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Reginald A. Ray, Ph.D., brings us four decades of study and intensive meditation practice within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as well as a special gift for applying ancient wisdom to...

Customer Reviews for When Lightning Strikes

By Marie
Date Added: Tuesday 7 August 2012
Have listened to the first two sessions, so far, and also have been reading two works of Charles Fillmore (Atom-Smashing Power of Mind and Teach Us To Pray). Although coming from different traditions, meditation is at the heart of Ray's and Fillmore's teachings. Amazing! Both also teach that the human is sacred. I love that. I also love Ray's soothing voice, which slows down my mind. The meditations have been very rewarding. I look forward to the rest of the sessions. I feel blessed to be making this journey. Not always fun, often trying, as Ray points out, but for me absolutely necessary.
By Yvonne Garcia
Date Added: Monday 23 July 2012
Anything Reggie brings forth is always more than just a program.
However, this one in particular, for whatever reason...the timing of it in my life comes to mind as well as the actual program, seeing Reggie and Tami face to face, the "transmission" which was more than obvious to me...well, this one brought a major opening and connection for me with Reggie's teachings in profound way.
By Brudge Hopkins
Date Added: Thursday 23 February 2012
After the first, and second sessions, I can say: this is very excellent. Thank you, Sounds True.

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