Customer Reviews for Profound Relief from Stress and Anxiety

By Paul G
Date Added: Wednesday 13 August 2014
While I wish that the notes had said something about who created these meditations, they were well-done. The speaker (who?) projected non-nonsense caring, though once or twice swallowed words. There's nothing all that new about these stress relief-techniques, e.g., step by step body relaxation, sitting with the feeling, allowing it to pop, focusing on good things, etc., but this does it as well as anyone can wish.
By Michele.B
Date Added: Sunday 9 February 2014
I was a sceptic regarding the claim of "profound" relief. I have a moderate case of PTSD and was struggling yesterday. With minimal effort to focus on the music or guided meditation, I found profound relief.
By Michael A
Date Added: Tuesday 10 December 2013
This recording is outstanding. Same top notch quality and results I've come to expect from Profound Meditation.
By Beverly C
Date Added: Monday 9 December 2013
I ordered these cds as gifts. I have not heard them, but they came highly recommended.
By Alice I
Date Added: Friday 22 November 2013
Fantastic! This is deeply soothing and calming. I especially liked the guided meditations, as well. It really "works".
By Christopher M. L
Date Added: Wednesday 13 November 2013
Very often we shy away from any materials with titles like, "depression, anxiety and stress" this CD was one of the best purchases of my life. My wife and I listen to the music every night and I often enjoy the meditations to relieve stress, they work extremely well.

By Terri Brownell
Date Added: Friday 18 October 2013
Profound Relief from Stress and Anxiety includes a very useful guided meditation. It has helped me immensely in releasing the emotional energy blocks that frequently have interfered with my ability to experience deeper states of meditation and ultimately my true nature (which is our birthright as human beings).
By Andrea A
Date Added: Monday 23 September 2013
Deep relaxation. A wonderful audio!
By Barbara Z
Date Added: Monday 17 March 2014
I have it on my iPhone and so I can use it at bedtime and other times I need to relax. I have it repeat and it does seem to help me relax. That is quite a challenge, I assure you!
By Alfred E. B
Date Added: Monday 9 December 2013
An innovative piece of biotechnology designed to alleviate stress. I find that it actually does what it is designed to do.
By Franci W
Date Added: Monday 9 December 2013
We are all perhaps familiar with the content in this audio book, even so we all need constant reminders on how to live.

This is a gentle presentation of essential ways to think, relax and ultimately change your brain.

I will re listen and re listen.

Thank you
By Robert
Date Added: Sunday 8 December 2013
It was okay.
The sound only versions are quite good and soothing.
The guided meditation-not so good
The guys voice is slightly grating to and he keeps mentioning breasts which I don't have which kind of creates stress just when I'm almost relaxed .
Is he trying to make a statement?
Kinda just spoils it. I stopped using it which is a shame.
Maybe you should issue two versions

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