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Tara Brach

Tara Brach has been practicing and teaching meditation since 1975, as well as leading Buddhist meditation retreats at centers throughout North America. She is a clinical psychologist,...

Customer Reviews for Finding True Refuge

By Mary Ann K
Date Added: Tuesday 23 September 2014
Tara Brach is superb. what a lovely teacher - thanks to the producer who brought this my attention. She has helped me more in her meditations that many of the books and other CD's I have purchased. Refreshing and inspiring.
By Mary
Date Added: Wednesday 20 August 2014
She has so many wonderful insights and such a positive approach to help me incorporate them in my life.
By Patricia M
Date Added: Wednesday 13 August 2014
I find Tara's approach to getting in touch with our inner selves extremely pertinent for me. "True Refuge" just reinforced my favorable impression of her and her approach. I loved her calm, soothing voice throughout the CD. I will listen this CD several more times I know.
By Sue J
Date Added: Wednesday 13 August 2014
I enjoy Tara's simplicity and directness. I'm enjoying the meditations in this and finding it very relevant to my life at the moment.
By Kimberly W
Date Added: Friday 11 July 2014
Exquisite. Every word Tara writes and reads is meaningful in this 3 cd program. Touching and useful.
By Cheryl M
Date Added: Monday 7 July 2014
Listening to Tara Brach always relaxes me. I return to her meditations over and over again. I find it very helpful that she includes examples from her own life. Sets like this are the next best thing to attending one of her workshops at Omega!
By Charlotte C
Date Added: Friday 4 July 2014
Tara Brach shares herself and the wisdom she has gained from years of practice both as a meditator and a therapist. Her teaching is clear and immediately useful with grace and ease. I appreciate her authenticity most of all.
By Seraphim
Date Added: Thursday 3 July 2014
I love these meditations. What I love most about Tara Brach, is her simplicity. She strips her guidance down to the essential, making it easy for us to find our way to our centre and to what matters most. I highly recommend this CD / Download.
By Jeanne R
Date Added: Thursday 3 July 2014
Love it!
Date Added: Thursday 3 July 2014
My first exposure to Tara Brach with this CD set has been very positive; her lectures are contemporary, accessible; the exercises are effective.
By Natalie M
Date Added: Thursday 26 June 2014
An absolute gem. True refuge is a wonderful help when you are going through hardship but is also an amazing guide for life in general, particularly if you are striving to cultivate virtues in your daily life. Tara has a beautiful way of delivering her teachings and guiding you in the practice.
By Deanna C
Date Added: Wednesday 25 June 2014
I am really very thankful for this program and the opportunity Sounds True gives me to grow with the work of Tara Brach.
Keep up the great work!
By mercedes c
Date Added: Wednesday 26 March 2014
True Refuge by Tara Brach is a wonderful gift.
Tara Brach shares her wisdom and guides us in our own journey with gentleness and kindness.
Very few teachers are able to show how to use each of our life experiences as milestones to the path to our true refuge. Thank you Tara for a wonderful gift.
By Janet T
Date Added: Wednesday 17 April 2013
As always...fantastic !!!

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