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Ken Wilber is one of the most influential and widely read American philosophers of our time. His writing has been translated into more than 20 languages. Ken Wilber is the author of many books, including The Spectrum of Consciousness; The Eye of Spirit; Grace and Grit; Sex,...

Customer Reviews for The Future of Spirituality

By Tish Long
Date Added: Friday 17 October 2014
I do get it!!
By Alex P.
Date Added: Wednesday 30 October 2013
This is a great session as everything made by Ken Wilber. I have a comment about previous review. With all my respect to Greg I think I know where his feelings are coming from. This is not an easy class to start the discovery of Ken Wilber and his “teaching”. I suggest listening “Kosmic Consciousness” or reading Ken’s earliest books to be familiar with terminology and basic consepts of Integral Theory first and then return to this class.
By Suzanne S
Date Added: Saturday 26 October 2013
Awesome program.
By Joseph S
Date Added: Saturday 27 July 2013
I downloaded this and listened to it outdoors on my IPod. Ken Wilber is amazing in his knowledge and eloquent in his ability to describe very complex material. Tami's questions and sought clarifications were helpful. The warmth and authenticity at the end where Tami referred to Wilber as a bodhisattva was touching.
By Fred C
Date Added: Sunday 11 August 2013
As always Ken Wilber is well worth listening to as he gives excellent knowledge.
By Greg Newton
Date Added: Thursday 1 August 2013
Doesn't meet my expectations. Talk assumes knowledge of terms used that are not made clear. Some terms and ideas are introduced on a cursory manner and not treated with enough depth to be meaningful. I wouldn't recommend this product. Sorry to have spent money on it.

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