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Jack Kornfield, PhD, trained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand, Burma, and India and has taught worldwide since 1974. He is one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness...

Customer Reviews for The Psychology of the Awakened Heart

By Sharon B
Date Added: Friday 14 February 2014
This program is wonderful. Jack Kornfield embodies compassion, love, humor, and peacefulness. I've watched these videos more than once and, every time I do so, I immediately feel my blood pressure drop. Well worth the money!
By Edythe G
Date Added: Thursday 14 November 2013
This was an excellent progam. Jack Kornfield is one of my favorite teachers. The meditations were enlightening and powerful. He said so many things that I wrote down, to memorize.

Thankyou for offering this course and please thank Jack Kornfield as well.
By judy b
Date Added: Saturday 26 October 2013
I've been really enjoying it though I'm already falling behind! Glad it will be available for a while..
By James L
Date Added: Friday 11 October 2013
Enjoying listening.
By Had Walmer
Date Added: Thursday 5 September 2013
I attended the excellent Sounds True Workshop W/ Jack at Lewis & Clark College. This contributed powerfully to my program teaching survivors/peers who have TBI in Portland, OR AND soon to be online!

Metta, Had Walmer,
Founder Of Gold Mind Meditation Project (Google blog)
By Karen Z
Date Added: Friday 25 October 2013
I am enjoying the class. I appreciate that if I am not available on class day, I can listen later.
Thank you,
By Sounds True to Rita H.
Date Added: Thursday 27 February 2014
Hello Rita,

We are very sorry that you were disappointed with the material! We do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so feel free to contact Customer Service for that refund. Call 1(800)333-9185 or email support@soundstrue.zendesk.com. I don't have a way to identify and contact you directly from a product review, so I hope you see this!

Kind regards,
Shannon at Sounds True
By Rita H
Date Added: Monday 24 February 2014
I am so profoundly disappointed in this product (and another) I have purchased. With this product I have sat through many minutes of silent meditation. Seriously? I buy a book or audio conference to hear or learn from you speakers wisdom. I totally get meditation and silence, but to pay a premium price to watch it? You must be kidding! I feel ripped off.

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