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Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW is a research professor at the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work who has spent the past 10 years studying vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. She is a nationally renowned speaker and has won numerous teaching awards,...

Customer Reviews for The Power of Vulnerability with Brené Brown

By Donna S
Date Added: Saturday 12 July 2014
By frances hilal
Date Added: Sunday 15 June 2014
This was amazing Can't wait until you offer another ecource Brene is so easy to listen to and is very creative THANKS!
By Brian S
Date Added: Friday 30 May 2014
Excellent. I liked the lack of psycho-babble. What she says would be common sense if only sense were more common.
By Craig Winger
Date Added: Saturday 26 April 2014
You have opened my eyes and ears to see and hear the telltale signs of shame and vulnerability based issues with my individual and business clients. thank you so much. I would love to become certified to teach this but i do not meet your requirements. I have a masters degree in education and am a licensed master practitioner of NLP. Please let me know if you change your mind and become more inclusive. I still love your work.
By Donna K
Date Added: Tuesday 25 February 2014
If you saw Brene in her Ted talks you will recognize some of the content, and that's ok because she provides fantastic insights and information with personal stories that tie it all together. I love that you can download and save the videos and mp3s. I've recommended this program to friends and family.
By Dawn E
Date Added: Tuesday 25 February 2014
Brene Brown is so amazing! Her delivery style is so real and down-to-earth, while the information she imparts is life-changing! Highly recommended!
By David N
Date Added: Monday 24 February 2014
Fantastic. Need to review multiple times.

By Deb S
Date Added: Monday 24 February 2014
I thought this was a fabulous training. I love the work of Brene' Brown. I find her style engaging as well as informative and highly applicable to the work I do as a social worker. I was grateful to be able to access this training through Sounds True.
By Jerry K
Date Added: Saturday 22 February 2014
Outstanding material and refreshing presentation. I got a major breakthrough on dealing with "perfectionism" and picked up other great insights on my first listening. During repeated listening I continue to discover wisdom I missed the first time around.
By Judy G
Date Added: Saturday 22 February 2014
I've heard many of Brene's talks, and I have to say, she's continually upping the ante on quality of presentation and relatability. Thanks Brene and Thanks, Sounds True!
By Lorraine K
Date Added: Saturday 22 February 2014
I have not been able to listen to the Power of Vulnerability because cd's 1,3,&5 would not play. I put cd one in my computer to try it there and it is now stuck in the computer. Neither I nor a computer tech could get it out. I am frustrated and sad as I was so looking forward to listening to the cds. Cd 2 was excellent and I can only rate that one.
By Lesa D
Date Added: Friday 21 February 2014
Yes, I am exceptionally satisfied with the purchase of Brene Brown's training on vulnerability. I have been a fan for some time, read all of her book and feel totally blessed to have been able to purchase this. Thank you!
By M Kirwan
Date Added: Thursday 20 February 2014
Brene Brown with her wisdom makes my world a better place! This is an excellent product. Thank you.
By Christopher H
Date Added: Tuesday 17 December 2013
This was absolutely fantastic!!! I wish I could do more Brene Brown Continuing Education programs...
By Joseph A
Date Added: Monday 9 December 2013
Truly exceptional.
By Laura C
Date Added: Monday 9 December 2013
I breathe a huge sigh of relief when I listen and watch Brené Brown's course now for the second time through. She has a way of cutting right to the chase of so many of the complicated emotions I have kidded myself that I've already dealt with. This course is one I suspect I will return to again and again, and it is especially giving me courage now as I'm getting ready for holiday travel to visit family!
By Elizabeth Haynes
Date Added: Saturday 7 December 2013
Thank you for the opportunity to offer feedback.

I am learning so much from Berne's program on the Power of Vulnerability, and plan to go over it again and again. You get '6' stars for this course,

I am very grateful, thank you,

By Lisa Z
Date Added: Thursday 5 December 2013
This is a fabulous course filled with great insights and helpful information. Plus I'm always relieved when I find out how normal some of my less than useful behavior is. But the course goes beyond the reassurance of understanding and accepting ones own behavior and feelings to practical information on minimizing shame and living more wholeheartedly.
By Richard N
Date Added: Tuesday 3 December 2013
Brené at her best, speaking on shame, vulnerability, whole-hearted living, courage, authenticity, connection.

