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Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating...

Customer Reviews for Resurrecting Jesus

By Edna S
Date Added: Wednesday 9 July 2014
Loved the insight.So much so, that I have listened 3x's and will again. Each time I experience a more profound understanding and absorb the being of Jesus.
By Elizabeth B
Date Added: Thursday 26 June 2014
I give this CD a five star rating. Adyshanti gives an excellent interpretation of the Jesus story. It is clear, rational and makes total sense. Having been alieanted from Christianity because of its dogma, but being a westerner and christianity being my tradition, I felt a need to understand it better. Now I do. Many Thanks to the wisdom of Adyashanti.
By Elaine C
Date Added: Sunday 1 June 2014
I find Adya's interpretation of Jesus' story very beautiful and profound. "Resurrecting Jesus" is also a wonderful offering to those of a more Christian orientation and disposition. Taking Jesus' life as an example, Adya provides an understanding of the awakening process from a perspective that is likely to be more resonant to those steeped in the Christian tradition.
By Natoya Rose
Date Added: Saturday 24 May 2014
I always enjoy Adya immensely and I have the privilege of currently working with a former student of his. As always his insight illuminates and the 'story' of Jesus becomes a life well lived. Gratitude Adaya
By Gloria K
Date Added: Saturday 17 May 2014
I found it very interesting to have Adyashanti share his
Christian background since I grew up Christian also. Originally it was his Buddhist teaching that attracted me and how he found Zen no longer working for him, as it hadn't for me either. So it was good to get fresh new perspectives on the life of Jesus in ways I hadn't encountered before. He helped me reach a better understanding of the paradox of our Divine nature embracing our human nature.

By Oje
Date Added: Wednesday 14 May 2014
Amazing.... Unless you believe in the supernatural life/birth/death of Jesus...
By Richelle M
Date Added: Saturday 3 May 2014
Adyashanti's gentle and respectful treatment of Christianity from an outsider's perspective has both articulated things I knew as well as shed new light on aspects of the Jesus story.

As have many in the spiritual movement, I've obsessed about the how to embody awakening question and Adyashanti's presentation of Jesus' own evolving journey has helped me to relax around it better. Many teachers such as Eckhart Tolle say that all we have to do is show up as fully as we can and allow the presence to work through us. But I still worried that I may fall down on the job and run out of time.

However, Adyashanti proposes in this program that Jesus himself did not know his own true teaching until near the end. First it seemed to be healing, then perhaps transmission of a new form of consciousness, and then finally he realized it would be his own life. Jesus' story is usually presented as a sequential fulfillment of destiny by an all-knowing, perfect divine being. But this take on it really brings home the idea that we don't HAVE to know in order for it to be fulfilled in us.

Overall, the program has brought me fresh appreciation for my own faith and path. I especially like his articulation of the tradition's contribution of devotion and transmission of kenotic love (despite how it may be practiced in mainline churches). But from a broader perspective, it shares what we can all learn from the Jesus story, no matter our faith or path.
By jim seybold
Date Added: Thursday 5 June 2014
I am enjoying listening to Resurrecting Jesus and find that Adyashanti's mystical approach to the Jesus story is both unique and profound. This is certainly much different than you might hear from most churched pastors. I would certainly recommend it to anyone that might be drawn in that direction.

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