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Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, is a physician specializing in cardiology and molecular biologist who has helped thousands of people to overcome fear and anxiety with his breakthrough and empowerment program that combines his medical expertise with NLP, Time Line Therapy™,...

Customer Reviews for Become Unstuck

By Karin Staehler, Geneva-Switzerland
Date Added: Thursday 30 May 2013
Dr.Schaub’s teaching is truly remarkable, it makes profound changes accessible for anyone, but particularly for spiritual seekers.
It is extremely well presented addressing directly the subconscious mind.
I have already recommended it, and would continue to do so.
Blessings to you all
By Anne H
Date Added: Thursday 14 March 2013
I really benefited greatly from Friedemann's sessions. it has given me some material to work with on my journey at this time. Thank you for making this program available!
By Caroline C
Date Added: Thursday 14 March 2013
Friedemann is one of the most amazing, thoughtful, and wise and inspiring humans I've met in my entire life.

I am so happy to have an opportunity to hear his presentation and thought you did a wonderful job of moderating.

Thank you!
By Jacqui R
Date Added: Thursday 14 March 2013
I had not done a class in this format before - but I found the live video format works very well for the Becoming Unstuck sessions with Friedemann Schaub.
The course was very well designed and executed by Dr. Schaub. I especially enjoyed the guided imagery and the exercise to “open the mind”. I will enjoy watching/listening to these over and over again.
The content and exercises of the course have freed up a little stickiness already – and I know that practicing these will finally free me from the areas I’ve been really stuck.
The Sounds True producer did a great job as well.
Jacqui R
By Linda Y
Date Added: Friday 15 February 2013
Fabulous!! Your book, the fear and anxiety solution is the answer I have been looking for. I see there is hope!
By hani
Date Added: Friday 11 January 2013
wonderful insight

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