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Richard Bartlett

Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., holds a doctorate in chiropractic and a degree in naturopathy from Bastyr University. After discovering his own extraordinary healing capabilities, Bartlett created Matrix Energetics as a system for helping others access their untapped potential....

Customer Reviews for The Matrix Energetics Experience

By Donald c
Date Added: Saturday 30 August 2014
Richard and Melissa are Amazing, funny!, and totally Deliver! Awesome course! 5 stars! I bought Richards two books, his audio Into the Matrix and this one. I bought Melissa's M-Joy book and loved everything I have, totally worth it! One wish!, As I (Along with many others I'm sure) cannot afford to go to and stay at an actual event, I can save and get these. I know richard offers multible advanced courses, anyway you can please package those for sale like these?
By Teresa P
Date Added: Wednesday 23 April 2014
Everything I expected and more!
By linda d
Date Added: Monday 21 October 2013
Love it as much as I thought I would. Suggestion: Bartlett's demonstrations would have more credibility if it also showed one of his students performing it successfully.

Linda d
By mark k
Date Added: Sunday 11 August 2013
By Vanessa L
Date Added: Sunday 14 July 2013
Brilliant! : )
By Christina S
Date Added: Saturday 30 March 2013
Most unbelievable uplifting and inspiring cds you could ever possibly imagine!
By Carmen D
Date Added: Friday 1 February 2013
I just love it , i am reading it for the second time and still learning Wonderful!!
By Sally Laing
Date Added: Monday 3 December 2012
Dr Richard Bartlett is brilliant! I am thrilled that I was able to purchase his material. This is by far the best system I have found to date that allows practical application of energy principles.
By Tim Wilson
Date Added: Monday 9 July 2012
Very captivating and unusual synchronicities have been occuring while I proceed through the program. Highly recommend.
By Linda Boulter
Date Added: Wednesday 4 July 2012
This is fantastic. I thought shifting consciousness was serious business, until I listened to Richard Bartlett's quirky presentation. He invites the listener to suspend belief or disbelief and get comfortable with "I don't know" and grace. Naturally, we all feel that the more we know the better, more happy, more successful we'll be. For a while now, I've realized that the more I think I know I now know the less I know, for sure. The Matrix Energetics Experiences presented itself exactly the right time in my consciousness. Thanks to Tami's interview with Richard which I listened to twice, in the middle of the night, I didn't hesitate to purchase this kit. I am so grateful. What a small price to pay for such an incredible awakening. Still, I don't know. ROTFLMAO
By Beth Brock
Date Added: Tuesday 26 June 2012
My revies yesterday was before I knew the dvd had cds to go along with the package. the dvd aone was useless but now that I have listened 2 of the cd's I have completely changed my negative attitude to 100% positve towrds the material.
By Al
Date Added: Saturday 7 April 2012
Awesome!!!! would highly recommend the Matrix Energetics Experience
By Mireille Obergfell
Date Added: Wednesday 4 April 2012
Hello, I'm very happy with all the material but I have a great problem : How can I do to improve my feeling? I've some little result with the 2 points, on a pain for exemple but I do not feel the link between the 2 points. Thank you for your help.
By mary embry
Date Added: Monday 12 March 2012
Absolutely life changing!
Richard Bartlett is a living treasure.
Date Added: Wednesday 29 February 2012
very satisfied
By martin muntz
Date Added: Tuesday 28 February 2012
I enjoyed the talks very much.The key to life is to go beyond the technical aspects of a paticular path were we meet at the point of grace where life happens.
By martin muntz
Date Added: Tuesday 28 February 2012
I enjoyed the talks given .The main thing is to go beyond technick or a particular system a meet lifes answers at that point of grace where life happens
By Ed (Yana) Murphy
Date Added: Monday 6 February 2012
Before ordering this I read several one and two star reviews and wondered if I should go ahead with the order. Thankfully, I did order it and want to say that this high quality and handsomely packaged set is well worth the money!

The DVD is like having Richard Bartlett in your living room explaining some of the core concepts of Matrix Energetics. Those interviews are interspersed with live scenes from a ME seminar where he is demonstrating the different methods taught at the seminar.

