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Jonathan Foust, MA is a senior teacher and former president of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. A workshop and retreat leader for more than 20 years, he has been featured in The New...

Customer Reviews for Body-Centered Inquiry

By Linda V
Date Added: Wednesday 3 September 2014
Wonderful -- very helpful.
By Kasey D
Date Added: Tuesday 19 August 2014
Great book well worth the investment.
By Suzanne L
Date Added: Sunday 17 August 2014
The suite of practices offered in this program represents the unique depth and breath of Jonthan's knowledge and experience in directly accessing the healing power of the mind/body connection.

The tools presented in this program are a reflection of a livetime commitment to the exploration and intregration of the felt sense, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening.

So easily accessable and directly applicable I find this one of the of the most untilized products in my personal collection.
By Laura M
Date Added: Wednesday 13 August 2014
I attended a workshop with Jonathan that explored some of these practices years ago. This CD was very useful in helping me to reconnect to the practices and continue my personal growth. Not only are the talks and guided meditations abundantly useful and practical, I found the quality of Jonathan's voice to be evidence that he is the "real deal."
By Danielle
Date Added: Wednesday 13 August 2014
This is an incredible program. I utilize a lot of the guided meditations prior to my own movement practice, whether it be yoga, dance or pilates. I find this work takes me much deeper into my body, and my practice is then that much richer. Thank you for such a wonderful gift!
Date Added: Tuesday 8 July 2014
This program is fantastic! Highly recommended! Lots of different techniques.
By Karen W
Date Added: Sunday 11 May 2014
very good
By Sounds True
Date Added: Thursday 28 August 2014
Gayle A- Sorry to hear you experienced technical difficulties with the content. Other than audio quality, there could be a couple of other issues:

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If these tips don't help, you can always request a refund from customer service at 1.800.333.9185 or send an email to support@soundstrue.zendesk.com.
By Gayle A
Date Added: Thursday 28 August 2014
Numerous attempts to burn this recording to disk have failed. Advised poor quality recording. Audio opportunity is a good option...when it works!....

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