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James Finley left home at the age of 18 for the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Kentucky, where Thomas Merton lived as a contemplative. He later earned degrees from the University of Akron, Saint John College, and the Fuller Theological Seminary. Today James Finley is a...

Customer Reviews for Meister Eckhart's Living Wisdom

By Alan M
Date Added: Sunday 12 October 2014
I deeply enjoyed the presentation.
By Sara H
Date Added: Friday 10 October 2014
Fantastic CD set. I will listen to this many times over.
By Paul Richardson
Date Added: Thursday 2 October 2014
This item is exceptional! I am extremely pleased with the content; and, especially with the presenter.
By Anthony T
Date Added: Wednesday 27 August 2014
Finley offers a deep experiential journey into the spiritual ground of Meister Eckkart's sermons.
By Reverend Alberto Esposito
Date Added: Tuesday 26 August 2014
Outstanding teaching by James Finley! Order was received promptly. Great pricing!
By David N
Date Added: Monday 25 August 2014
Insightful. Author's web site useful for future reading.
By Brudge H
Date Added: Saturday 23 August 2014
This is an excellent program. Very positive, and truth talking. Very nurturing.
By Abigail G
Date Added: Tuesday 29 July 2014
I love James Finely, and this program is as good as the rest. His style is so sincere, and the information is always a bit dense- really wonderful, but I always benefit by listening more than once.
By yolanda r
Date Added: Saturday 26 July 2014
Dr. Finley has such a penetrating and clear way of explaining the unexplainable, in such a humble manner. He touches my heart and opens it to new levels of understanding how the Divine resides in all of us. This workshop on Meister Eckhart is just another example.
By Donna G
Date Added: Friday 25 July 2014
As always, Jim Finley is right on. Thank you Jim for your insight and wisdom.
By Marietta D
Date Added: Sunday 20 July 2014
It was the best explanation of Meister Eckhart that I have ever heard. James Finley dealt with this profound subject matter with intelligence, clarity and wit. It's been a joy to hear him.
Since I bought the CD I've been listening to him every day. Now I wish he'd do more with other mystics as well. His presentation not only reveals a keen mind, but a compassionate and loving heart. Presentations like this are not easy to come by. Congratulations to Sounds True for making this happen.
By Allison F
Date Added: Sunday 6 July 2014
James Finley is one of the deepest and most transforming work that I have had the pleasure to download from sounds true. I am still working on the transmission about Meister Eckhart and will be for some time. I am very grateful for this and Finley's incredible soft tone of wisdom.
By Peter
Date Added: Tuesday 24 June 2014
I concur with KW’s review, although I found in this instance the reading speed to be somewhat faster than Jim’s normal ‘retreat’ speed. This is probably because it is a studio recording. However, as each segment is about 10 minutes, I found it easy to review and eventually either got used to the speed or James slowed down. In all, through his various materials, James has provided a well packed lunch for the mystic pilgrim’s backpack, as he/she sets off in search of ‘the palace of nowhere’ and looks over his/her shoulder as James waves a fond farewell. Many thanks Jim.
Date Added: Saturday 14 June 2014
Here is Finley being the Master that he truly is. Here Master Finley hits the ball out of park, where it belongs. I've been his student for 20 years, and his teachings in this series is his magnum opus. Finley here honors the persistence of divine creativeness and, accordingly, speaks to the conscious balance between contemplative tradition in the larger sense — divinity working at large, realized here in Meister Eckhart and his ever present originality offered to the living generation. In short it's timeless...and I find NOTHING in this that disappoints! It's a beautiful work, inspired, and the best teaching I've ever heard.
By Stella L
Date Added: Sunday 31 August 2014
James Finley has a way of presenting information that I really like. Some of it I will listen to many times to absorb and understand.
By Coyote Joe
Date Added: Tuesday 26 August 2014
Good, solid program. Great introduction to Meister Eckhart.

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