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Empath Karla McLaren is an award-winning author, social science researcher, and pioneering educator whose empathic approach to emotions has taken her through the healing of her own childhood trauma, into a healing career, and now into the study of sociology, anthropology,...

Customer Reviews for Emotional Flow

By Karen N
Date Added: Wednesday 15 October 2014
I am starting Session 3 of Emotional Flow. It is a breath of fresh air. I love all Karla stands for. She puts her energy where her mouth is in the community. I also ordered her book and Emotions cards yesterday (from Sounds True and her website, respectively.) Thanks for offering this as a digital library course so that I can see her and take notes.
By Nell Thayne - Australia
Date Added: Wednesday 1 October 2014
I have Karla's book and am working through the online course. Karla's perspective and understanding of the nature and function of emotional energy in our lives has radically and usefully informed me in MY life.
Every day I have opportunities to use this information in beneficial ways and I am starting to see more flow, steadiness and understanding of my own process in energised, humorous ways.
great tools!
I appreciate the support and structure of the online course and Karla's video and audio recordings really do offer substantial support to my work with her book. Highly recommended!!
I wish these understandings were widespread in our culture.
By Liya S
Date Added: Saturday 13 September 2014
More then I could imagine! This is rates with the best gifts I ever made to myself. Must to everyone. The only teacher I know about who truly understands the emotions and knows how to teach other to understand and connect with them. This is all about emotional consciousness.
By Vivianne
Date Added: Thursday 1 May 2014
I would have given this course 10 stars if I could. I wish this was taught in schools, at work, all over. I am not even finished with the course but had to stop to write this review because it just blew me away. I am doing this course very seriously and really starting to understand why years of therapy and of presence/consciousness based work with the best sages did not yield fruits. There were certain pieces that I really did not understand. This course is worth a lot more than its price. It is the best $49 I have ever spent. I never knew for example that grounding was a way to channel sadness and fear but that to be able to stay grounded, boundaries were important and to be able to keep boundaries, awareness of one space and anger in its healthy free flowing state had to be channelled. I never knew some when tired for example used sadness and fear to set boundaries which is not what sadness and fear are supposed to do, which for fear leads to chronic anxiety and for sadness to depression. I would this course 10 stars if I could. Trust me, do yourself a favor. It will speed your healing. Thank you Karla McLaren.
By Camille C
Date Added: Monday 14 April 2014
Karen is by far the best in my experience in explaining emotions and how to work with them. She is very gentle and very real. Had trouble with the download. I ended up having to purchase the CDs at a higher price
By Karin L
Date Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014
This is a very insightful and useful program. It has deepened my understanding of all of my emotions and the gifts they bring. The cards are spectacular! Everyone should go through this program!
By Ingrid F
Date Added: Wednesday 3 July 2013
This course is making a huge difference in my life. If you are a sensitive person with thin skin, trust me, you want to read this. Karla gives an in-depth explanation of each emotion and how to live in harmony with all of them. The material is quite detailed so it takes a bit of time to go through it, but it's worth every penny and every minute you dedicate to it.
By Beth Lenco
Date Added: Monday 15 April 2013
I have been using Karla's work for years now to assist in my emotional and energetic growth. She is the single most helpful author have ever experienced. This video course adds tremendous depth to an already outstanding body of work. Karla's down to earth approach, mind boggling knowledge, and sparkly personality takes us into places we would be afraid to go on our own. She is fearless and gives us the tools to be fearless as well. I recommend this course to everybody, and I wish everybody would take it. Thank you Karla, I would give you 10 stars if I could!
By Janice Camp
Date Added: Tuesday 8 May 2012
The online course was all that I had hoped for and more! Actively using the lessons from the course helped me begin to unravel a long-standing relationship with sadness that has held me in chains for years! I feel empowered to do something about it now! Yay, emotions rock!
By Stanley Hansen
Date Added: Sunday 19 February 2012
I wish that I would've learned emotional intellegence @ or prier to conventional schooling. It would have gave me the foundation that would have allowed me to learn, rather than feeling controlled and emotionally trying to AVOID so-called learning. I beleive because of this lack of pre-requisite emotional learning, I missed out in what tradition education hoped to teach for me. Maybe there's still time. Then I can inspire my step children and grandchildren.
Again, I'm looking forward to understanding much more of emotional insights. My review is simply based on the excellent preview that gave me hope. And that for society. sgh
By John M
Date Added: Tuesday 7 October 2014
Well done and informative. If you are looking to increase your emotional intelligence this is a very good program.
By Pamela G
Date Added: Wednesday 16 January 2013
Its my fault, but I will never listen, did not realize it was a download at purchaase. Wanted a CD. Tried to download, but didn't work, I got lost in the many paths and cancelled the whole thing.

I would have lobved to hear Ms. McLaren's work. So the one star in the confusion about thinking that I was buying a CD - ironically I called today to see why it wasn't shipped - and learned it was in a download, which did not work for me and my computer skill level. I am a therapist and have bought many of your products.

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