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Neil Douglas-Klotz, PhD, (Saadi Shakur Chishti) is a world-renowned scholar in religious studies, spirituality, and psychology. Living in Edinburgh, Scotland, he directs the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning, and for...

Customer Reviews for Original Prayer

By Diane M
Date Added: Friday 11 April 2014
Love this 8 cd set. It brings to focus the true meanings of the words of Jesus. Neil Douglas Klotz makes it easy to learn and in body the seed sounds of the original words spoken by Jesus. This is a best buy.
By Jasmine W
Date Added: Friday 27 December 2013
I just bought the CD set of this program because I have had and loved the cassette version for a long time. This program has just begun to answer my questions about what Jesus said before all the changes in all the translations from language to language and century to century. Aramaic, Jesus' native language, was a symbolic language, which means he never intended for his words to have one literal meaning. Neil Douglas-Klotz deliberately has several translations for the lines of the Lord's Prayer. This program continues to deepen my spiritual practice because each line of the prayer continues to grow. Douglas-Klotz has us chant the words of the prayer and by the time I was done with the tapes I could recite the prayer in Aramaic. Hearing or chanting the sacred sounds help us spiritually whether we know their meaning or not. Neil Douglas-Klotz makes studying the sacred texts a creative process and includes the feminine in the most sacred parts of Jesus' teachings. It is time for me to re-listen to this program.
By Joan L
Date Added: Monday 1 April 2013
Outstanding! Neil Douglas-Klotz illuminates the true meaning in the Lord's Prayer with his eloquent explanations of Jesus' original sayings in his native Aramaic language, and provides the listener with a way to experience the deep mysticism the prayer contains through guided meditations and body prayers.
By Angele
Date Added: Tuesday 13 December 2011
I have many CDs from Sounds true but my favorite is listening to the body prayers signing with Neale and coming to understand what was really said by Jesus not someone else translation from long ago.
By Lawrence Greywolf
Date Added: Saturday 5 November 2011
Wonderful program.
By Margaret Bryan
Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2011
Fantastic! I treasure this download. Good teaching with clear explanations and a great spiritual experience. Can nearly say the Our Father in Aramaic!
By Cynthia Courtney
Date Added: Saturday 27 February 2010
I have this course and I love it. I used it to prepare for a trip to Israel. It was and is very meaningful to me.

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