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Florence Meleo-Meyer

Florence Meleo-Meyer, MS, MA, is Director of Oasis Institute for Mindfulness-Based Professional Education and Training, a senior MBSR teacher and a member of the executive leadership team for the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of...

Saki Santorelli

Saki F. Santorelli, EdD, MA, is a professor of medicine, director of the internationally-acclaimed Stress Reduction Clinic, and executive director of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. As a faculty...

Customer Reviews for The MBSR Online Course

By Donna M
Date Added: Sunday 28 September 2014
I've known about MBSR since Bill Moyers introduced us to it in 1990. I don't know that I'd ever have a chance to do the in person course so I was quite excited to see this become available. More than halfway through now I can say that it is truly transformational. I have been guided safely to where I can turn toward the difficult areas of my life and feel what is to be felt and not be afraid. I feel myself opening more to what is and curious about where this opening will lead me. I am applying what I've learned so far to a chronic and deeply challenging area of my life and I am experiencing how mindfulness affects stress. Thank you for teaching us this practice!
Date Added: Sunday 21 September 2014
I am thrilled with this course. I am only on week 4 and I am no longer having migraines and have cut down on medications for insomnia. This is the first program which has really helped me to cultivate mindfulness in my everyday life and build a practice which has helped significantly with my ADHD and Generalized Anxiety. I was so excited to see an online course offering and at a significant cost reduction from the in-house programs offered here which usually run at about $375.00.

I have been recommending this program to everyone I know. It's perfect for workplace wellness programs too.
By Elenora K
Date Added: Tuesday 2 September 2014
Excellent course!
By Kali L
Date Added: Sunday 24 August 2014
The presenters and the program are excellent.
By Patricia H
Date Added: Thursday 7 August 2014
I am half way through the MBSR online course and I feel like I have been thrown a lifeline. I am a worrier. I believe that was learned behavior. With the skills I am learning by taking the MBSR course, there are times throughout the day when I am at peace. I feel present, and the present is usually not a scary place. Also, I sleep so much better. I am so glad my husband suggested this course when he noticed I had started reading his books on mindfulness. The instructors are an inspiration and they are doing a great job keeping me engaged.
By Chris B
Date Added: Thursday 24 July 2014
I plan on practicing mindfulness forever-it is an incredible tool to use for life. I couldn't be happier I took this course!
By Charlie
Date Added: Sunday 6 July 2014
It is simply phenomenal that the Center for Mindfulness has created this online version of their MBSR curriculum. Living in a more remote area, I was having to look for an MBSR class during a time of crisis in my life. I'm now completing session 4 and very thankful that I have been able to participate in this class online. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking for an MBSR class, but does not have access to one due to distance or mobility issues.
By Learner
Date Added: Thursday 12 June 2014
I am impressed with the quality of the program. I appreciate all the printed material as well.
By shilpa g
Date Added: Thursday 15 May 2014
I love the course! It is powerful!
Thank you
By Howard P
Date Added: Tuesday 15 April 2014
Excellent! Florence and Saki do a wonderful presentation.
I have found it clear and easy to follow.
Given that it is an online program, I felt like they were talking to me.
I rate this program five stars!
By Kristen M
Date Added: Tuesday 8 April 2014
I have been delighted with the course so far!
By lene e
Date Added: Friday 21 March 2014
Absolutely fantastic, I am so pleased to expand
on Jon Kabat ZinnĀ“ s meditation, which I have had and for years, and would not know how to be with out. So now its just commitment I need; for prioritising my time. So I am very pleased with this program.
By Lynn H
Date Added: Tuesday 11 March 2014
This program is the best investment I've ever made in terms of personal growth and mental health. I have recommended it to numerous other people. Saki and Florence are wonderfully grounded mentors; they provide effective support and direction as they lead participants towards mindful engagement with self, other, and world.
By delia c
Date Added: Thursday 6 March 2014
The content was extraordinary.
I am practicing mindfulness meditation everyday that I can.
I don't think I could be one day without eating or walking without being mindful even if is for one minute.
Tank you
By Patricia H Herr
Date Added: Wednesday 5 February 2014
The course is excellent.I would rather have taken a live course so that I would have more outside feedback but there were no courses close to where I live so this was my best option. The course materials are well thought out and very informative.
By delia c
Date Added: Sunday 5 January 2014
It is a program that is helping me to be in moment.
It is a program that I would recommend to anyone who has many challenges in life. I know of people who suffer from chronic pain and I would like to help them by suggesting mindfulness.
However, in Miami where I am living now many health providers do not even know what mindfulness is.
My husband's doctor who performed his rotator cuff surgery looked clueless when I asked him if he knew of mindfulness.
I had a diagnoses in 2006 with mild arthritis and a herniated disc in my lower back . I don't like to take medication, so I continued doing hatha yoga-meditation and walking instead of running. I continued having mild pain and discomfort until I began practicing the body scan with John Kabat-Zin on a daily basis. It is going to be a year since I began the body scan meditation and I have no pain.
I am living mindfully and I wish one day I could teach it. The MBSR course is a step towards that goal
It is a great program and the wonderful thing is that is has no negative side effects.
By Lori T
Date Added: Friday 6 December 2013
Excellent course! The instruction is clear and I feel like I'm in the 8 week course, even through online.
By Mark Edgerton
Date Added: Thursday 5 December 2013
A great online MBSR course. A subtle sense of support throughout, and a gradual deepening of awareness as the sessions progress. The guided mindfulness meditations - body scans, yoga, sitting meditation etc - are all delightful to list to and use over and over again. Like hearing the voices of dear friends.
By Paula M
Date Added: Friday 29 November 2013
The MBSR is an amazing and life changing program. I am already entering my 7th week and I can feel the impact it has had in my life and of those around me. Thank you Saki and Florence for making this possible.
For the more technical parts :)It is designed to meet the different learning styles and strategies. The objectives are well defined and the progression allows for the participant own pace.The possibility to download the videos and audios makes it possible for participants from any part of world to participate in it without major constraints of bandwidth. Just one suggestion, it would be great to have Saki and Florence interacting in forum with the participants at some point, since there is a beginning date for the course.
By Anne A
Date Added: Sunday 24 November 2013
I had been looking for an MBSR course in my area and unable to find one that would fit my schedule. The online course is perfect and it is such a delight to study with Saki and Florence. Thank you!
By Angel A
Date Added: Saturday 26 October 2013
I have taken several courses on mindfulness and teaching mindfulness. This course, even though I am in the beginning stages, has been deeply beneficial. It is by far is the best due to Florence and Saki's years of experience, their quality of earnestness, and their integrity and passion for what they are teaching. Thank you for offering this course on line, as I could not have accessed it otherwise at this time in my life.
By Eileen B
Date Added: Thursday 23 October 2014
This is an excellent program with good support. Well done! It feels like I am in the group with the leaders.
By Ellen D
Date Added: Tuesday 9 September 2014
I LOVE the program and would recommend it to everyone who is ready for it. However, the delivery was poor since you could not forward or back without the program freezing and forcing you to log off and sign in all over again. Very frustrating!! This was not due to my server - it was a "sounds True" issue.
Thank you!
By Michelle
Date Added: Thursday 7 August 2014
I have found this to be very helpful
By JoAnn P
Date Added: Sunday 16 March 2014
I have wanted to complete this course for some time and could not afford to do it in person. I was delighted to see it offered on line, self study. I was already familiar with some of the curriculum. I have been in a training with Mr. Santorelli before. He is more likeable in person. I find both he and Florence look sort of staged and impersonal - maybe flat is the word. It's a good thing that many of the videos involve meditating and not looking at them. I was a little irritated with the need to download each video and wait several minutes during each section of the course. All in all, though, the course is well done and easy to follow. I am having trouble getting into the blog area. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
By Barb J
Date Added: Saturday 1 March 2014
This is an excellent program...thank you for making MBSR available to those of us may not have ready access.

