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Caroline Myss is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, Invisible Acts of Power, and Why People Don’t Heal and How They...

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C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, is president of Holos Institutes of Health, Inc., a nonprofit organization devoted to research, education, and clinical services in holistic health. A neurosurgeon trained at Massachusetts General Hospital after medical school at Duke University, he...

Customer Reviews for The Science of Medical Intuition Online Course

By Shirley K
Date Added: Sunday 1 June 2014
Although i haven't finished this course yet, it's wonderful, worth way more than the price I paid and every person who practices healing on their own body and spirit and others would benefit from this.
By Nancy P
Date Added: Wednesday 19 March 2014
I've just started the lessons and the content is interesting and well-organized. I love it that Caroline's voice is guiding you through the material. The simultaneous note taking option is brilliant!
By Dawn Pinke Andreson
Date Added: Tuesday 11 March 2014
How can you NOT love Carolyn Myss! And, to hear her together with Norm Shealy is just over-the-top awesome! Great course...
By Rosanne
Date Added: Tuesday 19 March 2013
I was drawn to Dr. Myss over a decade ago, when I saw and heard her give a PBS presentation. I immediately was enthralled by the matter and substance of her teaching, for I have been an intuitive searcher for many years. Schooled by Benedictine nuns for the most part and centered in a deep Catholic tradition, my spirit has always been primary and partnered with Christ at the center of my heart and worship...my life.

I had purchased her morning and evening spiritual mediatation cassettes and have used them since 1999. Little did I know or ever fathom, that a car accident would be the reason why I would find a deeper need to listen to Dr. Myss. Maddening cervicogenic headaches ensued due to a concussion and the need for relief through traveling through the chakra system became almost addictive. For almost three years I listened attentively, as I journied through physical therapy and a knee operation. These were healing sounds and a partnering with my personal spirit and that of faith.

I feel I am being moved in many of the ways Dr. Myss refers to in her presentation...detachment towards loved ones as well as a work of over three decades. Change is on the horizon, while I am feeling pain in my body as well...in a particular area. Perhaps it is a letting go of past hurt in the same area which springs from puberty and the remembrance of ovarian pain. It has been diagnosed as an imbedded cyst the doctor does not want to remove. Can I remove it through a deeper consciousness? Is there an intuition working here through the pain and a feeling of being on the precipice of change? To do what? These are my questions. Can this inquiry and testimony to Dr. Myss be forwarded to her directly for consultation?
I would appreciate a response to perhaps arrange for an intuitive reading.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am most grateful.

