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Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman has studied and lived for nearly nine years in India and Asia, and is an avid student of both Western and Eastern philosophy, as well as Sanskrit. He incorporates various traditions into the Ashtanga Yoga practice taught by his principal teacher, K. Pattabhi...

Customer Reviews for Pranayama

By David F
Date Added: Tuesday 11 September 2012
thank you very much for featuring such a substantial authority as mr. freeman. it speaks well of your organization.

By Marissa Hiltermann
Date Added: Wednesday 25 April 2012
A fantastic pranayama course. I love Richards teachings and I am thankful for the opportunity to take part in such a course online.
Sounds True offers an easy access and is very customer friendly.
By Eva
Date Added: Monday 9 April 2012
Thank you Richard for your wonderful and important work.very helpful course !
By Anders Törngren
Date Added: Monday 27 February 2012
Excellent course
By Joan Bliefernicht
Date Added: Saturday 18 February 2012
The first session was amazing. Richard is brilliant and Soundstrue does an amazing job.
By Bonnie Evoy
Date Added: Thursday 16 February 2012
Ok forget that last comment please, I was able to use another computer and get the recording, thanks, very well done and interesting, looking forward to more, wish the classes were not so spaced out, but then maybe I need more time to BREATH!
By Thomas Sidebottom
Date Added: Tuesday 28 February 2012
This course is meeting my expectations.

I like a fairly well-structured course with a defined syllabus and written materials for study. So far this course hasn't provided that. But the first live lecture was absolutely superb, illustrating techniques in a way that makes them immediately accessible for my novice level.

The monthly lectures are too infrequent to maintain continuity for me. I'd much prefer to have weekly written materials and bi-weekly lectures.

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