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Customer Reviews for Wake Up Festival 2014

By ed jones
Date Added: Monday 9 September 2013
I came into Wakefest with little expectations due to not really knowing what it was truly about but I left so deeply moved into a new place in my spirit that I never dreamed possible and i am so deeply grateful to Tami and everyone...
Date Added: Tuesday 20 August 2013
The most remarkably transformative experience of my life to date... I can't put into words how much healing I received in body, mind, spirit and soul. I am so grateful to all the teachers and to Tami Simon for putting this together. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
By David T
Date Added: Sunday 7 April 2013
The 2012 Wake Up Festival provided a well designed combination of educational and retreat formats, a renewing mix of inspiring experiential and excellent educational offerings. Having been to many spiritual/meditation retreats as well as professional conferences as a psychologist, this was the best of both worlds. I look forward to being so superbly supported again by the remarkable people affiliated with Sounds True.
By Connie Stark-Doak
Date Added: Thursday 13 December 2012
If you desire to grow in spirit, in the company of a like-minded community, come to Estes Park in August 2013. Take advantage of this uplifting gathering of good souls. How I could be so fortunate to discover Sounds True wbsite initially and then serve with the first volunteer team in 2012 is unknown. What "IS" known is how grateful I am for the valuable teachings offered through the Sounds True oganization and for the amazing team who are coordinating the transformative events of this year's Festival. There is one week on my 2013 calendar that is non-negotiable and it is August 11-18, Estes Park CO, with my Sounds True Family. We look forward to being with you there!
By Ramie Yelle
Date Added: Tuesday 11 December 2012
I was a volunteer at Wake Up 2012. I was deeply sadden the last day for I had met amazing people from all over the world and they became family. I finally felt what unconditional love feels like. I am already planning 2013 around these dates for its going to be a family reunion. You really do not want to miss this oppurtunity of life changing events! See you in August.
Date Added: Monday 29 October 2012
I love listening to the crystal singing bowls.
By Jane Caffrey
Date Added: Monday 8 October 2012
Each program of the 2012 Wakeup Fest was so unique and recharged me to the core. Kudos to all the folks who put together the stellar line up & managed the logistics. I returned home so uplifted and renewed, equipped with such wonderful resources. I will fan the fire with Tami’s podcasts until we get to do this again next year! Namaste everyone...
By Jim Hasse
Date Added: Wednesday 26 September 2012
Wake Up 2012 was a life changing experience. The energy and the heart-to-heart connections were amazing. The presenters were informative and inspirational. Adyashanti, Jack Kornfield, Rick Hanson, Coleman Barks, and on and on and on. How in the world will you top that? Well, I'm signing up to find out. Thanks!
By Gayle Masters
Date Added: Monday 24 September 2012
It's like a summer camp of pure enlightened fun & magic for big kids! I went with no expectations and had the time of my life!! It was a "Rocky Mountain High"
By Pat Carlyle
Date Added: Wednesday 19 September 2012
I wouldn't miss it! I had a major breakthrough at this year's conference in my spirtual awareness. I want to be there in 2013 and support this beautiful gathering.
By Janet B
Date Added: Tuesday 4 December 2012
As a returning participant, I tried to get the discount, but received a message that the web page was not secure. I sent two E-mails to that effect, but got no response. I was finally able to figure it out myself, but I was grumpy!
By Philip L. Miller
Date Added: Thursday 2 May 2013
If you really want to wake up, go out and get a job as a janitor, a garbage collector, a pipe fitter, a mason... the list goes on an on, but you get the point. Stay at this job for the next several years, get to know your co-workers right down to their souls and know what it's like to put yourself in this situation. Feel the hopelessness of the situation, get your hands and clothes dirty and maybe even get sick from what you are doing. As the late-great Alan W. Watts said many times... in order to know the light, one must recognize the dark as well. Get to know Duka as he constantly sits on your shoulder and tries to make you think that life sucks. Or, try being a used car salesman... mix in with the sleeze-balls. I guarantee you after several years of this, and an un-faultering practice, you will wake up. This is really what it's all about.

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