Recorded after she completed her latest book, Daring Greatly, this course covers the material in all of Brené's books. I think that this online course has the same audio track as the audio recording entitled 'The Power of Vulnerability' but this includes video and audio downloads, an online program combining video clips with questions and space to answer, as well as downloadable worksheets if you prefer to answer on paper. As with other Sounds True downloadable or online material, access to the online workbook is for a limited time (5 months), but if you download the material it is yours to keep.

The recordings are much like Brené's TED talks, in that she is funny and shares lots of personal examples. She makes reference to her books so that if you have read them you will know which book covered the topic on which she is speaking. The course sounds like it was presented to a live audience with an intent to make this recording so Brené carefully refers to the previous session rather than referring to yesterday. Brené speaks with such passion and love that it is hard to believe that she is an introvert, but she talks about being an introvert and shares personal details like that to illustrate her work.

If you only plan to listen to the audio, I suggest the other audio recording. This course downloads as 33 separate mp3 tracks. I have merged those into a few longer tracks, but hopefully the other recording is more ebook friendly. For an online course, this is format of many short audio tracks is reasonable because the audio tracks correspond to the video tracks and even six one hour videos would be six huge files.

If you loved Brené's TED talks, or any of her books, then you'll love this or the audio-only recording. Highly recommended.
By Bev P
Date Added: Sunday 1 December 2013
This is an wonderful program, well worth the modest investment. Brene Brown such a warm and accessible speaker with so much insight to impart. I highly recommend it!
By Wendy K
Date Added: Wednesday 27 November 2013
I have been a counselor for over 25 years and have listened to a lot of great presentations during those years. Brene Brown's work is so refreshing because she is real. No one makes change in this world hiding behind false talk, using big words and never admitting they are human. Brene connects people and gives them hope. Brene is a breath of fresh air. I hope she never stops doing what she's doing she is making a difference, and that is a truth. Thank you.
By suhartono h
Date Added: Wednesday 27 November 2013
Very nice indeed!
By Stephanie
Date Added: Tuesday 17 September 2013
I wish everyone on the planet would listen to this recording. It has changed my life.
By jdl
Date Added: Thursday 12 September 2013
Have struggled with shame all my, born into a family who abused any identity and vulnerability I managed to muster. The course was awesome and insightful, and it has helped me to recognize changes that I need to make, and to process other things that have happened over time. Also reinforced some specifics to work through with a counselor, as it can be tricky to find safe havens to work on person matters that this course brings to light. Very, very helpful!
Date Added: Monday 9 September 2013
Brene is a wonderful speaker with great insight and content to share. They have my highest recommendation.
By Mary S
Date Added: Saturday 7 September 2013
I am very please with "The Power of Vulnerability" with Brene Brown. She is very good to listen to and understanding.
I hope to see more from her.
By Daphne H
Date Added: Tuesday 3 September 2013
Superb. One of the very best courses I've taken ever for CEUs. this was first online course I've taken and the rigor was a pleasant surprise. And because I could take breaks on my timetable, absorbing and integrating the material was greatly enhanced.
The self reflective questions added unusual depth to the learning experience. Brene Brown is an extraordinary teacher.
By Deborah K
Date Added: Tuesday 6 August 2013
I am so glad that I ordered The Power Of Vulnerability. I read "Daring Greatly" and was wondering how I could delve deeper into the work and then happened to come across your offering of the video series.
Thank you so much...I will continue to do the work!
By Janet L
Date Added: Tuesday 25 June 2013
What an amazing presentation by Brene Brown! Her research, findings and personal stories made what could have been acedemic and dry, alive & doable. I am so happy with this course as I choose Wholeheartedness as my path & way of living.
By Michelle
Date Added: Thursday 13 June 2013
Format was easy to follow and Dr. Brene Brown is so worth the investment!
By victoria d
Date Added: Tuesday 28 May 2013
loved this course! I am taking it again!
By Mary L
Date Added: Monday 13 May 2013
Thank you for providing this course. The materials were very helpful.
By Libby
Date Added: Tuesday 30 April 2013
Outstanding material and great presentations. Really enjoyed this class.
By Angie
Date Added: Monday 29 April 2013
The course was absolutely fantastic. I am listening to segments daily to reinforce the new ideas and help change the old. I can not say enough good things about it. One drawback was that it would not play on my tablet. I don't know if it was the formatting or what, not being a computer savvy person, but the page opened but the content would not load on the tablet.
By Pat E
Date Added: Sunday 21 April 2013
Eye and heart-opening course. The videos are righ-sized to allow you time to absorb the material Dr. Brown is funny, smart, insightful, and seems approachable. I feel like she's let me into her close circle. Her family, friends and students are very lucky!
I will return to the videos and questions as I move deeper through this process.
By Jimena k
Date Added: Saturday 20 April 2013
Beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of experiencing . Brene did what she does best. Speaks clearly, holds no BS back and speaks from the heart. Thank you truly a wonderful experience.
By Karen
Date Added: Wednesday 17 April 2013
This was a life-changing course for me! I hope that it will be offered again in the future so I may refer my friends.
By Andrew H
Date Added: Tuesday 16 April 2013
One of the best classes I have ever taken!!! You will get to know yourself.
By John W
Date Added: Monday 15 April 2013
I have worked through at least half of the material in this program. I really appreciate it. I have not been able to participate in the live events, but I would hope they are recorded for us to listen to at a later date. This is the first lesson of this type that I have used. Thank you for obtaining this information and sharing it in this way.
By TIffany Jadoo
Date Added: Saturday 13 April 2013
I thought it was great. I almost finished reading all of her books. I watched her on Oprah and her ted talks. I still thought this was a great addition. I loved being able to have this cohesive presentation, especially on a format that I can easily access anytime on my ipod. I really like the Q and A section. It helped me to be able to think and write my own answers down.
By Vicki O
Date Added: Saturday 13 April 2013
By Elizabeth J
Date Added: Friday 12 April 2013
I finished the course last night after the live Q&A! IT was really one of the best courses I've taken in a long time. I've read all of Brown's work and so appreciated hearing her talk about it and solidify certain points. My only criticism was the difficulty connecting with other participants. One of the members started a closed FB page which, in the end, was easier to access. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get more into Whole Hearted living and being. Thank you Sounds True, what a terrific offering.
By Kim G
Date Added: Sunday 7 April 2013
One of the best online courses I have ever experienced. Great information on living life more effectively and with a whole heart.
By Margaret M
Date Added: Friday 5 April 2013
Fantastic series, really powerful,a down to earth woman who delivers her material in an open and honest way. I'm just starting out in research and while it's driving me mad (and all around me) it is amazing.
Hope you produce more. Would recommend The Power of Vulnerability to anyone who wants to work on themselves no matter what your starting point.
By Nancy G
Date Added: Sunday 24 March 2013
Brene Brown is fabulous - a true example of vulnerability as she teaches us to master that skill!

