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Born into a family of career officers, David Morehouse for nearly 20 years steadied himself on an unwavering track of becoming a general in the United States Army. Then, in 1987, a machine gun bullet hit him and, by all accounts, should have killed him instantly. Instead, this...

Customer Reviews for The Remote Viewing Online Training Course

Date Added: Wednesday 22 October 2014
Morehouse entreats the reader again and again to assume the role of observer, as opposed to the role of evaluator, while undertaking practice of the CRV protocol. Such operational mindfulness--perception dissociated from value judgments and emotions--is an excellent habit to develop in your daily life, as it will ultimately help you to lead yourself into equanimity. Equanimity will never occur so long as you accept the dualistic premise of Self and Other as ultimately true, however, and this program will not in and of itself facilitate one's realization of Nirvana. It may, however, help you to lead yourself further astray, if you are not careful. (I say "further astray" because I do not believe there is any danger of an arahant or Buddha purchasing this or any other Sounds True program.) For this reason, you do in fact need to check your motivations and critically reflect upon your experiences between sessions. Doing this during the sessions themselves will, just as Morehouse caveats, only get in the way of the observation exercise, but do bear in mind that real wisdom can only be developed through critical reflection on the nature of mind. This includes how relationships between information and feelings have been arranged to create your own shifting mundane beliefs and motivations. The allure of this program for many people may be that it seems to promise to make them special or to deliver them into stimulating magical experiences. The real prospective beneficiary in such cases is, of course, the thirsting ego looking for something to feed on. If you are interested in being a good person for the sake of being a good person, you will probably get bored with CRV before you even get to the protocol itself. This is because you will see that CRV is predominantly mystical sideshow: the kind of power typically demonstrated by corrupt gurus to charm students out of their earnings and/or pants. I am not saying that Morehouse is such a person--only that CRV on its lonesome is inherently a kind of false, craving-related spiritual goal. Despite this, I would still highly recommend the program to both practicing Buddhists and to those who would like to develop wondrous magical powers. For Buddhists, consider this to be an invaluable tool, similar to a leaf blower outside your window while you are meditating, or Tantra. This is also a good introductory program for someone who is interested in the metaphysical but who has not yet resolved to take any particular spiritual path that has actual enlightenment as its stated goal. CRV will surely help you to think through things: Morehouse's book is well-written and he comes across as a very nice man. Five stars.
By Linda R
Date Added: Saturday 8 September 2012
Very fun, good material. All three practice sessions should have included photos, though. Two only had verbal descriptions. Remote viewing gives us special tools and helps us identify those areas in which we are strongest and those areas in which our imaginations tend to jump in and color things. I had taken the free 20 lesson course of Courtney Brown several years ago and I like to play with targets on Lyn Buchanan's site, so I thought I take a formal course to fill in any basic gaps.

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