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Richard Bartlett

Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., holds a doctorate in chiropractic and a degree in naturopathy from Bastyr University. After discovering his own extraordinary healing capabilities, Bartlett created Matrix Energetics as a system for helping others access their untapped potential....

Melissa Joy

Melissa Joy is president of Matrix Energetics and, since 2008, Richard Bartlett’s teaching partner. Her heart-filled and grounded approach has facilitated profound transformation for thousands. For more, visit www.matrixenergetics.com.

Customer Reviews for Into the Matrix

By Sulana S
Date Added: Monday 7 July 2014
Richard is an amazing, humorous and mind-blowing teacher. His world view is so valuable in assisting people to live healthier and happier lives. He tells stories we can easily relate to. And he uses simple every day language which helps me go to my heart and experience what he's saying. I've listened to this CD set several times and every time I hear something new! Seems like the CD is magical!
By Constance G
Date Added: Thursday 26 June 2014
This is a fascinating, intriguing & excellent program.
By Deirdre B
Date Added: Friday 24 January 2014
Clear. Inspiring. Helpful.
By Rachel
Date Added: Friday 24 January 2014
I bought this for my husband and he is really enjoying it and I am looking forward to listening to it too on vacation to help me step outside the box a bit more in my life!
By Jonathan B
Date Added: Wednesday 2 October 2013
This was an enjoyable series of CDs. I look forward to listening to them again. No doubt I will learn some more with each go through. Playing the CDs is like attending the seminars in the presence of Richard and Melissa. I highly recommend this program!
By Kate
Date Added: Tuesday 2 July 2013
I was set to return the program actually. I listened once and thought, did they say anything or anything new? I have the books and the first program and thought why would I pay for all the personal info. and talking so much. I thought why would I pay for this when the line from The Matirx movie "I'm trying to free your mind" sums it up. I have to walk through the door. Well, I'm thinking I have been doing that. So, surprise as I am working on a massage client and all of the sudden as I am working on a knot, I think, wow, the duality that is happening now. And then I wondered" hmmmm how big is my torsioning heart field right now, can I feel it, and better yet see it?" So, as they say, we will all take something different from the experience. Thank you!
By Eva V
Date Added: Saturday 11 May 2013
enjoyed very much.
Thank you, E.V.
By Walter B
Date Added: Friday 10 May 2013
More insights than Matrix Energetics. The experience was so practical helping me to see and begin to the appreciate the virtualness of our being and the endless possibilities that we are a part of or part of us. Thank you both very much. Please keep me informed with present information.
By shana p
Date Added: Wednesday 3 April 2013
Richard and Melissa have the important task of reminding us that all is not as it seems and the possibilities are limitless- especially when we drop into our hearts. Such an amazing invitation to expand.
By Christina S
Date Added: Saturday 30 March 2013
By Jerry K
Date Added: Sunday 24 March 2013
Downloaded easily for instant satisfaction. Richard rocks and it was a joy to be introduced to Melissa.
By martin m
Date Added: Sunday 24 March 2013
Richard does it again with this fantastic series on matrix energetics. It is even better than his first course put out by sounds true. I believe that life can not be contain in facts a lone as Mathew Fox point out but can be expressed through myths. Richard knows how valuable imagination is. Also his use of guilds as Sandra Ingerman uses on the shamanic journey. As an engineer I know the limits of modeling in designing aircraft structures , the work I have done for 38 years at Gamman in Long Island . We must constantly change our model as we expand the field of work we are in .
By ronald o
Date Added: Thursday 21 March 2013
CDs are outstanding. Thanks to Richard and Melissa Joy for another job well done.