The cards are a nice size to carry around and review and they're beautifully colored. The workbook has info in it that I've not seen or heard before. I'm happy I made the purchase!
By Christina Brugman
Date Added: Sunday 15 January 2012
Having attended Dr Bartlett's Level 1 and 2 workshops, I wanted to find a way to keep the technology he presents fresh in my mind and to deepen my understanding of Matrix Energetics. I have much enjoyed the DVD and CD's and plan to listen to them often. I just started on the workbook, and hope it will take me deeper.
By Penny Berman
Date Added: Tuesday 10 January 2012
So much fun to listen to, and easy to get if you can leave your mind behind, which you will if you play with these wonderful moments and be in the experience. A joy to own. And by gosh, it works.
By Lauree White
Date Added: Monday 25 July 2011
Thank you -- I am very happy with this purchase, and am enjoying RIchard's presentation. It brings back very vivid memories of my own experiences at his seminar.
By Kim McVicker
Date Added: Sunday 10 July 2011
Listening to Richard is fun and challenging. If you're ready to be "techniqueless" you'll love this program!
By Shirley T Carpenter
Date Added: Thursday 26 May 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed these and learned a lot from them. Thank you.
By Leslie
Date Added: Sunday 27 March 2011
In 2006 I flew across the country to a M.E. seminar - - near the end of the first day I was upset and kicking myself for taking the time and expense to attend. So I can understand why some have given this program such a low and disappointed rating. Try feeling that way when you've spent $2000 vs. $67.00!!!

HOWEVER, as I look back on it now, that introduction to Richard's materials was the most precious and sacred turning point of my life. I have had the pleasure of studying matrix energetics and do agree that the author's methods can be very furstrating for certain (most) "brain types". I am so grateful the initial confusion and irritation did not hinder the material from penerating my ignorance.

The study of matrix energetics (especially the seminar experiences) has undoubtly been the most enjoyable, entertaining, transformative, mysterious and healing encounter I ever could have wished for.

Thank you Richard and staff!
With love, Leslie

By linda dickson
Date Added: Monday 14 March 2011
By Pat Gurnick, CLC
Date Added: Friday 17 December 2010
Shapeshifting with Matrix Energetics has turned my life around.

Unbeknownst to me, I had signed up for a workshop that would transform my soul from seeker of truth to realizing my life as I knew it was an illusion. I had walked into a shamanic process of ‘awakening’, though the guise of laughter and fun at a Matrix Energetic’s seminar (www.matrixenergetics.com). Who knew this would catapult me into a new dimension of reality? I had opened the door to my inner “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!” Here is where my story begins.

To give you a bit of background, I have been practicing in the field of Psychology for over 30 years. I worked in the hospital system, as well as private practice. As a psychotherapist, my life was structured and often predictable. I had specific goals, and moved forward never losing sight of my vision for my future. However, Summer 2007, I was conversing with a colleague who suggested I sign-up for the upcoming Matrix Workshop in Denver, Colorado. She was a Chiropractor who left her traditional practice to become a Matrix Energetics Practitioner. I was curious, and a bit suspicious of her claims. I was a rational, skeptical practitioner, believing if I can’t see it than it did not exist! I was totally in for the surprise of my life. I attended my first workshop and it was fantastic! I ‘levitated’ a participant, to my amazement. I was innocently following directions, enjoying the exercises we were given. I took a woman aside to work on her, using my imagination to see her becoming lighter and lighter, with emotion and play.
I pretended to tie colorful balloons to her shoulders as I ‘Two Pointed’ her. She lifted a few inches off the ground ~ it was like I was in a trance and so was she. I knew than there was something Magical about Matrix Energetics, and it was the REAL DEAL!
To learn more read “Trances People Live - Healing approaches in Quantum Psychology” by Stephen Wolinsky, Ph.D.

What is a ‘Two Point’ you ask? Ah, that you will have to read in Richard Bartlett’s book, “The Physics of Miracles”. No, science is not my forte, so I wisely guide you back to Matrix Energetics literature. You are wondering what direction I am leading you – farther than you can imagine. That much I can say…Quantum Physics meets Micky Mouse…

