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Ken Wilber is one of the most influential and widely read American philosophers of our time. His writing has been translated into more than 20 languages. Ken Wilber is the author of many books, including The Spectrum of Consciousness; The Eye of Spirit; Grace and Grit; Sex,...

Customer Reviews for Kosmic Consciousness

By Al Hall
Date Added: Wednesday 12 February 2014
Unparalleled, if your looking to make sense of the complexity's of this world this is an amazing listen. A great overview of Kens work.
By Crista D
Date Added: Friday 8 March 2013
The audio is relatively easy to understand and I recommend it as a way to get to know Ken Wilber's work. I hadn't read any of his books before listening but now I'm hooked.
By Bill T
Date Added: Thursday 27 December 2012
Ken is a genius of the highest caliber. He created an abstract framework on which to classify all events in reality. This is the equivalent of creating something like mathematics which has no reality except in the mind yet allows a deep measurement and understanding of natural events.

Before listening to this, I was awakened but still confused about the underlying nature of humans. After listening to this, all experience made sense. I was able to classify where people are developmentally and "see" where they are stuck. I knew the next step for them on their path.

This is possibly the best product I've ever bought. For under $100 I was taken from chaotic thinking into brilliant clarity which has only deepened over the past few years.
By Francine Taitel
Date Added: Saturday 18 February 2012
Fascinating interview and great explanation of Ken's integral theory of development.
By Pernilla
Date Added: Saturday 14 January 2012
Excellent content from a brilliant mind. Thank you!
By Dr. Edw.
Date Added: Sunday 4 December 2011
A really excellent course from an extraordinarily brilliant man.
By Aaron Fisher
Date Added: Thursday 17 November 2011
Really some of the most helpful material i've ever come across.
By Sheila Cook
Date Added: Friday 30 September 2011
Ken Wilber at his best. Great CD package.
By Jøran Kristoffer Solberg
Date Added: Saturday 24 September 2011
Great to hear Ken himself talking about the concepts I have been reading about for a while. Made the concepts come alive.
By Katherine W
Date Added: Tuesday 20 November 2012
Ken and Tammy are always amazing and this audio is filled with inspiring conversations between the two of them.
I was quite disappointed, however, to find that there was no table of contents for this 12 hour audio series. Not even titles for the each of the main tracks. When I called to ask customer service if there was a table of contents anywhere to be found, I found the woman who assisted me to be indifferent to my problem (I had heard the audio once before and needed to find a specific conversation on it in order to complete some research for a project I was working on, which unfortunately I was never able to find). Because of the lack of what I would consider proper packaging (table of contents) coupled with the lack of care of the customer service rep, I'm not sure I would purchase anything from Sounds True again. I would expect more from such a fine company. Hopefully, this review will help Sounds True improve their packaging in the future.

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