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Don Beck, Ph.D. co-founded the National Values Institute and is CEO of the Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc.He has used Spiral Dynamics for over thirty years to find solutions to real problems, including over sixty visits to South Africa between 1981 to 1988 to inspire solutions for...

Customer Reviews for Spiral Dynamics Integral

By Charles S
Date Added: Thursday 20 February 2014
Seven + hours of introduction to Don Beck's substantial work with and elaboration of Clare Graves' original research. A tour de force.
By Bill T
Date Added: Wednesday 23 January 2013
I've had plenty of exposure to many Spiral Dynamics products. This is one of the best because Don Beck brings out the importance of understanding when people are entering or exiting a stage. These in-between areas can really be considered different stages in themselves. Also another point he drives home is how GREEN screws things up by their egalitarian approach of over-simplifying reality. There is plenty of very practical knowledge to be gained through listening to this highly intelligent audio product. I would recommend this before you go on to read the "Spiral Dynamics" book.
By Betty R
Date Added: Tuesday 11 December 2012
Excellent! One of the most comprehensive studies I have read in explaining psychological growth and how it relates to individuals, organization, countries, etc. across decades and globally. Don Beck is a delightful narrator. I am sending these tapes as gifts to family and friends hoping that they will also benefit from this profound program.
By Bobby-z Lambert
Date Added: Thursday 29 November 2012
If you have been perplexed buy the state of the world around you.

If you have ever asked why are their such differences in cultures, business, countries . rich and poor, politics, schools, or even why you seem to be changing and those close to you are changing coming together or drifting apart?

If you want to finally see an academic apply their theory to real people and big complex problems in the REAL WORLD!

If you want a sense of useful hope that puts tools of powerful change in your hands.

Then listen to these CD's as soon as you can.

By Betty Rogers
Date Added: Monday 5 November 2012
Spiral Dynamics does seem to be the theory that explains everything. I have read the book and listened to the tapes. I expected the tapes to be a rereading of the text, but I found them more interesting and easier to follow that the book. Don Beck has such an engaging and sincere personality, and his presentation is full of wit and intellect. Sprial Dynamics has made me more conscious of the way I view myself, others. and events.
Date Added: Saturday 22 September 2012
So interesting and so accessible; I enjoy Ken Wilbur but appreciate having better context now after this series.
By Sharon Boyes
Date Added: Monday 23 July 2012
Really interesting. Insightful, non-judging or labeling. I now want the book.
By Lea gardiner
Date Added: Tuesday 3 July 2012
Excellent, mind altering (a different way of looking at problems) and provokes deep thinking and definitely expands the mind to include everything. I'm only into my second CD and already learning so much - Thank you.
By Geoff
Date Added: Tuesday 22 February 2011
An absolutely amazing program.
By Jim Luzadder
Date Added: Monday 12 November 2012
Spiral Dynamics is an interesting book. What will interest most people will be found in the first twenty or thirty pages. These are NOT to be missed. The balance of the book is technical, and focuses upon how Spiral Dynamics can be a very powerful tool of change. Thorough and well written, this book is essential for anyone, anywhere who is interested in, or involved with, change.
By gus castellanos
Date Added: Saturday 30 June 2012
Very clear and easy to follow discussion of Spiral Dynamics.

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