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Silvia Nakkach

An internationally known pioneer in the field of sound and transformation of consciousness, Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT, has cultivated a voice that transports listeners into the heart of devotion. Her vocal work ranges from traditional chants to contemporary vocal improvisations....

Valerie Carpenter

Valerie Carpenter is the founding director of The Vestibule Center for Sound Healing and cofounder of the Bay Area Sound Healing Alliance. She is a Sound Healing practitioner with certifications from the California Institute of Integral Studies, the Kairos Institute of Sound...

Customer Reviews for Free Your Voice

By Ken
Date Added: Monday 25 August 2014
I'm loving the book but can't find the accompanying digital recordings. Am frustrated.
By Ashlynn Manning
Date Added: Wednesday 25 September 2013
First I have to say THANK YOU to Silvia Nakkach!
This book has been transforming my life for the last two months. Tonight, in fact, the guidance of specific exercises and accompanying recordings helped me use vocalization to come through a moment of physical discomfort and emotional unrest. It is such beautiful work, presented in such an accessible fashion, and I have been opened and grounded by it in a huge way.
By Aya Dunin
Date Added: Tuesday 5 March 2013
Amazing book and forever in my toolbox.
By Steven B
Date Added: Saturday 26 January 2013
Many thanks to Silvia for this exceptionally well-articulated book, bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science in a unified approach to Sound Healing.

As a professional musician and teacher, I have found that Free Your Voice provides both a wealth of new info and a fresh perspective on the fundamentals (rhythm, melody, harmony, etc.)--there are many great points of entry here for beginning musicians. I find myself returning to the book again and again to recall juicy bits of info, such as the list of ten principal Rasas (moods or flavors) found in Indian classical music.

The accompanying recordings provide a fun and easy way to learn and begin practicing the sound exercises laid out in the text. Each track is like an ocean of sound you can immerse yourself in and explore.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, especially those interested in promoting wellness through sound and music. The possibilities are infinite!
By Marilyn S
Date Added: Tuesday 1 January 2013
I am using and enjoying the book and the tapes that I could download. The cd's are really necessary to make use of the information in the book.

My voice has been held back for so many years that it will take some time to work through all the exercises and get all the cracking and emotional residue released.
By Jim Cartwright
Date Added: Monday 19 November 2012
I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time and it feels like “the bible” has finally been released!!! I’ve returned to work with Silvia many times over the years and am certain that this is the most compact, clear teaching about the use of the voice and singing as a spiritual practice available anywhere. Silvia clearly defines all the elements of the practices she teaches (e.g. nada yoga, shaba yoga, vocal meditation, medicine melodies etc.) The accompanying CD download allows you to actually do many of the practices and is an essential part of the book. Silvia’s teachings are genuine, neither dry/academic nor overly new age. This book not only guides you into her methods, but she openly acknowledges different teachers and artists she has worked with and learned from over the years (e.g. Ali Akbar Khan, Pauline Oliveros, John Beaulieu etc.), so serves as a gateway to their teachings for those who want to explore them further. Silvia is a treasure seeker who always finds the jewels. Her recommendations for music for contemplative listening and films to see are a lovely addition. I give this book my highest recommendation possible!!!!!
By Heather Waters
Date Added: Sunday 21 October 2012
I highly recommend this book.

To above reviewers re CD. There is no CD, to download the music go to:

After it downloads extract it to Windows Media Player or whatever program you have on your computer to play music
By Jenelle Campion
Date Added: Wednesday 17 October 2012
I am so enjoying reading this book. As a student of Silvia's I know what a treasure her work is to this world and it is a blessing to have her wisdom written down.

Being able to sit and read her reflections and tested knowledge about how to use the voice to create inner change is a joy for me. Thank you Silvia.

By Cat Guthrie RYT, PRYT
Date Added: Thursday 23 August 2012
I love this book! I am having a hard time putting it down. Free Your Voice is an amazing wealth of information and compilation of all that Silvia teaches in her workshops. It is incredibly well written, an easy read, and fascinating in its detail. I am so grateful Silvia undertook this venture to allow us to have this power house information in our hands all year long.
By Lyndal G
Date Added: Sunday 19 August 2012
Am happy with the products , however packaging on books need to be padded up a bit as the edges of books can damage when in a huge box without packing. Also just one bit of sticky tape over it , very flimsy packing.
Have ordered and paid for the 3 discs of Silvia's
Medicine Melodies however they were not in the box.

By Sounds True
Date Added: Thursday 28 August 2014
Sorry to hear that some people have been experience difficulties with being able to locate the sound exercises that go along with this material.

For those of you without a CD, there are free downloads available online - http://www.soundstrue.com/freeyourvoice/
By Ginette Q
Date Added: Monday 8 October 2012
The book that I purchased referred to a CD with sound exercises that I have been trying to find on your website but I have not been able to locate it anywhere. Can you tell me if the CD exists and is available? This book keeps referring to the CD which is not of big help if we cannot access the CD. It would be better to sell the book with the CD even if it means that it is a little more money. My rating could change if I had the CD but this is now incomplete.
Thank you

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