: Wednesday 27 November 2013
The meditations have been really helpful to me, thank you!
By Lisa G
Date Added: Saturday 14 September 2013
An excellent guided meditation practice!
By Nathaniel S
Date Added: Sunday 7 July 2013
Great audio, but wish the tracks had descriptions as to what each meditation was specifically used for.
By Stephen Harden
Date Added: Tuesday 4 June 2013
Tara Brach's program is excellent. Sounds true service is excellent, too.
By Roy M
Date Added: Monday 19 November 2012
From a Blue Collar Buddhist. OK, I'm biased. I like Tara Brach. Don't know her. Never met her. But I like her wisdom and the soothing sound of her voice. Tara Brach knows stuff and she knows how to tell us about it in simple, easy, gentle tones. I'll buy as much of her stuff as I can afford. I'm very impressed with her. It ain't love, but it's darn close.
By Don B
Date Added: Saturday 27 October 2012
An excellent program. I often wake up in the middle of the night with my mental list keeping me awake. Listening to the track on 'presence' helps calm my busy mind so I can fall asleep again. It's the fastest 15 minutes to get back to sleep. I also like the sound of Tara's voice.
By penner3821
Date Added: Monday 27 August 2012
Tara's calming voice and authentic wisdom provides a safe refuge for me during my stressful day. I feel more grounded and clearer after listening to her guided meditations. I have enjoyed all of her CDs and weeky podcasts, and I am so grateful for her sharing her gifts of wisdom and care.
By Sylvia B
Date Added: Tuesday 21 August 2012
I feel so fortunate that 'Mindfulness Meditation' introduced me to Tara Brach. I have since ordered other CDs of hers. I like the way her grounded presence provides a fitting model that allows me to effortlessly regain contact with my emotional heart where my spirit prospers. Her voice is deeply soothing and utterly kind. Tara leads me inside myself, yet at the same time engenders a feeling of being one with all else. 'Mindfulness Meditation' with Tara Brach leaves me magnificently rewarded and profoundly joyful--I feel as though my best friend has just guided me into sensing what I needed to own and to experience in order to be mindfully aware. Such a treat after years of meditating by myself and often missing the mark. Her meditation on fear is outstanding. Tara is as good as it gets.
By bettina zeller
Date Added: Wednesday 1 August 2012
Tara Brach is a loving teacher. This teaching has been very beneficial for my life. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to look at or deal with self-acceptance.
By ann neary
Date Added: Monday 23 July 2012
i am loving this cd. i picked it up at the omega bookstore after the workshop ended on sunday :))))))))
such a lovely weekend, tara. looking froward to your workshop this fall. ann (from philadelphia)
By Bonnie Skinner
Date Added: Saturday 21 July 2012
The cd is great. Nice voice with good advice and good meditations.
By Mario Coulombe
Date Added: Thursday 19 July 2012
I start my day with Tara.Good teaching.
By Shane Keher
Date Added: Sunday 24 June 2012
I love Tara Brach's warmth and authenticity - does anyone know If these meditations are new (or at least new versions) or a compilation?
By carol s
Date Added: Friday 3 October 2014
As usual Tara Brach never disappoints. Her approach is fantastic, and the medications are very do-able.
By Deborah B
Date Added: Wednesday 1 October 2014
This is my first experience listening to Tara Brach, her mindfulness meditation is wonderful and very helpful.
By Francine S
Date Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014
Her wonderful calming voice has helped me to find my center with ease. My only complaint is the bell at the end of each meditation, which startles me out of my trance state.

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