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Ken Cohen, M.A. (www.kennethcohen.com), is a renowned qigong master, health educator, and winner of the Lifetime Achievement award in energy medicine. A former collaborator with Alan Watts, he is the author of The...

Customer Reviews for The Power of Qi

By Ramon M
Date Added: Friday 20 December 2013
very good audio tape for understanding the power behind Qi. Will be using this tape to further the healing powers of Qi. Thanks again for having this audio made available for people looking for ways to
understand and study Qigong.
By Roy B
Date Added: Tuesday 8 October 2013
this really helped with my breathing and energy level and balance. Ken Cohen has a lot of enthusiasm, presence, and knowledge.
By Gloria P
Date Added: Saturday 21 September 2013
Very informative and helpful. Thank you
By Jean J
Date Added: Saturday 2 March 2013
Excellent. The tone and pace of his speaking is very soothing and meditative. I like the meditations he has presented very much. I use this DVD several times a week.
By Sandra Campbell
Date Added: Wednesday 4 January 2012
this is a new level of meditation for me as I am a beginner - I found the discs very informative but had a hard time trying to download them on my computer - I eventually just put them in a CD player which worked out OK - because I have little to compare it with- for me it was a 5
By bob stutzman
Date Added: Wednesday 4 January 2012
very good in both content and delivery

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