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Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW is a research professor at the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work who has spent the past 10 years studying vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. She is a nationally renowned speaker and has won numerous teaching awards,...

Customer Reviews for The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting

By Betsy R
Date Added: Thursday 16 October 2014
I found this program to be useful even though I do not have children. This works for me and my relationship with my inner child. I would recommend it for anyone who had a crappy childhood!
By Nancy S
Date Added: Wednesday 15 October 2014
Excellent, although some repetition from her other work.
By Pamela P
Date Added: Friday 3 October 2014
This was a very helpful approach to parenting. My husband and I have two grown children and a teenager and the ideas that Brene Brown discussed really changed our orientation toward parenting our youngest in a very positive way. I wish we had known about it sooner.
By fran b
Date Added: Thursday 2 October 2014
Since listening (multiple times) to this program I have noticed a shift in my parenting. The shift is hard to explain other than I am more comfortable being in the moment with my kids, both in their silliness and in sharing their hurts. I definitely recommend.
By Kirk W
Date Added: Monday 22 September 2014
Clear and condensed application of her research in the arena of parenting.
By William Dancer
Date Added: Saturday 15 February 2014
This CD provides not only provides wonderful incite about parenting; but also gives clarity about how you were parented. Ways of parenting seem to be passed on from generation to generation. Brene" Brown explain how parenting can be done without or at least with much less shame.
By Sarah Jane
Date Added: Saturday 15 February 2014
Engaging, heartwarming advice thats like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold day. Inspiring
Date Added: Friday 27 December 2013
Brene is awesome - This audiobook blew my mind! Thank you.
By Kari K
Date Added: Saturday 30 November 2013
Excellent, excellent, excellent! Brene's message is always the same, but the way she tailors it to different situations is so enlightening. parenting is SUCH a challenge, who doesn't need some shame busting there? Her main advice for families to teach the distinction between bad choices and bad "beingness" is so key. it changed my parenting approach to my teenager right away, and actually empowered me to be more authoritative without the fear of being shaming. What a breakthrough tool.
By Marjorie E
Date Added: Monday 21 October 2013
This set of CDs is outstanding! I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in growing. For me, Brené Brown has been life changing. I learned about shame and guilt! Wow, who knew? Brené uses her research in a way that makes it easy to understand. I was blown away by these CDs. I have listened to them at least 5 times already.

My thanks to Sounds True for asking Brené to do this recording!
By Abby F
Date Added: Friday 2 August 2013
The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting is from the heart and filled with practical, personal insights and suggestions. I only wish this sage wisdom was available when I was a young mother. As a grandmother, I gave a set to my daughter and son-in-law to support them in parenting their sons.
Thanks you, Brene and Sounds True for another excellent product.
By Anne S
Date Added: Saturday 20 July 2013
I love Brene Brown's work. It is so clear and understandable. And can shift behavior and motivation on a deep level. I got two copies of this and am sharing it with all my friends, family and clients. I've done the s.ame with her other recordings
By Thomas M
Date Added: Tuesday 16 July 2013
I greatly enjoyed Brene's Power of Vulnerability and was often reflecting on how to bring it into my parenting as well as my own life. This helps do just that, not new if you've heard Power of Vulnerability but does sharpen focus if you're working with children.
By victoria m
Date Added: Sunday 14 July 2013
I think all of Brene Brown's work is so informative and compassionate. I love this book as well as the others. Really helped me a lot!
By Bettina Zeller
Date Added: Tuesday 23 April 2013
This morning I woke up to a producers pick of Brené and I thought to myself, there is noone I'd rather spend my 51st birthday with, besides my daughter, than Brené. So, I decided to get this audio. It was well worth it! I so much love her willingness to be vulnerable and through it teach me that it's okay to live it too. Brené, I love you and I thank you.
By Elizabeth J
Date Added: Monday 22 April 2013
A wonderful primer on Whole Hearted Parenting. Not a how to but filled with many helpful insights and stories for how to approach parenting with courage, compassion and connection
By Three L's Mom
Date Added: Thursday 4 April 2013
I have been a big fan of Brown's work for some time now and have been waiting for her to put something together specifically on parenting. I highly recommend this easy to listen to, funny, thoughtful and quite incisive program on how to raise yourself while you raise your children! Bravo Brene and thank you!
By Roseanne B
Date Added: Monday 6 October 2014
I am a grandmother, I purchased it for my daughter.
I read it and found it very helpful and she is also very happy with the book
By Kathryn T
Date Added: Sunday 5 October 2014
Smart, comforting, and insightful. I have had it with politically correct uber parenting. Brene was loving, practical, and straight-forward. We do need to allow children to see that we struggle.

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