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Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, is Canadian Board Certified in family practice. She has a private integrative and energy medicine practice in Tucson, Arizona, where she offers consultations,...

Customer Reviews for Energy Healing

By Mary M
Date Added: Monday 16 June 2014
This program changed my life, changed my health and opened my world to the power of personal energy. The directions are so clear, the accompanying music so assistive in the process of moving energy.
By Julie Kuck
Date Added: Wednesday 30 May 2012
Exceptional course with clear, explanations and practices that are enjoyable. Individuals interested in developing energy awareness will enjoy this activity. Can be applied in individual, clinical, and group settings as an integrative healing technique. Would highly recommend.
By Linda Anne Hedquist
Date Added: Friday 2 December 2011
Nicely produced. This stuff really does work!
By Gena
Date Added: Sunday 21 August 2011
This is really an outstanding course. It covers a lot of material, so you need to spend time assimilating and learning it all, but it is so very thorough and interesting. I highly recommend it as a means of preventitive medicine and of raising your awareness of and understanding of energy. It is well-organized and really a joy to learn. My heartfelt thanks to Ann Marie. It feels like she is giving you a personal session.
By Lelia Calder
Date Added: Tuesday 12 April 2011
Excellent course: well organized, well presented, very interesting material. I also enjoyed the live sessions. Since there was so little time, and Dr. Chiasson was the one we wanted to hear from, it would perhaps have been better if the moderator had acted only as a good interviewer would - just organizing and asking the questions with little or no comment.
By Elaine Orgill
Date Added: Wednesday 6 April 2011
Awesome online course!
I feel I've gained some
knowledge about energy
healing. I have also helped
a health issue.
By Louise MacFarlane
Date Added: Sunday 3 April 2011
Thoroughly enjoying the course... There is a large amount of information that I am taking my time learning and benefiting from each practice... The presentation of the course is very good... I am very happy to have considered this course, it has had its immediate benefits, especially at this moment in my life and can only have further positive impacts, with regualr practice, on my health and lifestyle... many, many thanks..
By Judy G
Date Added: Monday 25 February 2013
I looked forward to this course, but as yet it hasn't been delivered in its entirety. The video portions of the course don't play. I have heard from your tech pros that they're working on it. I hope the issue is resolved soon.

Thank you.
By Theresa S
Date Added: Wednesday 12 September 2012
Overall, I was pleased with this. However, my computer would not allow me to download the material, so I can only access it by going to my SoundsTrue accounts page. I would make sure my pc allowed a download before purchasing this or any other materials--I wish I had the material on a DVD instead.

Having said all that, I feel the exercises are a bit much for someone to do each day, especially someone who has a chronic health condition. I've done the easier exercises and do like them. Dr. Chiasson is a good, clear teacher with a warm, quiet manner. Most of the material was not new to me, but it was presented differently and enjoyably.

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