When I arrived home after attending my first workshop, I knew I wanted to become a Matrix Energetics Practitioner, and use this as an important tool in my business. I bought the "The Matrix Energetics Experience" set from Sounds True, and I was so pleased with the product. I highly recommend this for those who have not taken Matrix or who have gone on to have fun at the workshops! I use Matrix by phone, Skype, or inperson, with clients. My website is www.caringcounselor.com for those of you who might be interested in experiencing a session. Come PLAY in the MATRIX with me, and have the experience of your life!
Date Added: Tuesday 31 August 2010
After attending Matrix Energetics Levels 1 & 2 I wanted to continue the experience and learn more, so I bought the ME set from Sounds True. I have listened to it over and over; each time I hear something new / different that speaks to me. I LOVE the #6 CD on frequencies. The DVD of seminar clips was a great way to show & explain the ME experience to my husband. A huge amount of knowledge is encapsulated in this set.
By Kimberly Burnham, PhD
Date Added: Thursday 29 April 2010
Awesome DVD and audio. I love the frequency cards. Almost shows how much mind blowing fun happens in the Matrix Energetics class. I am headed to the San Diego class for my 3rd repetition in August.
By What a wonderful discovery
Date Added: Monday 11 January 2010
I'm new to ME, but I am very excited about the possibilities. Got this set and have watched the DVD and listened to the CDs multiple times. This product is so dense with information, it takes me that much listening to "get it". I am so impressed with the fundamental honesty of the man, and his lack of what I call the "Baghwan Shree Rajnees syndrome" that I have signed up for a seminar or two. In the mean time, I expect to do all the exercises to attempt to connect up with that field of limitless possibilities. Highly recommend for the seeker of truth as a real method for development.
By Scott S.
Date Added: Wednesday 18 November 2009
You gotta love it!
By Charles Franz
Date Added: Monday 11 May 2009
This product is absolutely wonderful!

Entertaining, inspiring and deeply challenging, The Matrix Energetics Experience is here to turn your world upside down - and make you laugh about it.
Dr. Bartlett takes you on a journey in quantum physics, consciousness exploration and transformative fun and teaches you a tool for transformation that is easy to use(if you believe it to be easy) and adapt in any area of life. This is not about "healing" or "curing" things. It goes far, far beyond that.