The only challenging part was becoming familiar with the online format of session guides, workshops, summaries etc...
By Richard R
Date Added: Friday 29 November 2013
After completing 3 of the 8 sessions I am beginning to feel I'm developing an internal resource that I can bring to daily experience.
By Asavari G
Date Added: Wednesday 27 November 2013
First of all I would like to convey my deep gratitude towards both the mentors: Saki and Florence. Their embodied being inspires me to venture into the unknown within me. Thank you so much Florence and Saki. Though these are the prerecorded sessions, your warmth and deep existence can be reached directly. I am benefiting a lot from this course. I can see my thoughts and experiences more directly now. And thank you for guiding me here.
In some aspects I am still not clear about the course. One of them is: Our material, which we fill in the course journal and workbook, is it viewed by the mentors? Sometimes, because of the connectivity issues at my end, I prefer to write things in the notebook, instead of the course book provided. If this material is viewed, I will make it a point to write in the coursebook.
Once again, I would like to thank Soundstrue for offering this course and Florence and Saki for touching my life so deeply.
By Cheryl A
Date Added: Tuesday 21 January 2014
I was disappointed. The teachers are great and clearly extremely experienced. They deserve 5 stars. However, the course itself is poorly organized. I've emailed a few times to get details because materials were difficult to access, and the day of meditation date was posted just 3 days before the event, and by then I had other plans. even though the filming techniques (having one teacher just watch the screen) seem odd and uncomfortable to watch.
The format is also not well suited to this sort of course. It may take a few days to get through the videos, and the homework isn't apparent until you watch ALL of the videos--there's none labeled HW for next week to get started on that practice.
I've taken and enjoyed many courses from sounds true, and this is the only one I think has been poorly put together.
By Donald S
Date Added: Tuesday 21 January 2014
I struggle with how slow the online presentation is. I keep falling asleep. I understand their need to be calm but watching for 30 minutes at a time is challenging, compared to a live presentation.
By Sylvie B
Date Added: Saturday 4 October 2014
I was extremely disapointed by this purchase.I find the narrators tone and speed of speach extremely slow and monotonous. I really regret bying this product especially after having listened to mr John K. Zinn talking about it.
By Bear
Date Added: Tuesday 2 September 2014
Week 1 was so boring I never went on to week 2. That's a fine $200 shot. Frustrated.
By Jennifer P
Date Added: Tuesday 15 July 2014
I'm disappointed in this course. I have been teaching Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention and have a pretty good feel for the material. While I approached the course with beginners mind, the content is revealed way too slowly. I find the instructional videos boring and repetitive. The guided meditations are mediocre and don't really provide anything new in terms of such an exciting topic of study. I'm sorry that I purchased this course.
By Gail K
Date Added: Sunday 20 April 2014
Content was good but the presenters made me feel like I was listening to a mortician. I would prefer a little more uplifting manner and voice.

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