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Robert Peng is an internationally renowned qigong master capable of generating healing energy through his hands with power equal to a potent electrical charge. He has used his extraordinary ability to help countless people regain their optimum health and vitality, and to...

Customer Reviews for Qigong Ecstasy

By Ellis
Date Added: Monday 22 September 2014
Robert Peng's Ecstasy is a perfect qi gong program in terms its design in passive and active qi gong to balance our body, mind and soul from inside out. The whole program design is to start awaking our physical body into calmness through our subconsciousness to move our qi all over our energy body. I have been practicing for almost everyday over a month. I feel to work this Ecstasy out as I have to wash up every morning. My Dan Tian is strengthened and my back pain is seemingly gone. By the way, golfing skills are improving because by practicing this, I have improved my focus, and been ratified my "sudden hit" replacing with steady flow of movement instead. This is great program I highly recommend to try it out and I believe you will enjoy it.
By Katherine M
Date Added: Friday 5 September 2014
i have Robert Pengs Master Series,which i love doing as well as love the way it makes me feel, i recently purchased the" qigong ecstasy" which is great to do even if you don't have a lot of time. I have practiced and learned from a number of qigong dvds, so far robert pengs dvds have had the greatest impact on my mental and physical being. looking forward to more from Master Peng!
Date Added: Tuesday 2 September 2014
By Patricia B
Date Added: Wednesday 18 June 2014
By Rebecca L
Date Added: Friday 13 June 2014
Love this! Gentle moving meditations to get your energy flowing. Shot professionally in a beautiful environment. Demonstrated by a knowledgeable teacher that has a very calming and healing presence about him. One of the movements can make you feel a bit on the silly side, especially when others are around...lol. But it's a good release technique. I guess Silliness can be a pre-cursor to Ecstasy. Ha! I love the visualization at the end. It is helpful on so many levels. Thank you!
By heidi l
Date Added: Saturday 7 June 2014
very THANKFUL for this very ORGANIC Qi freedom (ecstasy)! The reinforced movements allow the focus on the breathing in & out! After a few practices with the video, today, I have literally experienced the Qi Release, during the nourishing Qi segment, my tears naturally streaming down my face, while I repeated "let go, let go....."非常感谢
By Deborah D
Date Added: Sunday 25 May 2014
Excellent, genuine and well paced instruction.
By Carlos
Date Added: Tuesday 13 May 2014
Robert Peng's Qigong teachings are very clear, effective and to the point. I would highly recommend any of his videos.
By Anita R
Date Added: Thursday 10 April 2014
I very much enjoy the teachings of Robert Peng. Easy to follow.
Also a big thank you to Sounds True for all the wonderful programs you offer.
By george p
Date Added: Saturday 29 March 2014
This is a wonderfully effective practice, very clearly explained and demonstrated - both energizing and calming.
By george p
Date Added: Saturday 29 March 2014
This is a wonderfully effective practice, very clearly explained and demonstrated - both energizing and calming.
By Kulwant
Date Added: Monday 24 February 2014
I have to say I am totally blown away by this, I had not banked it having
the positive impact on me that it did. Very often products are marketed
with wonderful promises that have never lived up to their promotion. With
that said I now also realise that for something to work you have to be in
the right place (emotionally, spiritually etc) to rightfully receive it and
it seems like, this is what i am experiencing with this wonderful DVD.
Robert is a loving teacher and as he leads this practice, he seems to
transport you to a different world. When i first followed this last week, I
was surprised I found myself with tears of overwhelming gratitude and joy
streaming, but i did not stop to wipe my fully teared face as I didn't want
to break the flow of what felt like a touch of heaven. I now do this
everyday as it starts the day beautifully in a serene but powerfully
empowering way. Thank you Robert for your teaching and taking the time,
effort and dedication to share this. This has now intrigued me to look at
your other products.
By Simei
Date Added: Wednesday 19 February 2014
I am very happy about this video. There is a short explanation at the beginning. It helped me to understand the meaning of the movements. The last part is an interview with Tami. You can feel the strong energy of the kindness in them.
The instruction is very clear. It opens my body and heart after practicing it. Really like it.

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