/Charles from Sweden
By Tori Adair
Date Added: Thursday 26 March 2009
I just took a Matrix Energetics Seminar last week with Dr. Bartlett and it was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I have ordered the new Kit from Sounds True and cannot wait to get it. I know it will put enhance my practice/work as I go forward in the field of unlimited possibilities. Thank you for offering it. Because I've been there, I know this is going to be to-notch!
By Harlene Michaels
Date Added: Thursday 12 July 2012
What a wild ride! Greatly enjoyed this--I'm also an avid listener to Abraham-Hicks and just listened to Byron Katie's 1000 Names for Joy, which both reinforced the A-H vision of reality for me. It's such a different idea that the world and all in it are good and that the purpose of our lives are to seek joy that I need all the reinforcement I can get. I really enjoy hearing the message from many different sources, as each voice fleshes it out more fully for me. That I only gave this four stars is probably more about me than about the program---I don't think I can do this yet!
By Dan Lofing
Date Added: Friday 29 June 2012
Bartlett is legitimate, but it takes a while to "get" what he is talking about, and that is why I didn't give it five stars. I would recommend that anyone using "The Matrix Energetics Experience" also listen to his interview with Tami Simon. Bartlett's answers to her questions helped me a great deal and made the course more useful. Simon also seems to struggle a bit with Bartlett's concepts. Most importantly, one must be willing to work with the course materials, not just be a passive listener.
By Colleen Orr
Date Added: Sunday 29 April 2012
Interesting shifts of conciopsness revealed. Well put together. DVD could have been filmed better
By Nadine
Date Added: Sunday 23 October 2011
Really resonated with alot of what was said, can't wait to see how the exercises go.
Thoroughly enjoyed it
Date Added: Thursday 2 June 2011
I haven't really got into it yet but it sounds very interesting.
By Angela P
Date Added: Sunday 31 August 2014
Quite interesting but its more like a big infomercial than actually learning about Matrix Energetics - lots of stuff in the workbook and cards but even when you put your head down and study hard - lots of gaps and questions - I felt that I knew enough at the end of it to know that I probably wouldn't really be able to use any of it until I did a course - and they are few and far between in England - if I knew then what I know now I'd have saved my money and put it in a piggy bank towards a proper course - this is interesting but won't really move you on
By Beatrice
Date Added: Thursday 31 March 2011
I have ordered Matrix Energetics hoping to learn technique and use it in my daily life, but there is much philosophy and little practice (almost no instructions) how to do it, so I am not so happy with it.
By Dr. Richie
Date Added: Sunday 27 February 2011
I reviewed the info with the hope that I would find a continuation of the informative works of "What the Bleep do I know" or Dr. Bruce Lipton's Concepts in waves Resonance and Disonance. Well this is a different world and way. Unfortunately I have the "feeling" these guys do not really know what is going on here. I just hear too much confusion and self adoration of a guy whose thinks he is somewhere between Osho and Einstein. I think that the person this appeals to tends to try every fad and they all work for a short time. This is another false Prophet making millions on the sheep in human skin.
Save your money and take the family out bowling, the money will be better spent
By rhonda t
Date Added: Sunday 2 September 2012
I found this product did not meet my expectations by a long shot. His 6 hour audio was mostly full of bad jokes and very little substance, It could of been concised to about 15 mins of worthwhile info.. He also bagged other healing modalities which I found very unprofessional and at the end of his audio he virtually saids I was so poor and thanks for buying this product and giving me some money. The whole package was very ordinary and I asked for a refund. Certainly not up to Sounds True quality as far as I was concern. It felt like a con... Sounds True standard is usually a lot more authentic than this guy.
By rhonda t
Date Added: Sunday 2 September 2012
I found this product did not meet my expectations by a long shot. His 6 hour audio was mostly full of bad jokes and very little substance, It could of been concised to about 15 mins of worthwhile info.. He also bagged other healing modalities which I found very unprofessional and at the end of his audio he virtually saids I was so poor and thanks for buying this product and giving me some money. The whole package was very ordinary and I asked for a refund. Certainly not up to Sounds True quality as far as I was concern. It felt like a con... Sounds True standard is usually a lot more authentic than this guy.
By Alanna Berger
Date Added: Friday 13 July 2012
More than a little disappointed in the package. I was hoping for some concrete instruction and did not find anything I could use. The DVD seemed to be just a bunch of people falling over, and there seemed to be a lot of rambling on the CD's. The energy cards and instructions seemed really silly - act "as if" it works until it does. To find two spaces, one with energy blocked and one without, and then "let go" just doesn't make sense to me.
By Richard Killion
Date Added: Wednesday 27 June 2012
I spoke with a customer service rep about this product last week and am sending it back for a refund. By far the worst thing I've ever bought from Sounds True. The guy just rambles on and on about nothing...
By Beth Brock
Date Added: Saturday 23 June 2012
What a waste of money. I have purchased many products over the years and have loved the empowering information, but this was empty.
By Louise - Canada
Date Added: Wednesday 28 December 2011
I just wish that SoundsTrue would take this program off their shelf. I listened and listened to the CDs but could not understand his message. He constantly was laughing and joking and there is a lot of back ground noise. Too expensive for nothing. We are being had. As for the people that really enjoyed it, I wish that they would explain exactly what is the listener suppose to get out of it. Even his appearance looks out dated. I think that these CDs are a remake of a seminar from the 70's. I am a frequent customer of SoundsTrue; however, this purchase was the only one that I have rated so poorly. What a shame.
By Barbara Colby
Date Added: Friday 12 August 2011
I am very disappointed in this one...I wish I didn't buy it...I would really like my money back!
By Agnes Brennan
Date Added: Sunday 29 May 2011
This product was a big disappointment. Other than the workbook I found the CD's and DVD a waste of time. While the presenter makes some good points it's done with such an overdose of what to me is "buffoonery". It was not worth my time and more importantly a waste of my hard earned money.
By Anthony Anders
Date Added: Wednesday 25 May 2011
Sadly this to me was a waste of money. I have never written a review before, but the material was vague at best and the CD's were a recorded seminar. The speaker/author spoke in circles and mentioned over and over and over about his accumulating "two degress" which came ad nauseum. I understand completely the premise of what he was trying to say, it just lacked substance, had no training (and yes I understand you "cannot teach this"), but since the speaking was awkward, I did not even really gain much in entertainment or inspirational value. I like Sounds True products, just wish I would have purchased another item. Others may enjoy this, however it was not at all what I was hoping for.
By Beatrice
Date Added: Thursday 31 March 2011
The author talks mostly about himself and how good he is ....
By Sally
Date Added: Tuesday 7 December 2010
Absolutely terrible - Do not buy. Buyer beware.
By Angus
Date Added: Saturday 9 October 2010
Wow, is this a disappointment! I'm through the 2nd audio disk and Bartlett has yet to say anything. It's all excessively clever (and not very funny) jokes and inconsistent messages wherein he compares himself with Jesus and Einstein, all the while telling you that you shouldn't believe in physics or the Bible. He talks a mildly good game about giving over to trust in the universe, but every time he tells you not to trust something specific, he backs it up with references to that very same thing he's told you not to trust. It's annoying, irritating, uninformative and comes across as a cheap brand of Tony Robbins huxterism.

I have valued every other purchase I've made from sounds true, but this one really bums me out. It really was a waste of money, even at a 33% discount.
By Mona
Date Added: Wednesday 15 September 2010
Very disappointing. Felt like the book was really to sell his seminars. Not enough information on really how to do the healings.

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