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Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD, is an internationally recognized scholar, award-winning poet, diplomate senior Jungian psychoanalyst, and cantadora (keeper of the old stories in the Latina tradition). In addition to her international bestseller Women Who Run With the...

Customer Reviews for Women Who Run With the Wolves

By Copper Oya
Date Added: Monday 21 July 2014
Yes I am very happy with my purchase. I will be getting more things from sounds true.
By Tarianne DeYonker
Date Added: Sunday 6 April 2014
To be honest I have not listened to the whole program yet. The parts I have listened to ar like listening to an old and wise friend. Clarissa delights me!
By Cheryl Bills
Date Added: Tuesday 7 January 2014
This book has been my spiritual/philosophy bible for more than a decade. I am finishing my book, SPLIT, using her insights to justify the choices young women make that impact their entire lives.
By Kathryn W
Date Added: Sunday 5 January 2014
Clarissa Pinkola Estes is wonderful!
By Jeanne R
Date Added: Wednesday 9 October 2013
Love the twist and turns of Clarissa's storytelling and the empowerment she invokes onto the listener.
By Isotta C
Date Added: Sunday 7 July 2013
I think she's one of the best storyteller I ever heard and her stories are so interesting!
By Corrine M
Date Added: Tuesday 4 June 2013
I have read the book on "Women Who Run With the Wolves," but love hearing Dr. Estes read her own work and listening to it on my iPod!
By Nan M
Date Added: Friday 11 January 2013
this was a gift--CPE is my medicine woman
By Deborah Florina Sanino-Godfrey
Date Added: Monday 21 May 2012
this too is my bible, in a way. I live in the desert with the stories, I am the wild one. That was lost in high desert with animals....and my soul bloody thank you ,for your voice and story I
By nancy declue
Date Added: Friday 6 January 2012
absolutely essential for any woman to connect or reconnect with the fire in her soul-or any man living with a free spirited woman
Estes is one of my favorite lecturers/authors/jungians

I read/listen at least yearly
By Kathy Zboroluk
Date Added: Thursday 3 November 2011
I read the book Women Who Run With the Wolves and followed that with purchasing and listening to Clarissa's Audio version. I absolutely love having both and it feels like I am connecting one on one with Clarissa through her Audio.
By Gail Gates
Date Added: Sunday 16 October 2011
I had already read the book, but craved Dr. Estes' personal take in her own voice. Between the two methods of learning I'm beginning to hear my own inner howl...
By Cynthia
Date Added: Saturday 6 August 2011
This is the most important book you will ever read. You will take it to heart, it will take you to your soul. If you are lost, Este's words will help you find your self. I listen to this cd or have read passages from this book daily since 1992. There has not been a single occasion when these words, poetry and stories did not fail to cheer me, strengthen, give me hope, make me cry in relief, and help me to go on...Every woman, every girl should listen to this cd or read the book, from about the age of 2. Women Who Run with the Wolves is my personal bible. I live by it and always with it by me.
By Barbara Rickard
Date Added: Friday 13 May 2011
By Colleen Tuxbury-Tripp
Date Added: Wednesday 4 May 2011
Loved all the CDs. Clarissa is wonderful and most helpful.
By barbara brown
Date Added: Friday 25 March 2011
i am very pleased with this cd.i want to listen to it over and over. it spoke to me. thank you barbara
By karen healy
Date Added: Tuesday 21 July 2009
this tape and the book have become my "bible". there were times that i broke out in tears because someone had finally given credence to so much of my emotional life. i highly recommend this tape to all women and even to men that could be receptive to this. thank you, dr.estes.
By Katherine Tweedale
Date Added: Sunday 12 May 2013
I always like Clarissa Pinkola Estes
By Ana D
Date Added: Tuesday 13 November 2012
I loved it!
By Cindy C
Date Added: Thursday 3 October 2013
Ms Estes gives me encouragement and is helping me in ways I never thought possible. She is an exceptional person and I would one day like to meet her personally. I plan on purchasing all of her books as I am able sounds true customer service and ease of use I also give five stars. I plan on being a long term customer
By Yanick W
Date Added: Wednesday 3 April 2013
The audio version of this book is very disappointing. I had purchased the hard copy and was so impressed tgat I got the audio so that I could listen while driving. You have no idea of let down I was. The hard copy is magnificent and is a must read for any woman. But at seve ral hundred pages it can take some time to get through. Especially since this can be hard hitting stuff to your soul. I wish mMs. Estes had the whole book read, and not just a summation which is what the audio version is.

Lastly, Ms. Estes voice is not the best voice for reading an audio book. Her intonation is so soothing that you often find yourself drifting off on a daydream rather than listening to the book. So my answer is absolutely for the hardcopy, and absolutely not for the audios.

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