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Ani Pema Chödrön was born Deirdre Blomfield-Brown in 1936, in New York City. She attended Miss Porter's School in Connecticut and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. She taught as an elementary school teacher for many years in both New Mexico and...

Customer Reviews for When Pain is the Doorway

By Julia S
Date Added: Thursday 16 October 2014
I treasure Pema Chodron's teachings. Thank you!
By Rita Z
Date Added: Wednesday 15 October 2014
Perfect timing for this to appear as just lost a dear, dear friend last week.

Whatever and whenever Pema speaks on any subject it is directly to your heart. Wise words to heal and exactly the appropriate time!

I LOVE this woman!!!!!!
By Jill R
Date Added: Thursday 9 October 2014
I have found this teaching by Pema Chodron to be really helpful in dealing with strong emotions. It is actually a pretty practical way of handling difficult life situations
By Sue J
Date Added: Friday 3 October 2014
I am never disappointed by anything I hear or read by Pema. As clear, humorous and insightful as ever.
By Susan K
Date Added: Thursday 2 October 2014
This was perfect, very helpful, thank you.
By Anne O
Date Added: Thursday 20 March 2014
Pema always helps!
By Sybill
Date Added: Saturday 15 March 2014
As always, Pema's teaching and her teaching style are simply superb!
By Irma
Date Added: Tuesday 21 January 2014
Wonderful speaker..enlightened by her words.
By Charlotte Glasser
Date Added: Monday 14 October 2013
This is a truly interesting program of study, perfectly attuned to the person who is experiencing a specific, painful difficulty. Transforming pain into something productive and nourishing to the spirit - how amazing is that?
By Gillian
Date Added: Monday 14 October 2013
I just listened to the first CD. It was excellent, so helpful and inspiring. I already started the practice when so old negative thinking came up last night. Thank you Pema, thank you Sounds True! Namaste.
By Lynn E
Date Added: Wednesday 18 September 2013
As always, Pema comes across. She distills this ancient wisdom and makes it usable for our deepest needs.
By Allison F
Date Added: Tuesday 17 September 2013
I love Pema Chodron and consider her my main "teacher" although I have never met her nor been able to attend a session in person. Nevertheless, she and her recordings through Sounds True have had a profound and wonderfully positive effect on my life these past years. This particular program really addressed some very important issues.
By Cat G
Date Added: Thursday 4 July 2013
This as with all Pema's CD's was way worth listening to! I will be listening to this over ad over! Exceptional!
By Melanie V
Date Added: Saturday 15 June 2013
As always, great material from Sounds True and Pema Chodron. Great site. thanks
By Paul
Date Added: Thursday 16 May 2013
This is another great audio of Pema Chodron, very much encouraging us to go into difficult emotions. Highly recommended.
By Margaret M
Date Added: Wednesday 9 April 2014
I love Pema Chodrin. Every sentence she speaks is a jewel. This CD was recommended to me by a very good friend and in addition the title was brilliant and spoke to me. I was pleased that it included two CDs too. Though have not listened to all the tracks, I felt disappointed that the first disc seems to me to be segments of other talks she has made before, kind of spliced together. Perhaps I'm wrong? There is no explanation describing where these talks were given so I am not sure.
By Della Goswell
Date Added: Monday 16 September 2013
Pema Chodron's teaching is inspiring as always, however there is a technical problem with sound recording quality on the 2nd DVD. You need to persevere for a few minutes at the start till it settles down a bit.

Date Added: Thursday 5 September 2013
This is the sixth series by Pema Chodron I own. Her teachings are always timely, and I like the audience questions that are included with this series.
By John Tobias
Date Added: Saturday 31 August 2013
I love Ana Pema's talks and meditations, but somehow the titles always seem to be misleading. Not that it would be easy to title the good life advice that she gives. I was expecting help with the physical pain I was experiencing from a work accident. What I heard was great, but did not specifically address my type of "pain".

Also, for some reason, the start of the second "disk" of this program had some distorted audio. It was perfectly understandable, but below the fine quality I expect from Sounds True.
By Kathy
Date Added: Thursday 15 August 2013
Great teachings, as usual with Pema Chodron. However it appears that this recording is only an extract of a much longer workshop, which I didn't realize when I started listening to it. Several questioners on the CDs refer to some topic previously covered, which however does not appear on these CDs. That was disappointing. Also, the sound-recording quality is very poor in some sections.

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