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Seane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher who has been featured in over 50 different print and broadcast media including The Today Show. An active humanitarian, Seane is the national yoga ambassador for YouthAIDS and the cofounder of Off The Mat, Into the...

Customer Reviews for The Yoga of Awakening: Body-Mind Flow

By Joel Harms
Date Added: Tuesday 16 September 2014
Seane has a way with words and yoga practice that takes the practice for the individual to a deeper, more meaningful, personal level. Her authentic tone and descriptive instruction help you to feel held and guided in a way that I personally have never experienced in a yoga class. To be able to experience such a moving practice in the comfort of my own home, I never thought possible, Seane is opening me up to this and many more possibilities with her gifted way of teaching , I can't wait for the next volumes. This purchase is one you will not regret and will pay for itself over and over again, each time you practice, and even more so when you're not practicing, as her words have a way of sticking with you in your daily life and experiences. Seane, I am forever grateful; it was a blessing to see you in person at The Wake Up Festival this year. I hope your family is safe and well.
By Sharon L
Date Added: Tuesday 26 August 2014
As always Sean is phenominal and an inspriation.
By Gina R
Date Added: Wednesday 20 August 2014
I love Seane Corn and highly recommend her Body Mind Flow DVD. She is a great yoga teacher and inspiring leader in the world.
By Lily H
Date Added: Monday 18 August 2014
I am in love with the training on Seane Corne's DVD. I feel privileged to have her in my home, just in front of me. I am enjoying the yoga and love the grounded feeling that I felt. Thank you thank you!
By Byron W
Date Added: Thursday 14 August 2014
A must see for anyone seeking more meaning and spirit on the yoga mat.
By gregory T
Date Added: Monday 28 July 2014
Fantastic explanations and easy to follow videos.
By Erin
Date Added: Monday 5 May 2014
Much of this offering explains on a deep level the mystery of yoga. It helped me personally to deeply understand the integral process of the practice of yoga. Yoga, when practiced more deeply connects us all with the somatic bodily experience, the vulnerable emotional energetic experience and captures how yoga marries with the beautiful union of divinity within us all. This deep, all encompassing expression of yoga, in my humble opinion is the grace and open way of being that we all need when we are on and off of our mats. The beauty of allowing ourselves to vulnerably transform and open to grace which ultimately sets us free from any kind of pain we all experience on this journey of life here on Earth. I am very thankful for this offering and will tell all I know and care for about it. Blessings, Erin
By sasha b. cohen
Date Added: Wednesday 30 April 2014
WOW! everything about seane's new dvd is extraordinarily brilliant!! from the potent content, to the gorgeous, yet simple, aesthetics, to the soothing music from suzanne sterling, this is a journey to be taken. not only will you benefit from seane's commitment to this path of truth & love, but you will also be able to witness a beautiful yogini on her mat, practicing in the most dedicated, mindful and conscious form. seane's incredible gift of articulation, authenticity, passion, compassion & love, are the qualities all of us need for healing...

thank you seane and sounds true for this masterful piece of work. deepest blessings...
By Clarence W
Date Added: Monday 13 October 2014
I have not completely reviewed the whole DVD, but I really like her teaching style and content.
Date Added: Sunday 10 August 2014
Listen to the interview. It's worth it.
By Alice Lam
Date Added: Thursday 23 October 2014
I was so moved by Seane Corne's words of wisdom and compassion on recent the Awake In The World that I had to buy this video. I was looking forward to a yoga program that would be help me to be more aware of my body as well as developing strength and flexibility. Unfortunately, I think this video could have benefitted from an Absolute Beginners workout (perhaps modified poses, and at a slower pace) as I really have little yoga experience, so found many of the poses too difficult so struggled through rather than enjoying the whole experience. I hope Seane will consider producing such a video as really would like yoga to be part of my regular spiritual and health routine.

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