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Deva Premal

Deva Premal has released 14 albums with her partner, Miten. She is a classically trained singer and musician known around the globe for her serene, sacred chants. Raised in a German home permeated with Eastern spirituality, Deva Premal was chanting the Gayatri Mantra by age...

Customer Reviews for Deva Premal's Healing Mantras

By Bruce Nerenberg
Date Added: Saturday 29 March 2014
The healing mantras are presented beautifully, many with Deva Premal and the Guyoto Monks!
By Judy M
Date Added: Sunday 14 April 2013
Very valuable addition to my collection. I am so glad I found this CD as it has opened up a new world of experience for me. Thank you
By Daniel M
Date Added: Thursday 21 March 2013
By Quarterly
Date Added: Sunday 3 March 2013
I have difficulty listening to music but I absolutely adore these chants. I can listen to them all day long. They touch something very deep in me. They are sacred in a way music rarely touches.
By Wendy K
Date Added: Wednesday 23 January 2013
I was hoping to get them for a road trip so I could learn them quickly. I have listened to them about 3 times now and each time they get better. If you love to chant this is an excellent CD for leading you into deep meditation. Thank Deva Premal once again for a beautiful heartfelt recording.
By Fred C
Date Added: Saturday 23 March 2013
Very good and I had listened to the chants daily.

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