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Customer Reviews for Experiencing the Shamanic Journey

By Dina A
Date Added: Wednesday 1 January 2014
This is a great online class. I am over half way thru and I am enjoying and learning very much. Some of the technical, computer parts are a little tricky but the content is great!
By Sandra M
Date Added: Sunday 22 December 2013
In her dvds it shows that Sandra is genuinely working for the good of the planet. The videos are giving me a sense of being in contact with a trustworthy teacher. I am happily working along with her, and even though I have previously worked with a teacher in the body, through whom I was initiated into shamanism, I am learning valuable tips and tools from Sandra. Through these videos, I appreciate her virtual help. validation and support. That it is affordable and within my reach from four thousand miles and more away, makes it all so much more awesome. I am in gratitude, for sure.
By LIsa Humphreys
Date Added: Wednesday 26 June 2013
Sandra teaches through her heart. I find myself anxiously awaiting this class each week. Although, I have been journeying for about 3 months now Sandra has answered many questions that I've had in a warm and caring way.
By Jessica B
Date Added: Friday 17 May 2013
I am finding Sandra a wonderful source to learn a deeper knowledge into Shamanism.
By Renee Vos de Wael
Date Added: Saturday 12 January 2013
I'm truly enjoying the course. Taking my time and really getting the info in. It is so great to be able to back and listen to things again. Even bought 2 books of Sandra.
By Toni N
Date Added: Friday 14 December 2012
This is the next best thing to being there. Sandra's style is so warm and personable, you immediately like her and feel safe to journey.
By William R
Date Added: Sunday 9 December 2012
just excelellent, Sandra explains modern shamanism very well, she has really helped me on my personal journey. thank you
By Judy F
Date Added: Friday 7 September 2012
An excellent introduction to Shamanism! I was deeply appreciative of Sandra's sense of ethics and boundaries. I also found her to be humble and clear in her approach to this work.
By Randall Sexton
Date Added: Wednesday 1 February 2012
This is a very good course for beginners as well as the experienced folks.
By Kris Jennings
Date Added: Friday 25 November 2011
wonderful class and easy to access
By Paul Barker
Date Added: Tuesday 8 November 2011
I am very much enjoying the course - it is exactly what I expected and wanted - Sandra is a wonderful teacher and has a beautiful way about her - blessings Paul B
By Susan Romeo
Date Added: Saturday 5 November 2011
A wonderful program beautifully presented. Thank you also for the opportunity to repeat and download. All in all, an enjoyed and valuable educational experience.
By amy l
Date Added: Thursday 14 November 2013
Excellent information. A good presentation and well-developed exercises.

By eliza homan
Date Added: Wednesday 23 November 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed and found experiencing the shamanic journey enlightening thought provoking. Sandra's energy, spark, and relaxed was just the wrapping one wants to discover when opening a gift.
I was extremely disappointed with the live feed questions, as i was unable to get this. I stayed up weary with sleep being five hours ahead of your time, so you can imagine how frustrated and disappointed I felt.
I do hope Sandra will continue to the next stage, I would love her to go into more depth regarding soul retrieval.
Thank you for making this course so accessible.
By Cynthia Tobias
Date Added: Monday 7 November 2011
Content was excellent. Downloading problems and problems with the live session transmission were annoying.
By Sounds True to Kim S
Date Added: Monday 24 June 2013
Hi Kim,

The reason you didn't receive this in the mail is that you purchased a digital / online course. I have no way to identify or contact you when you leave a review, but if you see this, please contact Customer Service at customerservice@soundstrue.com. They can do an exchange for you so you can get the CDs.

Best wishes!
Shannon at Sounds True
By kim s
Date Added: Saturday 15 June 2013
I never received it...
By false advertising....
Date Added: Saturday 31 December 2011
Shaman Means Priest. The word was assimilated from a Russian Tribe!!

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