Great program.
By Mary A
Date Added: Friday 22 March 2013
As always, this course is very well done. Brene's work is stunning.
By Brenda G
Date Added: Saturday 16 March 2013
I am a clinical social worker and certified psychotherapist in private practice. I have been recommending Brene Brown's latest book, "Daring Greatly," to my clients who struggle with the identification and expression of vulnerable emotions especially fear and shame. This workshop is proving to be invaluable with respect to understanding shame and shame resilience. Brene Brown gets to the heart of the matter with a warm, authentic, humorous presentation of her brilliant research. Her ability to share her own vulnerable experiences allows her audience to connect, learn and integrate the material on a much deeper level. Thank you for bringing this on-line workshop to my attention.
By Debra Henn
Date Added: Friday 15 March 2013
Brene Brown rocks my world. Excellent and daring! You are my hero!!
By Elizabeth J
Date Added: Sunday 10 March 2013
So far this course is terrific...but it isn't nearly finished yet. I'd be better off commenting at the end. I can say that during the first week it hasn't been that easy to login and communicate with other participants which I was hoping to do. Otherwise, its terrific that you were able to offer her work in this way.
By Lori Schreier
Date Added: Tuesday 12 February 2013
I have lived my whole life with the shame of feeling I have no artisitc talent and as a result shied away from doing much artistically. After hearing Brene's Power of Vulnerability tapes over and over and now reading Daring Greatly, I said the hell with it, I am doing it for me and am not going to compare myself. My office now looks like a giant paint canvass wiith acrylic paints everywhere and my world is overflowing with colors. The process has brought me to tears and great satisfaction. Thank you
By Lyne Stokes
Date Added: Friday 8 February 2013
I have never been a "groupie" of anyone but I am traveling quite a distance to see her live. Brene touched my soul and has given me the tools to be who I am. Her book "The Gift of Imperfection" has allowed me to let go after getting dragged for so long. Let go or get dragged. The TED talks are amazing. Thanks!
By Carolyn
Date Added: Tuesday 5 February 2013
Her book, Daring Greatly, bought after watching a few of her youtube clips changed my life...)
By Mary Armitage
Date Added: Friday 25 January 2013
Wow, the clip hooked me as do all of the TED talks, which I watch over and over again... Brene's authenticity and humor are a huge part of the experience. My awareness for the necessity to live with vulnerability becomes vibrant and creates a physical reaction in my chest and I start feeling uplifted. Sounds weird but something resonates deeply. I'm moving through another life passage, from being in my late 60's to the 70's. I know there is more waiting to unfold...and in being open to the moment. Also looking forward to Wisdom 2.0.
By Marenka Cerny
Date Added: Monday 7 January 2013
This is a review of the 5:55 min sample presentation which definitely has my interest. Brene Brown speaks clearly and concisely about vulnerability while demonstrating how this mind state is the heart and center of so many everyday experiences from personal interactions to creativity and innovation at work. I can't wait to get to know her work better.
By Kate Marshall
Date Added: Wednesday 26 February 2014
I felt like the material has been good thus far and that the chance to "interact" via the written assignments quite helpful. I was unable to view the video online and had to settle for the audio which was a little bit frustrating, however. I also felt the price was
By Patty P
Date Added: Thursday 5 December 2013
I love the work that was presented. Is till prefer hard copies of the work.
I would rate it a five if I could of had the hard copy sent to me. i am not that much into Down loading audio only because I am a Teacher and a Minister. i prefer books and materials that I can put my own notes and perceptions on.
Thank you for your work
Patty Pipia
By Katie B
Date Added: Saturday 30 March 2013
A+ for materials--I love what I'm learning and can already see and feel its impact in my life. Thank you for offering this course!

