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Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist, Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, and New York Times best-selling author. His books include Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence (in 14 languages),...

Customer Reviews for The Compassionate Brain

By Alby Q
Date Added: Sunday 6 October 2013
Very stimulating. Excellent interviewees and excellent interviewer!
By Rochelle
Date Added: Friday 12 July 2013
So beautiful, so inspiring and informative. Thank you Rick, Thank you Sounds True.
By Karin Wandrei, Phd, LCSW
Date Added: Saturday 9 March 2013
This is a fantastic course! Rick is an excellent interviewer and his interviewees are truly experts in their areas. While the visual and sound quality was not ideal because it was a webinar, it was still worth doing and has impacted on me already both professionally and personally. Thank you for making this wonderful gift freely available!
By paulette m
Date Added: Tuesday 5 February 2013
Principles and concepts illuminating and helpful both in private life and professional practice.
By sand c
Date Added: Tuesday 5 February 2013
Excellent. Stars in the field. Very enjoyable and economical to boot. Please offer more in these areas.
Five star!
By Norman P
Date Added: Tuesday 15 January 2013
Wonderful course, practical, stimulating, leading on...
Continuing education post test was loaded with factoids and not the important points of the contributors. Suggest you find another institution to grand CEUs
By gina
Date Added: Sunday 6 January 2013
The exploration into the compassionate brain led by Rick Hanson was powerfully felt. The recordings have allowed me to continue listening so I can digest every morsel from each session. I have benefited from the application personally and professionally.
By M. Cay Welsh, PhD
Date Added: Wednesday 26 December 2012
I am very grateful for having the opportunity to receive this valuable information. The participants are the tops in their field and the format was informal, yet informative. The interviews prompted me to go back and reread the books of the presenters with whom I was already familiar. It also spurred me to read the research of the presenters whose work I had not read previously. I appreciate the balance of published scientific research and applied clinical strategies.

To Rick Hanson and the Sounds True personnel, thank you for your good work.
By Will B
Date Added: Wednesday 26 December 2012
I am 80 years old and wish I would have had this brain information when younger in my practise.
By Judy G
Date Added: Thursday 6 December 2012
The series was/is invaluable to me. Each speaker offered such insight into compassion and its practice. The CE units were affordable, and I enthused about the course to friends without reservation of any kind.

A highlight for me was Rick Hanson's PRACTICE of compassion near the middle of the series when he experienced challenge and exercised self-compassion and compassionate speech in what I perceived as "incoming" situational stress. Thanks, Sounds True and thanks Rick Hanson for such good stuff shared generously.
By Amber
Date Added: Monday 3 December 2012
Thank you so much! This has been so great to listen to. I looked forward to listening to this each day and it was enlightening. I know myself better know.
By TZiPi R
Date Added: Thursday 29 November 2012
so far it has been wonderful, i have to listen to a few more to complete the series, is it still available?
And how do I receive the CEUs that I paid for?
By Sallie S
Date Added: Saturday 17 November 2012
What a gift this series has been. Not only have I felt personally touched and inspired, but I have, through my work as a psychotherapist, passed on the wisdom and information shared. Deepest gratitude to the presenters and to Rick for guiding us in developing or deepening our compassion. Thank you. Sallie
By Judith T
Date Added: Tuesday 13 November 2012
I like the freedom to look at the interviews as I get time. The ideas are timely and also challenging so I value the thoughts of all involved. In the beginning of the interview with Dr. Siegel there was some sound difficulty where they were both speaking at once. Also in the first interview the intro was initially at about 1 1/2 times normal speech so the technology may be a challenge. In any case I appreciate having access. Thanks.

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