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Caroline Myss is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, Invisible Acts of Power, and Why People Don’t Heal and How They...

Customer Reviews for The Language of Archetypes

By Cathy M
Date Added: Thursday 31 July 2014
Excellent. I've listened to all the CD's and the message is still soaking in.
By Jo Ann Long
Date Added: Friday 5 August 2011
Truly wonderful and insightful. I'm listening to them for the second time and I'm certain not the last,!
By Dorothea Lutz
Date Added: Monday 2 May 2011
I am on my second go-round with this package- it is magnificent and so is Caroline Myss! I love her!
By Dr. Susan Ann Stauffer
Date Added: Monday 4 April 2011
The CDs are fabulous. I was intrigued with every tape. I drive a great deal for my work - long distances - so it was the perfect thing to be doing. I plan on using this information with my family and in my work. It is a study that will be ongoing. And, I know it will be a fruitful undertaking. I highly recommend this to anyone seriously wanting to understand themselves better.
Susan Ann S
By Connie
Date Added: Monday 4 April 2011
Totally enjoying this series of CD's! Find myself listening once in the car, then listening again when I can take notes. Enjoyed reading Sacred Contracts, but this helps the archetype characteristics sink in - easier to identify. Thanks!
By Meg P
Date Added: Wednesday 30 July 2014
I found the book Sacred Contracts a little difficult to read - this program makes the whole concept of Archetypes so much clearer.
By Martha J Webber
Date Added: Thursday 24 May 2012
I am happy with this audio download overall but with some minor reservations. I had bought the Sacred Contracts book and wanted something to bring the concepts to life until I had time to actually sit down and really absorb the book. This was on sale so I figured I had little to lose. It was my first time hearing Caroline Myss. I noticed a particular attitude and later saw this referred to negatively in some reviews on another website. Caroline can be somewhat judgemental and a bit pedantic at times, but she takes a conversational approach and I was able to just recognize her human imperfection and listen for the underlying ideas and truths which are plentiful. If you are considering this audio, I suggest you listen first and notice your gut response. If it bothers you, then just get the written material. I liked hearing it come to life.
By Matthew Quiat
Date Added: Sunday 19 February 2012
I wish you would sort out the proper tracks and discs so that iTunes properly displays the information...

Otherwise.. Great!!

By Shelly Manley-Tannis
Date Added: Monday 21 March 2011
This series is so easy to listen to - and you feel like the speaker is right there with you. I have found the archetype work exciting and helpful in daily life too. I find myself noticing them more and more in the world around me.

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