B- for the technical aspects. I've had several times where I've gotten error messages while watching the videos and have to keep reloading either the videos or the whole page. (I contacted customer service, and all I was told was to use Chrome or Firefox-, and I was already on Chrome. I also wish there were a notes section next to each of the videos, as it's a bit of a pain to keep scrolling up and down. In addition, I wish there were a way to save my answers to the questions under each video instead of having to go to the end of the page and save it all at once. If I want to save in between the videos, it takes me to another page, then I have to get back to where I was.
By Julia
Date Added: Thursday 28 November 2013
The content, itself, was good. The interface to access the lectures (via Sounds True) was difficult...lots of steps, no way to "bookmark" where you left off, etc. especially if you choose to stream vs. download.
By Sounds True to Jenni
Date Added: Thursday 25 April 2013
Hi Jenni,
I'm so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your CE credits. We can definitely help you straighten that out. When posting a review, there is no way for us to identify you. Please email customerservice@soundstrue.com and they can help you out!
By Jenni
Date Added: Tuesday 23 April 2013
I enjoyed the course itself a great deal, but am struggling to get resolution with the CE credits. I spent a great deal of time on the course, and I need to count the hours and have them signed off, but I am unable (so far) to get a response to inquiry or access the total CE's associated with this course in order to finish my paperwork. That's the only frustrating aspect, and it may keep from participating in this format for CE's in the future. But the Brene Brown content was beyond expectation; profound, incredibly useful in practice and personally.
By Eileen K
Date Added: Monday 18 March 2013
I bought this, then didn't know where to go to listen or download. Please help.
Eileen Kosar
By Matt
Date Added: Wednesday 13 March 2013
Hi Amy C, The 60 minute videos are live sessions that you can attend on March 28 & April 11 by going to this course in your digital library, and clicking on the "join" button. You can also watch the recording 2 business days later if that works better for your schedule. Please feel free to contact customerservice@soundstrue.com for any further questions.
By Joan J
Date Added: Monday 9 December 2013
I luv Brené Brown but this package is for beginning beginners. The talks are only 15 minutes-ish
I would not buy this again if I had known that.
She's pretty amazing on Oprah and Ted talks!
By Sounds True to Jane Milliff
Date Added: Tuesday 16 April 2013
Hello Jane! I have contacted Customer Service and they will be in touch with you to explain the course details. In the future, you can email them with questions at customerservice@soundstrue.com.

All the best!
Shannon at Sounds True
By Amy C
Date Added: Saturday 2 March 2013
I haven't received the 60 minute video's. Am I suppose to download? Is there a link? What happens?

Thank you.

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