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Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, is a physician specializing in cardiology and molecular biologist who has helped thousands of people to overcome fear and anxiety with his breakthrough and empowerment program that combines his medical expertise with NLP, Time Line Therapy™,...

Customer Reviews for The Fear and Anxiety Solution

Date Added: Monday 7 October 2013
You are not your weakness, you are not your anxiety, you are not your fear…You are Peace …You are Joy …this is not philosophy but this is what I have learnt from Dr. Friedemann’s book and guided meditations.

When you identify yourself in this way (Peace-Strength-Confidence…) (Dr. Friedemann will teach you how you can easily get there),your life will change and you will be surprised of the many gifts life will offer you but you were not able to see it through your negative filter .
In this book, you will learn how to release negative past experiences from your memory and from your body that take all of your energy, you will have compassion to your inner saboteur or inner critic because you will understand his purpose and you will know how you can make your positive voice work with your negative side in order to be whole again and when you are whole, there won’t be any more inner conflict that keeps you stuck and depressed. You will have a new empowered image.
The most important t thing to understand is that negative emotions are not here to bother us but they are just messages from the subconscious that we need to accept and acknowledge and not to fix but to learn and grow from them.
This book has a lot of rich information, tools and meditations and in just 3 days of doing some of them, something in me shifted and I became more confident, felt more beautiful, open to life, eager to go out, smiling from the bottom of my heart…
The best thing is that I get constant (sometimes daily) support from Dr Friedemann himself, he always answers back my emails and in Details, he is very generous and caring. He is an amazing and wise Doctor
I am truly blessed!
Are you ready to change your life? So Sit back relax and Read “the fear and anxiety solution”
Peace and Joy!
By Mj
Date Added: Tuesday 18 December 2012
Powerful yet gentle healing process. I would recommend getting both audio and book.
By Kathleen S
Date Added: Tuesday 11 December 2012
Great approach to understanding where anxiety is coming from and how are minds recreate the past while keeping us fearful. Very helpful and reassuring practice.
By henry b
Date Added: Sunday 2 December 2012
Exellent resourse for my continued work on my sub-conscious and resolving issues. Along with paying attention to my dreams and Metta meditations, it gave my insights into a path for growing.
Thank you
Love Henry
By Rakshita-Athalia
Date Added: Thursday 8 November 2012
Friedemann Schaub wrote an excellent book, which i highly recommend. I also downloaded the Guided Practices...(Audio-Book) which is the perfect combination. He shares obviously everything out of his treasure box which includes all the tools he gathered. I haven´t finished yet the read, and nevertheless i feel much lighter and very balanced. And a great thanks to Tami who put the right questions in this interview.
By Sounds True
Date Added: Thursday 3 July 2014
Laura H-

There should be several different options on how to download your enhanced digital content; if you do not have a specific reading device, such as a kindle reader, for example, and you download the file for the kindle, your computer will not be able to recognize it.

I would recommend trying to download the content as a "printable document", which will deliver the file in PDF format and can be read as long as you have acrobat reader on your computer (like most computers do).

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By Laura R
Date Added: Wednesday 25 June 2014
Please help. The file was not openable after I purchased it. Thank you.

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