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Ani Pema Chödrön was born Deirdre Blomfield-Brown in 1936, in New York City. She attended Miss Porter's School in Connecticut and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. She taught as an elementary school teacher for many years in both New Mexico and...

Customer Reviews for Coming Closer to Ourselves

By fredrica w
Date Added: Friday 10 October 2014
A wonderful series of talks, very thought-provoking. She encourages me - to persevere in my meditation practice and to better understand aspects of the dharma through her excellent teaching.
By Sonja L
Date Added: Saturday 5 July 2014
As usual Pema Chodron presents complicated inner work in a clear and interesting way. She dispels fears of being "wrong" or even "right" for that matter bringing us back to the teachings that we can practice everyday.
By Paul S
Date Added: Friday 17 January 2014
Awesome, as usual. I expect excellence every time, and I'm never disappointed.
By Julia D
Date Added: Monday 13 January 2014
really enjoyed Pemma Chodron is exceptioal in her ability to relay content.
By Chris Gill-Lindsey
Date Added: Sunday 12 January 2014
Pema Chodron is so down to earth, friendly, funny and full of wisdom. In this program, like many of her others, she is so relatable as she talks about meditation. Pema confirms for me the way we actually experience meditation rather than the way we "think" we should experience it. In this CD, and her others, I pick up new tools or ways of thinking about so many things!
By Diane D
Date Added: Sunday 12 January 2014
Love it. I have many of Pemas books on tape/downloads.
Some are similar in the teachings but always full of more useful teachings, besides the fact that when you listen to them there is always a new level or things you missed.
Coming closer to Ourselves is different and very helpful teaching for me.
By candi B
Date Added: Thursday 9 January 2014
I love Pema Chodran, but this jewel remains unopened just for now. I know that I will treasure it. I love how down to Earth Pema chodran is and her honest and practical views inter-laced with shining sacred timeless values.
Thank you. Wishing All Many Blessings
candi B in New Mexico
By Jeanne M
Date Added: Thursday 9 January 2014
Pema is great she presents sometimes illusive concepts with humor and clarity, but the 3rd CD is not playing properly!
By susan R
Date Added: Tuesday 7 January 2014
excellent. Am giving this to a friend who I know will find it of great value.
By susan R
Date Added: Tuesday 7 January 2014
Excellent. Pema Chodron is a remarkable teacher.
By Rita Z
Date Added: Monday 6 January 2014
What can you say about Pema? Amazing words of
wisdom in this time of change. Always worth more than the value of the CD
By Kendall R
Date Added: Wednesday 25 December 2013
Like others of hers... This is a winner!
By Matthew
Date Added: Thursday 19 December 2013
I love Pema, this audio is a jewel.
By Janet T
Date Added: Saturday 16 November 2013
Excellent as always...
By Marjolein D
Date Added: Thursday 13 December 2012
Pema is so real
Inspiring funny and deep
By Mary A. J
Date Added: Wednesday 7 November 2012
Very helpful set of tapes for being real.
By Lmansur
Date Added: Thursday 1 November 2012
I loved this program because, even though one of her latest, it brings in basics and believe me, we need to come back to basics all the time. That is how we get our grounding. Also, the way she brings us to basics is unique in the way she presents it this time. I suspect the basic for Pema grows, transforms and holographs as she herself transforms through her inner work.
Any work for Pema is 100% endorsed by me because it is easy to understand and the more your listen to it, the deeper in sinks in because of its depth. I recommend that you listen to any of her CD's over and over and go back when you miss something until you feel you absorbed the whole thing. Then one feels complete and happy! :)
By Joan C
Date Added: Monday 22 October 2012
Pema does it again!
By Nutan Joy
Date Added: Wednesday 17 October 2012
As always, Ani Pema teaches with clarity, humour & compassion in this beautiful CD. I found the teaching on The Heart Sutra to be especially inspiring.
By abigail r
Date Added: Monday 17 September 2012
always inspiring and of great comfort
By Grant T
Date Added: Tuesday 15 January 2013
I have only heard a little of this program. However, for spiritual enthusiasts everwhere I feel that you cannot go wrong with Pema Chodron. She is simply amazing.
By Leiah O
Date Added: Thursday 26 December 2013
I was really expecting this to be a formal narrative course from the speaker but it was a low grade recording of a retreat that she did. Very disappointed.
It should have said if it was a recorded retreat or not on the diiscription.
By Joe B
Date Added: Wednesday 25 December 2013
The download from you didn't download, Notified you and I was refunded.

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