By sudesh rattan & robert assen
Date Added: Saturday 16 March 2013
The content is fantastic & i am about to start listening to these 6 CD's for the 5th time because i get so much more out of them every time i listen ( I listen to 1 CD per day Monday to Saturday & on Sunday i listen to CD # 6 which draws me to it. These CD's have taught me to drop down to the field of my heart & to ask questions that the left brain cannot possibly answer & therefore passes it on to the RIGHT. It is a wonderful game for me now to come up with NEW open ended questions to ask & i tell you, some of the questions that are coming to me, i am NOT sure that they are coming from the ME i thought i was. I have been on my SPIRITUAL journey for 6 years now & i can say that this is the BEST that i have come across so far & yet it did NOT cost much. This is ROBERT ASSEN & my wife SUDESH RATTAN saying that we are both glad that we purchased & downloaded this program. THANK YOU
By Sandra-Grace B
Date Added: Tuesday 12 March 2013
Excellent material....thoroughly enjoying the shift in mental consiousness......I especially enjoyed Melissa's contribution to the material. Thanks for both commited to the higher awareness and its application thereof.
By Sandra-Grace B
Date Added: Tuesday 12 March 2013
Excellent material....thoroughly enjoying the shift in mental consiousness......
By tom cunningham
Date Added: Tuesday 12 March 2013
Excellent mind expanding program that builds on all that Richard teaches. Listened a couple times through and there are more sessions in the future. Truly a presentation that is multidimensional and provides you what you can accept.
By Kim M
Date Added: Saturday 9 March 2013
Amazing content rich program. I've read and listened to all the Matrix Energetics offerings and it jut keeps getting better! The addition of Melissa Joy in this audio brings a wonderful alternative delivery that makes the informatoin easy to integrate! I've listened to it several times and absorb more and different information each time. How can ME get even better??? Much Mahalos for this fabulous product.
By Thomas L
Date Added: Friday 8 March 2013
This is an exciting and profound cd set from the teachers of Matirx Energetics, filled with inspiration and an energy field that will move you into deeper awareness and a sense of connection and oneness, if you allow it. These folks speak from personal experience and embody the work, and for me is the long awaited next step in their presentations through Sounds True. Thank you Richard and Melissa.
By Deb I
Date Added: Monday 4 February 2013
all was good
By Janice D
Date Added: Wednesday 30 January 2013
Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy never fail to deliver the most intriguing, innovative, life changing material and they have certainly done it again with Into the Matrix. Both present in an enjoyable, easily understandable manner that makes listening a delight. And both are capable of bringing the material to the listener on CD in as powerful a manner as they do in person in a seminar. Seminar in a box; this is the closest you'll get without registering and flying to see them in person.
By Darryl
Date Added: Wednesday 9 January 2013
This is a great audio version of the matrix energtics knowledge and information, in a easy to listen format. It's like having a personal seat within the matrix world, as you learn the fundamentals that allow magic to appear in your life. I am amazed at the results that have been gained since learning matrix energetics processes and view points. I have let go of challenges in favor of just feeling fine with this moment being Ok, and trusting that answers are just the right question away, while on its way to just the best fitting solutions without worry or effort.
A paradigm shifting listen, you will learn how life can be, if you just make the right request and allow.
Highly suggested..... If you need more possibilities to your outcomes.
By Renee H
Date Added: Sunday 13 July 2014
Very interesting and definitely life changing information. I would have liked some more practices included in the recordings though.
By Janet G
Date Added: Sunday 9 February 2014
Into the Matrix was a very different program for me. I found that Richard Bartlett has a very dynamic character and sense of humor and loved hearing about his work through his experieces. He did not give any direct instructions on how to get into the heart center (which would actually limit our experiences), instead gives us volumes of ways in which to expand our awareness; to get out of our ego's way and to allow change and miracles to occur.
By anne marie f
Date Added: Thursday 11 July 2013
This is mind boggling !! So many new and unique ideas are introduced. Plus it's just fun to listening Richard and Melissa are very engaging. I highly recommend it
By Dian C
Date Added: Wednesday 13 March 2013
This set resonates with so much of what I experience. I love it.

Only difficulty is that the sound volume goes down in some parts.
By Mohammed A
Date Added: Tuesday 12 March 2013
This is a very informative product. I have not listened to all the tracks yet, but from those that I have listened to, it adds to my understanding of Matrix Energetics that Richard and Melissa teach.
Date Added: Thursday 2 October 2014
Fun and interesting approach, though not clear on strategy, which might be on purpose to encourage creativity.
By Alicia J
Date Added: Friday 11 July 2014
I really liked this a lot. I'm only giving it three stars because I felt the information was presented so superlatively that it was hard for me to absorb. I think this probably works great in a seminar type setting but was lost somehow in the audio. I also thought some of the language could have been broken down a little more.
By Gayle N
Date Added: Tuesday 10 December 2013
Uhmmm! I am sure there are some nuggets buried among the rambling here and there. Not my cup of tea, but then my partner has studied Matrix with Bartlett and loves him.
By derf ttellah
Date Added: Sunday 3 November 2013
Apparently, when you come out of the matrix, your language skills suffer. I'm basing this on the sentence structure of your reviewees.

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