Date Added: Thursday 7 February 2013
This program was full of a depth rich information and a depth of knowledge shared by Carolyn Myss and Norm Shealy. I truly enjoyed the mix of teaching modes -- pdfs, audio, video, workbook etc. I spent hours of listening and viewing the material. Once is not enough and I will be returning to this material over and over again. Thanks Carolyn and Norm.
By Teresa H
Date Added: Friday 4 January 2013
This is the best home study course I have ever taken and I have invested in alot of them. I have only gotten through 4 of the 10 sessions and I have already received my ROI. This is exactly what I have been looking for and the combination of written exercises, audio and video format makes it easy to retain the extremely valuable information being given in this course. I can't say enough about how happy I am spirit guided to these course. Thank you Caroline and Norm for putting this together. Much love to you both.
By Jacqueline M
Date Added: Wednesday 5 September 2012
Ms. Myss speaks with the authority of a nun, with a ruler and rules. I don't doubt what she says is true and will listen to the lectures again and again. She teaches what interests me and does it well. The most important point she makes is that intuition resides in the sensations of the body. Pay attention to that.
By Kathy S
Date Added: Thursday 30 August 2012
This was a great course! Packed with lots of material and easy to understand! I stayed alert, awake and excited while taking this course so it was great information, never dull or boring! I would greatly recommend this!
By julie
Date Added: Saturday 14 July 2012
Caroline is truly giving you the voice of GOD! this program was mentioned to me by my angels and now I know why. I have laughed cried healed. truly life altering. energy altering. things she has said has struck me like a bolt of lightening to the core. I am there.. been there no job no car no home broke and back again.. because i'm not on my true path, yet :) she is the Dr. Phil of spirituality.
By Gloria Constantin
Date Added: Tuesday 27 March 2012
I love this course. I am so lucky to have access to this deep, rich and powerful information. Thank you, Soundstrue, and thank you Carolyn and Norm for making this information available.
By Grace Thomas-Ross
Date Added: Tuesday 28 February 2012
Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy are my two most favorite teachers.
By David Silberstein
Date Added: Friday 24 February 2012
An outstanding course Trying hard to keep up with it but highly reommended
By Gale Marshall
Date Added: Tuesday 21 February 2012
Though the title is a little misleading (s/b Medical Self-intuition), it is a course everyone who doesn't have any personal insight should take just to open up, but for those of us who have a reasonable knowledge of who we are, it's a great way to find out what is holding you back and how to go forward. If you do the work properly, it's quite challenging, but it's worth it.
There were technical problems with the first live presentation, but it was the first, so fingers crossed for the next one.
By Pat McLeod
Date Added: Monday 20 February 2012
Loving the material.
Looking forward to the live calls too.
By Elena Del Villano
Date Added: Wednesday 15 February 2012
love it!!
By joseph Liguori
Date Added: Wednesday 8 February 2012
It has been only 2 weeks. But, it has been outstanding so far! We look forward to the coming weeks!
By Lainie Jones
Date Added: Tuesday 10 January 2012
I have already purchased The Science of Medical Intution curriculum which includes: 12 compact discs,8 guided excerises and 92-page study guide.Could I pay for only the live online course itself? I am very interested in this work as I'm wanting to start doing animal assisted therapy and believe this could greatly compliment it. Thank you,Caroline Myss,Dr. Norm Shealy and Sounds True for for offering this experience!
By Yana Long
Date Added: Tuesday 3 January 2012
Very informative and effective, easy to follow. Just brilliant!
By Maureen Christopher
Date Added: Tuesday 5 October 2010
I am enjoying this course very much, especially Dr. Norm Sheely.
I am wondering why Sounds True is not offering Continuing Education Credits for this one.
By Wendy Runnells
Date Added: Monday 7 June 2010
Wow! This course is incredible..you certainly get far more than what you pay for. I am impressed with the quality of the presentation and the ease of use.
Carolyn Myss is a gem...honest, straight forward and has a sense of humor. Dr. Shealy is generous with his intellect. This is a wonderful course for everyone interested in self awareness and growth.
I will definitely participate in future courses provided by Sounds True.
By Catherine Strey
Date Added: Tuesday 9 March 2010
Caroline and Norm are the best teachers for this particular subject matter. I've studied with them together and each individually. I attended their classes when HOLOS first started. What a treat to hear them teaching this subject again.
By Jerry Black
Date Added: Friday 12 February 2010
I have listened to dozens of Carolyn Myss's audio lectures and found them extremely interesting. I am hoping to take the Medical Intuition course if my funds permit. If not, I hope they offer it again at a later date. I will definitely take it them.
By Sharon Nitka
Date Added: Friday 5 February 2010
How wonderful that you are bringing this to our home. I always want to come and see you, but did not get the chance. I am a channeler and a medical Intuitive, would like to widen my tools. So Excited. for this.
By Teresa E
Date Added: Monday 24 March 2014
I can only comment on it from a browsing standpoint. It looks exciting as a means for me to become more self aware as that will translate to others eventually. I have been listening to other CD's I bought and having to do this on the computer slowed me down. Soon, thank you.
By Sounds True to Susan S.
Date Added: Friday 8 November 2013
Hello Susan,
I have no way to reach you directly when you leave a post here, but I saw that you didn't know how to access the material. Please contact Customer Service at customerservice@soundstrue.com or 1(800)333-9185 and they will be very happy to help you out.
Kind regards,
Shannon at Sounds True
By Susan S
Date Added: Wednesday 6 November 2013
I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. I'm not sure how to access it.
By Danielle W
Date Added: Thursday 30 August 2012
The training provided through this online course was very helpful. I have already recommended this product to several of my friends.
By Rochelle Ensor
Date Added: Monday 27 February 2012
I am thoroughly enjoying the Medical Intuition Online Course. The philosophies and information provided are mind opening. For me, some of the information has been confirmation, and most has been eye opening! I can not say enough abou the content!
The only ciriticism I have is regarding the online workbook. If not for my frustration due to my work not saving, I would rate this a 5 star offer. I have spent a lot of time with my answers, only to find that the program times out, or my work simply is not saved. In some instances, the program times out even before I get to my answers, which makes no sense since the timing is only as long as the audio or video.
By Yvette Dupuis
Date Added: Friday 10 February 2012
Exceptionally well done. I am enjoying the course although for now much of it is familiar. Both N. Shealy and especially C. Myss are very interesting to listen too.
By Jenny E
Date Added: Friday 3 February 2012
I am alway grateful for Carolyn's information and her approach to energy healing - cut to the chase, no touchy feely.........
By farkhanda Shakir
Date Added: Saturday 19 June 2010
being an integrated healing therapist, i think and i feel that this course would be an added help in my profession. but as i already missed these dates, can I have the cds AND dvds for this course please. I am available on farah.shakir@gmail.com. I would really appereciate if I would listen from you in this regard.
By Kitt Lockett
Date Added: Friday 5 February 2010
Have heard about this course and would very much like to know more. I think I am somewhat doing this in my profession. I am an LMT/Polarity energy practitioner with empathic gifts. I will feel the client symptoms in my body and with my anatomy/physiology background can usually pinpoint where problems are.
By geraldine millar
Date Added: Saturday 23 January 2010
woould love to do the course
Date Added: Tuesday 15 October 2013
The content of the course far surpasses what I expected. It's laid out well and easy to understand. Definitely worth the money.
However, the glitches on the website are extremely frustrating. Losing my answers, at least three times because it either timed me out or froze was almost enough to make me walk away entirely. You should fix the "timed out" part because if people are watching a video, they aren't concerned with their log in. Too much time wasted worrying whether or not it's saving my answers. Takes away from the course itself.
The material is worth 5 stars; the IT part is worth 2. Please fix this problem for future customers.
By Judith Stringer
Date Added: Sunday 1 April 2012
I had many problems with getting input at the site to record properly, spent many hours that were lost due to this problem.

I have yet to go back to try to redo it all. I don't know if you have rectified these problems, but I sent you email about them weeks ago. Please let me know.

Very discouraging.

Thank you,
Judith Stringer
By Judith Stringer
Date Added: Saturday 21 April 2012
This was a wonderful course and I learned allot.

However, please tell me if you have fixed the technical problems associated with the notes/workbook sections. I wasted several hours of work that was not recorded and want to go back to re do but not until I know it is working correctly.

There were many technical glitches in the live interviews. The last one stopped, I waited for it to come back on, it didn't so finally after 10 mins I manually started and it was playing.

So, my technical score would be a 2. My score for the course a 5.
By Gregg
Date Added: Wednesday 28 July 2010

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