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Shinzen Young became fascinated with Asian culture while a teenager in Los Angeles. Later he enrolled in a PhD program in Buddhist Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Eventually, he went to Asia and did extensive training in each of the three major Buddhist traditions:...

Customer Reviews for The Science of Enlightenment

By Kathryn Jarrett L
Date Added: Monday 13 October 2014
I highly recommend Shinzen Young's CDs "The Science of Enlightenment." His discussions would benefit someone entirely new to Buddhist philosophy and practice and simultaneously bring practical and helpful information and insight to a practitioner with decades of meditation experience. Young's friendly, unpretentious approach was easy to listen-to, and at the same time, his discussion was clearly informed by his own practice, extensive experience and impressive scholarship.
By Paul E
Date Added: Monday 13 October 2014
Excellent overview of meditation and the experience of awakening.
Date Added: Thursday 9 October 2014
good product
Date Added: Thursday 9 October 2014
have not used it yet. your products are excellent
By Jeb W
Date Added: Sunday 5 October 2014
This is an incredibly educational, ceaselessly engaging series. My wife and I find ourselves listening to it long after we've lost the cognitive capacity to process the material anymore (like children fighting sleep because they don't want to miss out on anything)! These fourteen discs are absolutely replete with wisdom, offering the avid learner heaping helpings of brain candy alongside hours of masterful guidance on the practical aspects of meditation. I bet you'll really like it ;)
By Bridgit
Date Added: Tuesday 30 September 2014
I'm not through all of the talks yet, but they are amazing. I am learning so much and they are really helping me to deepen my practice. There are some guided meditations included as well which really take you down deep.
By Kathleen O
Date Added: Thursday 11 September 2014
This is the best complete set describing meditation I have ever found. Shinzen does a beautiful job!!! I recommend it to everyone I know and they love it too!!! Thank you Shinzen for such a beautiful set on meditation!
Date Added: Sunday 20 April 2014
I am still on session 16 but this is one of the best dharma talks I've heard. Juicy with so much information that you cannot get the first time--in fact if you are distracted for a couple of minutes you miss out something--so I know I will have to hear it again and again! Shinzen explains everything in a very lucid, 'doable' way. Have done the 3 meditations so far and they are excellent as they are not overly guided with longish silences in-between (I wouldn't mind longer silences as too much running commentary irritates me but still good). thank you shinzen young.
By Linda T
Date Added: Wednesday 24 April 2013
I highly recommend this program, it is a treasure trove of information and wisdom on meditation. I have listened to it several times and use it as a resource.
By Fabien
Date Added: Tuesday 6 December 2011
One of the most intelligent dharma talk you will ever listen if you can totally concentrate on Shinzen's words. Yes, there is a lot to take in but you don't have to listen to it in one go. lol When he's talking about "Enlightenment", he's also talking about "Awakening" (ie Liberation). The two terminology are identical. If you are seeking liberation, then it is one of the most accurate and detailed presentation you will ever listen to. English is not my mother tongue and I have never been scientifically inclined, yet Shinzen makes it easy to understand. Amazing work!!!
By Andrew Young
Date Added: Wednesday 4 March 2009
For brainy, geeky meditators.

One of the most original and in-depth teachers on the PRACTICAL science of consciousness & meditation alive today.

I discovered Shinzen on KPFK radio in L.A. 15 years ago and his lucid, fresh metaphors and explanations still inform my practice and thinking every day.

This guy's gone "all the way" into the practice lineages of Zen (Sasaki Roshi), Theravada, Shingon (Japanese Vajrayana), Kabbalah, and Lakota red road (sundance).

He's a math, science and language fanatic, but you don't need to be one yourself to appreciate his insights.

Note: This teacher has a very unusual voice, but if you can get past that you're in for a treat. - AY
By Chris Cain
Date Added: Tuesday 31 May 2011
It's always interesting to learn something new. There is certainly some gold in here. For what I am looking for, it is a bit deep and complex. I am seeking liberation more as opposed to enlightenment, with any enlightenment as a bonus. I'm sure I will continue to extract and learn more from it as I grow and find it a good purchase.

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