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Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD, is an internationally recognized scholar, award-winning poet, diplomate senior Jungian psychoanalyst, and cantadora (keeper of the old stories in the Latina tradition). In addition to her international bestseller Women Who Run With the...

Customer Reviews for Theatre of the Imagination, Volume One

By Lilme
Date Added: Tuesday 9 April 2013
Excellent! I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks Sounds True.
By Jeff D
Date Added: Tuesday 2 April 2013
This is my first time hearing Clarissa Pinkola Estés. I must say that her mastery of the subject is both impressive and useful. More importantly, she is clearly a master storyteller with a real sensitivity for the more difficult issues she is introducing to the listener – love, death and revitalization. I thoroughly enjoyed the way she incorporated the colorful elements of her own life – poetry and memoir – as part of this dramatic presentation.
By rosemary g
Date Added: Wednesday 9 January 2013
Another outstanding tape! Clarissa is amazing!
By Julianne Jacobson
Date Added: Wednesday 9 May 2012
Wonderful Wonderful
By Carol Wright
Date Added: Tuesday 17 January 2012
The live audience format will add a bit of jing to your listening experience, and Dr. E's giggle meltdown reading "The Dream Detectives" is truly infectious.

This is a profound set of teachings suitable for those who wish to find their way again, connect with the vitality of their ideas and identify the ways we have come derailed. I have listened to this part one many times, and look forward to part 2.

I'd say the most surprising impact for me came during the telling of The Ugly Duckling, which has been relegated in society to the "don't worry honey, when you grow up you will bloom and be beautiful." Not so fast brushing aside that story. Blue Beard, how the psyche contains all the characters. So rich.
By Larisa B
Date Added: Thursday 8 September 2011
No matter which book or audiobook you pick up of "dr e" you will find yourself uncovering many many treasures. Soulfilled healing words, wonderfully deep stories, myths and legends. beautifully woven together with dr. e style examination of archetypes and metaphors. Allow this soothing voice to be absorbed by all your senses and carry you along on the heart/soul journey.
By Rita Hildebrandt
Date Added: Saturday 16 April 2011
Listening to Clarissa Pinkolas Estes "Theatre of the Imagination" is a feast for my ears and soul. I feel my own profound aliveness as the stories move through me and my creative imagination soars with new possibilities.
By sharon mcdonnell
Date Added: Monday 15 November 2010
I am delighted Sounds True has made this hard to find set available. It is fantastic, life changing, fun, and heart-filling. There is such richness and depth to the individual stories which are woven together into a larger coherent theme . The Author, CPE (as Ms. Simon refers to her) has given something truly healing to us.

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